Watch Jason Momoa Become Ozzy Osbourne in New Video

The ‘Aquaman’ star is now the Prince of Darkness

February 21, 2020

As far as stand-ins go, we would pick Jason Momoa too. The Aquaman star plays Ozzy Osbourne in his new video for “Scary Little Green Men,” stepping to the mic in a black leather duster and a handful of jewelry, ready to bite the head off of a bat. The song is from Osbourne’s just released, Ordinary Man, album.

Momoa is a major Metal fan, showing up at Slayer’s last concert ever last year and hiring a Death Metal singer help perfect his scream for his series, SEE.

“Jason has such an interest in music and has done aggressive acting scenes before, so he was a quick learner for this,” said Oli Peters from the band Archspire, who taught Momoa how to properly growl.

“Scary Little Green Men” is the third video from Ozzy’s first album in nearly 10 years. Osbourne was also played by Val Kilmer’s son Jack Kilmer in the flashback clip for “Under the Graveyard” released in December.

Earlier this week, Ozzy made headlines after having to scrap plans for his 2020 tour, as he continues to seek treatment after a string of injuries in 2019. The icon also revealed last month that he’s been dealing with Parkinson’s disease, which he was first diagnosed with in 2003. However, Ozzy was very clear in a conversation with RADIO.COM that these shows are “postponed,” not cancelled, with hopes to return to the road soon.

“I cannot go out on the road, until I’m 100 percent confident that I can pull it off,” Ozzy shared with RADIO.COM, during a talk from inside Osbourne’s home. “If I go out now and I can’t carry on, people are gonna think I’ve lost the plot, ya know. So I’m not gonna go out there until I can give them the show that I want to give them, because it’s not fair to them.”

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Ordinary Man is now available everywhere.

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