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Dammit Amanda

Amanda's here today to join us on That Damn Couch! Coming from Grass Valley, Amanda is in nursing school full-time. On her time off, she likes to bake sweets and go salsa dancing. A damn cool fact about Amanda is that she spent a year in Korea to teach English! Her favorite bands include Queen,... Read More
Slash and Myles Kennedy

Slash and Myles Kennedy Unveil Anthemic “Mind Your Manners”

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators just unveiled the second track off of their upcoming album, Living The Dream . This up-tempo jam is a straightforward rock song characterized by both collaborator’s signature sounds. The confident and arena-ready track is full of power chords and... Read More
Disturbed singer David Draiman

Disturbed Share “Are You Ready” and Album Details

In a poll asking fans what style of Disturbed song they wanted to hear, “heavy” was chosen by an overwhelming margin and the band has delivered just that with their brand new single, “Are You Ready.” The viciously motivating track is accompanied by a dystopian visual that feels like an apocalyptic... Read More

How Weird is Your Pet?

Hola Bitcholas, Southwest Airlines announced that they will soon have a new set of rules regarding what 'service animals' are and are NOT allowed on future flights. In a nutshell, if it's not a cat or a dog, keep it home. See, people claim "everything" as a service animal now; monkeys, taratulas,... Read More