David Draiman of Disturbed Invites His Lookalike On-Stage

Will the real David Draiman please stand up?

May 17, 2019

Disturbed fans were seeing double at a recent show in Manchester, England. The formerly unmistakable David Draiman invited a lookalike on-stage and had a little fun with him.

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The man’s name is Carlos Pau-Real. He looks so much like Draiman that some Disturbed fans actually thought he was the singer. Draiman shared the story with the crowd.

“I couldn’t help but notice him in the crowd in London,” Draiman said. “The funniest thing in the whole f****** world was there were a bunch of people in the crowd that actually thought he was me, to the extent that they took pictures with him, and he took pictures with them!"

At this point we have to question those fans. Would any true Disturbed fan really not know that the real Draiman doesn’t have chin piercings anymore? Pau-Real does have the piercings. He’s also a little taller than Draiman.

“I feel like I’ve betrayed you somehow because you have the piercings and I don’t anymore,” Draiman quipped.

Disturbed posted a picture of the moment on social media with the caption:  Will the real David Draiman please stand up?” Pau-Real also posted a close-up of the two.