Dammit Andrew

May 11, 2018

Andrew was our guest on That Damn Couch today, and he was so fun to hang with!  He grew up in French Camp, California and now lives in Manteca.  He works as a Terriory Manager for Comcast and loves it.  He found a love of adventuring and exploring towns across California after working a job that required a lot of driving the backroads of Merced and surrounding areas.  Some of his favorite bands are Sublime, Deftones, Pearl Jam, System of a Down, and A Day to Remember.  At his first concert, he made it all the way to the front of the crowd!  Aside from rocking at shows, he loves hanging with his family and his daughter.  Music is a core part of his life and he's a huge fan of That Damn Show.  While we feel bad he had to sit next to barefoot Ian for a few minutes, we think he had a damn good time on That Damn Couch.  Thanks for stopping by Andrew!