98 Rocks Local Lick's Playlist 3/4/2018

Local Lick's

March 5, 2018
Local Lick's Playlist

Here is last nights Local Lick's Playlist! 3/4/2018
Tune In every Sunday night between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM and Text the word "Like" to 62515 when you hear the song you like.

Project Eon "Escape"
Dark Signal "Drag Me To Hell"
Cemetery Sun "Stay A While"
Manzanita "Wood and Steel"
Riot Maker "Lick Me Deathly"
Something Heartfelt "Living Proof"
The Nickel Slots "The Devils Chain Gang"
ONOFF "Hayley"
Life in 24 Frames "November"
Nerv "Enemy"
PointDexter "Blood To Black"
Another Damn Disapointment (A.D.D) "Blinded"
The Cripple Creek Band "Boneafide"