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December 31, 2018

Here are the Top 12 Most Liked songs of 2018 on Local Licks. Congratulations to all the bands who made the top 12 this year! Did your favorite Sac town band make the list? Listen in and text "Like" to 62515 every Sunday night with your host Andy Hawk.


1. For The Kids "City Lights"

2. Dark Signal "Drag Me To Hell"

3. OneLegChuck "Bring The Rain"

4. Dance Gavin Dance "Midnight Crusade"

5. ONOFF "Hayley"

6. Knocked Down "Its Not Easy Getting Old"

7. Skyler_Michael "Stay Together For The Cats"

8. A Summer Alive "Keep On Movin"

9. me&you "Georgia"

10. CENTERSIGHT "All For You"

11. Element of Soul "Primal"

12. Demon In Me "Choke"