Local Lick's Playlist 3/17/19

In honor of Mark Gilmore

March 18, 2019

Hey Sacramento! As you all know, we lost an amazing person with us in the local music scene to cancer last week. Mark Gilmore you will always be remembered and honored. Here is last nights Local Lick's Playlist dedicated to Mark.


control (Overwatch) "Band-Aid"

Dark Signal (Fall Rise) "Life of Fools"

The Bitter Elegance "Fight4it"

Element of Soul "The Light"

Prylosis "Social Dissention"

Animals In The Attic "Up In The Air"

Todd Charles Morgan "Willow Tree"

Korean Fire Drill "Live Like Us"

Diversity of One "A Bond of Blood"

The Decibels "Its Not Me"

Heat Of Damage "Keep Your Feet On The Ground"

Some Fear None "Disengage"

Zen Arcadia "Beautiful"

Keys And Vices "Running Away"

Aroarah "In Dreams"

Brand X Savior "The Call"