Local Lick's Playlist

Local Lick's

October 8, 2018

Sacramento! Here is last nights local lick's playlist 10/7/18

Listen in every Sunday evening between 10PM and 11PM.

You can text the word "Like" to 62515 when you hear your favorite local artist.




Once An Empire "Resist"

Mark of Defyance "Say Goodbye"

Sac Roswell "She's Hot"

The Cold Mountain "Falling Into Me"

Creux Lies "Portals"

Papa Roach "Who Do You Trust"

PointDexter "Let Your Hair Down"

Among The First "Talk To Me"

Humble Wolf "8 years"

Skyler_Michael "Stay Together For The Cats"

Dance Gavin Dance "Midnight Crusade"

A Summer Alive "Keep On Movin"