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Local Lick's Playlist 11/18/18

Local Lick's Playlist

November 19, 2018

Sacramento! Here is last nights Local Lick's Playlist. 11/18/18

Listen in on Sunday nights from 10PM to 11PM and make sure to vote for your favorite local band by texting the code word "Like" to 62515 when you hear that band playing on air.


Papa Roach "Who Do You Trust"

NeVer 4 Naught "Run"

Marigold "Here Is To Getting Better"

Sages "Matter Of Time"

The Buried Heart "The Feeling"

Chaos Mantra "Dour"

Shakedown 'The Getaway"

Humble Wolf "No Envy"

PointDexter "Sunlight"


James Perry "Unrequited"

Digital Havoc "Rising Tide"

NMTA "Scourge Of The World"

Cities you wish you were From "Some Stuff Gone"