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Local Lick's Playlist

Local Lick's Playlist

December 10, 2018

Here is last nights Local Lick's Playlist 12/10/2018

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Local Licks on 98 Rock is dedicated to the music, artists, and bands of Northern California. Want your band to be on Local Lick's? Music submissions in a MP3 or WAV file can be sent to Andy Hawk at locallicks@krxq.net

Cities you wish you were From "Give Back To Me"
me&you "Georgia"
Dark Signal "Build You Back"
The Nickel Slots "A Shot and A Beer For Christmas"
PointDexter "Sunrise"
TriggerEffect "Devil Inside"
OneLegChuck "Bring The Rain"
Skyler Michael "Stay Together For The Cats"
FFG "Punk Rock Christmas"
Justin Yates "Burn"
Mason Rex "Christmas Blues"
Alex Vincent "So (Let Me Be Clear) "
Middle Class Rut "No Sale"