Local Lick's Playlist 3/11/2018

Local Lick's Playlist

March 12, 2018
Local Lick's

Here is last nights Local Lick's Playlist 3/11/2018 Listen Every Sunday Night between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM and Text the word "Like" to 62515 when you hear your favorite song.


Among The First "Pariah"

Mondo Deco "Silent Partner"

BlackEyed Dempseys "Sail Away To Amerikay"

ONOFF "Hayley"

Juliet Company "Ruin You"

Digital Havoc "Rising Tide"

Knocked Down "Its Not Easy Getting Old"

Sac Roswell "She's Hot"

The Cripple Creek Band "Bonafide"

Another Damn Disapointment (A.D.D) "Tragedy"

Riotmaker "Lick Me Deathly"

Dance Gavin Dance "Young Robot"

Mikey LP & The Krooks "Ill Have Another Shot"

The Outcome "Ill Take It"