Local Licks

Andy Hawk

Local Lick's Playlist 8/5/2015

Local Lick's Playlist

August 6, 2018

Sacramento! Here is your Local Lick's Playlist from last nights show 8/5/2018

Local Lick's hits the air waves between 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Make sure to text the word "Like" to 62515 When you hear your favorite local Sacramento band. Who will win this week?


Samora "Embers"

Street Urchinz "Wanting You"

Cities you wish you were From "Some Stuff Gone"

For The Kids "City Lights"

Once An Empire "Resist"

Lonely Kings "Ridge Runner"

Arden Park Roots " Under The Sun"

RepresA "AtaraxiA

PointDexter "Sunlight"

ONOFF "Waiting On You"

LUCID "Starlight"

Dark Signal "I Was Alive"

me&you "Georgia"