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Andy Hawk

Local Lick's Playlist

Sunday Nights Local Lick's

September 11, 2018

Sacramento here is your Local Lick's Playlist from Sunday night. Make sure to listen in every Sunday night between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM and text the word "Like" to vote for your favorite local Sacramento area band.


RepresA "AtaraxiA"

The Ghost Town Rebellion "You"

Arden Park Roots "As Long As You Are There"

Me&you "Georgia"

Cities you wish you were From "Give Back To Me"

Dark Signal "Build You Back"

LUCID "All For You"

Creux Lies "Portals"

For The Kids "City Lights"

Samora "Embers"

ONOFF "Keep That Fire Burning"

Trikome "Inkomerz"

Demon In Me "Canvas"