EXCLUSIVE: Disturbed Reveals Paul Simon's Reaction To Their Cover Of "The Sound Of Silence"

David Draiman on sharing stories with the legendary songwriter

December 17, 2018

The success of Disturbed's cover of "The Sound Of Silence" proved to be a pivotal moment for the band. Not only was it their most successful song on the charts, but it also pushed them into a new frontier, giving them license to create in a new vein and open up their trademark sound.

"It gave us the reassurance that whatever direction we decided to take, as long as we did it great, that people would love it and it would be successful" frontman David Draiman told us in the lead up to their latest album Evolution. ""This time out we prioritized the acoustics. They came together so convincingly and so powerfully that they lent themselves to the whole idea that we had had in our mind to begin with, of creating a classic rock vibed record."

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The song was endorsed by long-time fans, but also by its creator Paul Simon. In the new interview above Draiman details his meeting with Simon at a New Year's Eve party, where the legendary songwriter shared thoughts on his farewell tour and why he was pleased with the band's cover. "There have been lots of cover of his material, he's never done anything like that" explained Draiman. "For one of the most prolific songwriters of all time to have that level of appreciation for our homage to him was very fulfilling." 

Watch above to find out what Simon shared with Disturbed, and check out some exclusive acoustic performances from Evolution below.