N.U.B Playlist 10-28-17

Playlist 10-28-17

October 28, 2017






Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun

AC/DC- Night Prowler

Soundgarden- Rusty Cage

Mastadon- Show Yourself

Bloodhound Gang- Fire, Water, Burn

Rage Against the machine- No Shelter

arctic Monkeys- R U mine?

Nothing more- Go to war

Green Day- Revolution Radio

Ozzy Osbourne- Over the Mountain

Linkin Park- Numb

Van Halen- Beautiful Girls

Rancid- Salvation

Five Finger Death Punch- Never Enough

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Higher Ground

Slipknot- Dead Memories

Lynyrd Skynyrd- Simple Man

Middle Class Rut- new Low

Korn- Word Up

Linkin Park- Papercut

Papa Roach- Time is Running Out

Metallica- The Day that Never Comes

Rush- Spirit of Radio

Nine Inch Nails- Only

Hell Yeah- You Wouldn’t Know

Cake- War pigs

Soundgarden- Spoonman

Guns ‘N Roses- November Rain

Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare

Oasis- Wonderwall

Papa Roach- Last Resort

Marilyn Manson-Tainted Love

AC/DC- Are You Ready?