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Papa Roach Play Crooked Teeth-Themed Round of Would-You-Rather [Part 1]

By: Maura O'Malley

May 18, 2017

California rockers Papa Roach have been busy with everything from celebrating their own holiday to releasing a new album. And we wanted to honor the May 19 release of said album—Crooked Teeth—the only way we knew how: by asking the band to answer some sick-and-twisted would-you-rathers.

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Well, they’re not so much sick-and-twisted as they are crooked—teeth, that is. To clarify, each question was tied to a Crooked Teeth song. For example, “Break The Fall” led us to ask if they’d rather fall into a pool of Sriracha or wasabi. (Because what else would one ask in our position?)

Find out what the band thought was the lesser of two evils in our exclusively Crooked would-you-rathers:

Check back soon for another round of Crooked Teeth would-you-rathers, and don’t miss the album, which drops Friday, May 19.