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April 22, 2016

RAD Talk Prince

Friday, April 22nd


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Lying at rest the radio about. Hello Leah. Happy Friday gas made you. The science. Hello all. You. And and I wanted to let you know that another stepping Akeelah the guy and I dash. Mom had had its day in day a day did thank you I do I do appreciate you know well different tastes yes I've had it 88 in it and I'm not saying you're doing this Leah. But like the Don Julio 1942 I have found is like it's kind of like an I don't know this analogy works for a lot of people but in the wine world champions like opus one. It's like and thus the name you drop and again I'm not saying you're doing this. When you wanna be really impressive was ridiculous because it's like I don't really remember only you know Jim Porter who. And it's just it's it's fine it's good to and it's nothing like the grand sense scenario on yea you know or even in specially likely end that I'm describing. And and just so you know not picking on Leah my lawyer loves the Don Julio 1942 when he's wrong to. Com. We shall we try our very humid the maggots. Crispy this morning from listener Isaac the rest he's posted a Red Sox are saints when we got off the air it dawned who doesn't like you know dark lakers it was way too strong for her I get it. She was bitching because we did in honor of prince's death post on our FaceBook page. A purple rain drink it's actually something you can make. Sounds amazing Muslim bent vodka. Is it blew to have Kirk Kirk sir calorie count and a Ferrari who now. Yeah and the bar cranberry juice pineapple using grenadines and that's sell those so good makes a purple drank so you wanna honor princess we can pay it likely shots. They're they're and other garbage we'll look at that we'd like to take earned street suggestions. And play by the rules us especially this is special occasion red numbers she's gonna die die after the show we can predict that yeah we plan ahead before we gadget than just talking more about Nokia. Gets a talking more about France this is it the final morning of the pay my bill pay your bill game. Thank you so much rose on Monday for all the bills they've paid all that is so so we'll announce the name right now and then one more at 940 and then that's it so. You submitted a bill listen up all you have to do is call us at 88989911. If this is your name. And this is your bill and we will pay it for you we're looking for Kerry hard acre. Here you gotta hope that some married name that the at a portal. Why don't you gonna. Men carry hard acre. Has where's she from. Bill cal and he has nine innings and 85 seconds from right now tiger. It is kind of miss that. Nine minutes and seconds from right now for Carey Hart acre a contrarian call 8889899811. Her bill. Is for 1501. Dollar she is I got cold. And 57 cents. Look and we will pay it if Kerry hard acre field calls us within about nine minutes and thirty seconds now go Graham's. If you know her. Globe cast early rams. And he's emerged owned answerable isn't. So that's that's clearly my bat great and and only like 900000 our listeners to make that connection either are now they have. Hello emblazoned and beyond our good morning Bianca. I had. Hey. Let's go I didn't I mean to comment on it the blue heron so and I actually tried that at least in with but yeah. Cranberry and the blues here though and it. The little strong. It's Decker yeah. Guess is we're shadowing and just thirty honoring the death before it happened to him the purple rain recipes posted on our FaceBook page looks fabulous we have this email under red radio dot com from Jake AJ says hey rob I want him to share my story of ballots prints I grew up listening to France I have the privilege to meet the little man I don't around Tuesday he was like five to Alessio really. I've still I had the privilege to meet the little man around 2008 when I was thirteen years oh my gosh San Francisco. It was a shock when I was sitting in church with my family and all of the sudden prince walks him. Everyone kept their cool and respected his space but after the service my dad and I walked up to him briefly and said hello. I might. Use coal he was literally. The nicest guy I've ever met and even at thirteen years old I still towered over and I'm really sad that he's gone you could say that I'm in a bit of a funk. He was such an important part of my musical upbringing and we truly lost a musical genius and I know firsthand you're very kind person I would say all that stuff. I don't get into a lot of this stuff I don't I don't connect for the a lot of us it's not like when I heard yesterday that it was official the I was like Sadr distraught but listening into the music this morning. Makes me sent a little bit he was at Kerr hit musician reasoning down just a bit I gotta say yes it did bullet isn't pretty damn this is like he'd just can't believe it's eight disease opponent my heart strings a little bit because I don't want to believe that it's her little. There's a video of. Prince performing with Tom Petty Steve Winwood and just wind up at 1 PM hard rock. Paul fame inductees ceremonies. And I thought that was one of the best ways to live the best ways to tribute to him and because it's one of the most amazing guitar solos they are plays while they're all covering. While my guitar gently weeps and well. And it on the big it kind in the same vein I was watching you know then the news yesterday. And there was a little quote that they put that term care clapped and and they in the quality that question that was asked today Eric Clapton is how does it feel. To be the best guitar player in the world and he said I don't know ask current asset and. Within the industry over the last year or two there has men pro found rumors. I was in the radio and record industry the prince was working on some dynamic things. Stuff this extra. I mean. We wonder if it's like is and what is it sitting in Paisley park did he ever recorded any of it again I write it but there's so much. We heard he was you know how you know how certain artists like Madonna have reinvented themselves over and over a member prince was 57. And the word was that he was focused and ready. I don't know hall Evernote or not. I'm very intrigued what you're saying earlier that you know and that he became. A gentle was what they act like he wasn't raised that way he became wine. And that it profoundly changed his music that seems like would be very conflicting. To be a mainstream. Artists Wally your. That religious right and there'd be a little pot of complexion is not going on because your Dili where. Especially because even more intrigued by this especially because he really. Promoted whether he meant to or not. Gender fluid fluid right just gender fluid like it wasn't I was so open to all these different tree pollen. And so and that obviously brightly near that religious. Would it as a job hold up as for sure with and it's man woman there is no gay trans Internet so it's just it's it's fascinating to me how he made all that work. So you go back to again what a same before he broke out 1979 with my favorite prince song ever wanna be your lover and then he disappeared for three years and then he just destroyed the world in 19820. He did not become a jehovah's witness until 1997. Now that is when he dropped his more sexually explicit material from his concerts he wouldn't do it anymore. Or he changed the lyrics and he also and avoided from thereon in writing overtly sexy songs for many years. So to whatever level and of course for the next twenty years and and twenty years later he was performing number ten years later his performance. Susie and I think it is so beautiful that he still surrounded himself. With because there was another musician on this morning that just felt so inspired and comfortable with him that this person never had a really. It didn't matter what their sexuality wise rightly none of that was ever judge you came to play like prince. Helped them beat that type of person so I mean she didn't like more fascinating to me that he has you know earnings strong convictions with his belief system yet. Never made anyone around him. Feel differently. Let me abreast paws on the prince conversation we'll get right back to and our phone numbers it 889899. Need them of trying to pay a bill here for Kerry hard acre is this Kerry hard acre. Hello air raid. Hi IAE. Do you mind sharing with us this is 1551. Dollar and 51 cent bill what does this or do you mind saying I'm. Not at all it's that kicked you care credit and we each might Shalala my eleven year old so eyelash had shown potential work that needed to be bad horror they could affect his health. And we don't really have that extra kind of money going how to put it on care credits. And been paying on it and you know interest on that it. It's never felt like it was never gonna go way it does he pay you pay fifty and it took armed and you know that type of change. I am and I'm just so excited I I I I can't believe it. You should Phelan Emerson bring good mama rose bill Monday that the ones are you paying your bill we're gap we just take credit court. So congratulations Kerry thank you so much we're gonna do one last pay my bill winner at 940. This morning phone numbers 8889899. The eleven hello there John good morning. Good morning guys are doing well yeah. Our man hi guys aren't watching The Today Show this morning a candidate summed up perfectly it up famous producer LA Reid. We're not there now and the jet that prints weren't the only man that could walk into a club and junior woman wearing high heels. Drew a totally true he was real I mean it. Yeah hello Megan good morning defense. And marketing guys Larry doing today. You. I am very bad that I wanted to share my print story I like the bartender in Portland in 2005. And he came in you might or to play in a pool after concert. And overheard I didn't talent I'm just serving its strength overheard another at fifteen under like 200 iCloud. You left me a 500 dollars. Sick unto drinks which keynotes. Pain don't let anyone who were going your night luck Chris. I while. He writes I never. Here are generous well I ever got the privilege of meeting him because in this industry who meet a lot of superstars I did see his show when I was. A young man teenager late teens some like that. Might never ever heard a bad story about prince as. I mean I'll just give me the background and any candidate for as long as it is an industry if he'd been in a coma or something first of all welcome back to earth. I'll end. 2016 has claimed yet another legendary musician prince passed away yesterday morning and this Paisley park compound just outside Minneapolis at the age of 57. He was found unresponsive in an elevator you have to understand I mean it really is a compound he did concerts in his Paisley park center. Paramedics were not able to revise and revive him he was pronounced dead 25 minutes later. There's no word on cause of death of course what gets all the rumors here and seconds. He sold more than a hundred million albums worldwide. He was nominated for 32 grammys in one sentence. This nominated for an Oscar for the scored a purple rain and 85 he had four number one albums five number one singles like a dozen number two singles he also by the way wrote. A number of huge songs he wrote nothing compares to you by Sinead O'Connor laugh really he wrote oh here we we have this one excesses. And you know this argument this. I'll buy more today in the car. There's a great story. About he also wrote. Remember the song manic Monday by the end yeah. So all you who literally wrote that on a cocktail napkin and acting on an airplane. Still it's an unknown may mean story. This is a great idea. Best song the bank of Virginia as the president Greensboro and a innings. 6 o'clock or any. He wrote this on an air flap. It just came to NASA. There's a number is that it's that they did say is a storyteller was retold many turns yesterday but we've all known to those of us know the record industry newest tennis talent from one here is the key credit he just about unions and any candidate who well what's her name's Suzanne Hoff I wanna say is better than the listener Carlyle no no that was the of the band that goes goes and it go goes Bernama the manuals aren't they are now time. And I NASA zantops literally handed to worries that I wrote this for you. May downgrade their career and turn angles into the match and then of course lakers to us which with a walk like an Egyptian solemn. And that's why did they framed that note right I mean that that my words that cocktail much like Whitney yeah. Yeah darling I told the caller they descended. And that he broke her no I told her you better have that frame and I hope so it is not our eat better Rihanna suck something you throw well I. Did does that make it to the fat. So pull. Is. A genius funeral I thruway on accident after so many years my and a bucket autograph from Justine Bateman. That was probably not gonna you know I think Amy Davis. He goes on Justine Bateman. Come so of course we have. The other 57 year old which is relatively young in this day and age rock artists we all have to start speculating on why did he die or here's where we're at we don't know yet. Are there will be an autopsy done today there's no word on cause of death we'll see won't we find out when we find out. TMZ. Has multiple photos of him leaving a pharmacy on wed and as day. And supposedly that was the fourth time that he'd been at the pharmacy this week according to his people. He's been suffering from flu like symptoms for the past few weeks last Thursday. He performed his final show we didn't know that at the time of course in Atlanta but he got so sick on the flight home that is private plane had to make an emergency landing. He was hospitalized and released and then on Saturday he should have been another dance party and told the crowd he was fine now TMZ says. But the reason the plane made an emergency landing was because prince had overdosed. Sources say he was rushed to the hospital so doctors could give him what's called a save shot. To counteract the effects of opiates so that would be everything from bike and in the heroin. According DMZ. The doctors told him to stay in the hospital for 24 hours but prince and his entourage left after just three hours. Because he couldn't get a private room and when you left he was not doing well so that's DMZ is version. They're claiming overdose which everybody wants to go to again when you be you know get to a young rock star. Meanwhile the Santa Monica observer is floating another theory that's been out there I will tell you personally I've heard this for two decades. They claim to have anonymous sources saying that prince died of aids. Supposedly he contracted it back in the ninety's. He was on man's to keep it under control I heard this story for two decades being with you know within the radio on the record industry. It was never alleged not as any wrong with this that he was gay or bisexual it was just alleged that he had HIV aids. Maybe that's why he was going to load pharmacies so much which is again these are just rumors and I actually. I hate reporting them but we have to talk about a good. So I apologize because I was on the phone I didn't hear all of that. And so I had heard that. He you spend battling like some severe. Strain of flu right that's what his people are saying in that I'm not saying they're wrong brave that I Al. But I also heard and I thought it was a very cool. That. I was three being on the interwebs that he. Had it. And a dance party eaten by a couple days before he died Saturday night when they went all looked at all in an hour that's hurting. That any actually made this freaky comments and then hit an because at that point he guarded on the show in Atlanta. And everybody knew well within the prints community if you part of his FaceBook page or whatever they had heard the story that he had been diverted the plane allegedly because of the flu. On and he said on Saturday night it was a dance party Grassley ready to perform but he said to them. Don't say your prayers just yet I'll be fine which now a lot of people's pain while I was an ominous may now. Has that the tape weld well it's pretty cute amateur and I mean I don't know if if you see you're in India on your way out earlier feel unlike your time is coming near. And Kelly yeah I have an all night dance party and you know asked if he he might have dispensing match and collar gritty. We do know we do know that he started to write his memoir he had a name for the beautiful ones. He got roughly 50 pages and even morning derided for awhile. Oh my god that's sexy and get a CNN. As GM easy back to DMZ they and their you know their right more than the wrong but the RI on bay claimed he was doing it because he knew death was coming. Yes seek Jill she sounds a lot like Johnny Carson would be more of our people come out on top kill one gal oh million a lifetime and has no pictures. I mean that because you have memories with him as what her words war and he was just a very even though he was open and I those parties and did those things he was still like this. Private person and so he seems to him right evenly say about the giving right but no one ever knew how much. He gave was a private give her now that's coming out now he seems like the type of person. On a much smaller level I do understand my father god rest his soul. He knew he was Donnie but he's not gonna tell people that you live out your days how you live them out. And you want people to treat you how they always treat I like knowledge and die yet and I feel like since he was such as private personal rehab backing. He might have known and maybe that's why had a chance party and this was his way of doing it. Instead of making that this fame you know I am nine everybody's kind of on. Feed leave room. Rumors that he has aids but I wonder if any is in fact true that he had aids and it was a day you're HIV and it anyways main managing it is the new system would have been extremely compromise still so it could be that it was. The flu that I've come out you know exactly right on other things having to do with prince's death to reach the Franklin. Went on MSNBC. Yesterday to talk about France and suggested that he died of does he go virus. It's no other Intel and she did know she usually is really you don't think. She said and I quote oh god heard me they're saying flew licensed symptoms I'm wondered if it has anything new disease a virus. Because you know common symptoms and seek our fever rash joint pain. Although almost no one dies of C does he does the things going around really big South America it's horrible for pregnant women admitted baby deformities like that I mean there really are we need this right to say tweet or whenever I know she was on MSNBC I mean not well. Let some people they get old they get a little. Praise. Some people tried to honor prince yesterday some people appreciate it others didn't the naughty web site one of our favorites porn hub dot com. Acknowledge prints by adding his love symbol number that. To their logo in place of the letter. It was a notice the absence Stiller is still there now but. When Cheerios to edit out attributes needed they caught hell for. They put the words rest in peace over purple background with a cheerio dotting the I. And people thought it was exploit him so they had to apologize in the lead. So they give up important well it's different audiences may be a through maybe it's like cherry go hello there and Bob good morning. Ma it. Bombing here you know that you Bob you actually had a chance at stardom right there yeah sure yeah. Here is that he had to live by the land is that drier hello all for English people a necessary and nano and I. And actually prince's music was huge it and yesterday. 45 minutes after word got out that he died he was topping the charts on iTunes. His songs purple rain little word red Corvette and windows cry were number one number two and number three and a respectively cheer that's what killed early election. It's traumatic years they want to get to a strong although. To be fair. Prince was also a well known and outspoken conservative has served. Bush doesn't mean he would like Donald Trump. Of course so that may be what kills me. Prince allegedly. I sexy with a lot of celebrities over the years including Kim Basinger well done I think in Manama what are but he had her hagee so. Sheila evil we know we did her yes glamorous like women represent everything that's on this he was so pretty though she'll EI life has such a thing for Sheila Ian. I think yeah I think he did I would have to confirm. I think he did this. It is a very different like saw. All Shealy every day and other than friends. Ever get married yes yeah. I was engaged juices and mole blowing in 95 happy when I break no not now that we didn't last team Mary is 22 year old backup singer. Maybe Garcia in 1996 when he was 37 they had a son a son and his son die you know week after being born. All and they divorced years later he married man well at tests don't mean that lasted five years that's it is no child does not translate. What is with this baby now because it had been so that's every night is Jesus had right that's you sense that he's right on that note I don't blame. Back. Your rescue would get a rescue XT one Sacramento.