Rob's Puppy Announcement

April 21, 2016

Rob's Puppy Announcement

Thursday, April 21st


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You're listening to the 88999211. Or listen online ad ran radio I. Still Marty. I ran Harry guys today hey let's. I wanted to wish my baby boy. A happy 21 birthday today. The only 121 months I at least 410 god. Even on your beat what's it what's so so one of the big plans are we doing a father son drinkers he going around and hammer your dealer aren't. A late birdie I reserve the room and upper worries or whoever he wants its armed army. Mortar brilliant young and smashed. Legally. Yeah of course what a dad Larry what all what's his name. Johnny Johnny is 21 years old and there aren't hearing. This dead in the world there. Does that mean matches I wasn't sarcasm and just a lot of people like I don't talk to be like beaming and camping no one no I mean did a fantastic. How we got this email. Our idea red radio dot com this is not regular old boring listeners how boring we know. I just I need to clarify who were about to go wind that's. And people again like where image is Goodmail way you weekly reading along those millions of I'm here in America. Com so we had a guy call in about thirty minutes ago who just found out via text that his wife is at the doctor and she has lumps. Hopefully it's nothing. But because we've been talking on the air about both Amanda and dawn shirking their medical duties. If he's he wanted to call in and say don't dawn at 46 need to get a mammogram and Amanda Yemen doctor and five years she need to go to a doctor. So John writes in says holy Jesus that last caller wrecked me. I felt so bad for that guy. It's slowly and I really loved how during this difficult time he was thinking about you ladies. It's amazing how close people feel do you guys and it's because of the format of your show. I mean who were driver I had a passenger in the car trying to hold my craft. He's definitely BV we'd beat who were driver's story that this girl went. Allergies are bad this time here. Yeah mr. Nelson and now. The website is red radio dot com video files Thursday. What just doing the show yesterday of course was. 420 yeah. We did a special edition of our daily trivia game the pressure cooker fall for forty days. Not all questions were marijuana based there was some Hitler column my. They're real you can watch ten you can know an even iMac were we also have the membership site. Members dot Brad radio dot com we have behind the scenes video of Don I'll be shaming me my god and he will barber. Having puppy fever we have some updates if we get that far in the mail room and that dog 20 well. Yeah sexual from an abusive gonna sit on his face. It's your friend. And there as do their German shepherd and the white kinda like baby did someone say nice heroic day you'll be just. I mean Mac you'll let me and do it that's exactly. Also we did our sixth hour yesterday went email responses to Babylon was it was it was a popular sixth hour that's where we say on the air for an extra hour commercial free and all on sensor. And we had an amazing. Doctor rob Letterman took him the first half of the and we also had we kind of idea when it went back and fire bombs through a whole bunch of other stuff including. A poop pile stories a lot of attention that I can't even read on the air about the of the member of the guy with an aunt and and are on the camera around and you'll. It's still available he got here right now that members about red radio dot com yeah. First email is from. Anonymous AM earners so I've written yesterday said so I was stone is crap this morning I mean well soon. Were slightly but the fact I did Brandon say that he named his cat Mozart's. I wasn't sure so my curiosity has led me to this email just ask if so puff puff pass to a fellow Mostar about our. Although I mean tattooing Mozart. On many probably puts me a whole other level then Amy a cat. If you do the cat named Mozart. Your hot inspector just shot a. Say hi Chad is named to Mozart and it's only because of my first anti hacker who died way too young women age it's like two years on. A man from a heart disease from his name was Einstein so I can kind of go on Wednesday with the clean there so Mozart is my second so let me meaning non Stoner. Is there any sort of Mozart's donor connection here or I just think she's just a fellow Stoner who just some Philip just associated with that name that's all she advantage at a PS here she says PS rob do you Asian girls. Do Asian girls age out at thirty not necessarily need to prove Iran right now. I don't think tasteful news. And I will testify. That in fact if that's the long as you say looking younger right here. About looking at all and attitude looking first. And second and third in Manhattan. To do the right sales to hell here you. He doesn't hurt it if he and that's earth like corn rows lately too though yeah. She's nice and clean got a hold the hair out. Let's. You know his from Daniel hi Dan you know Dan Daniel opposing the shelf life on that two more years now we'll never know leave my. Kind of funny yeah and it's not funny if it's deep center here is it like ten years now and we're still it's like bold leader like. Gangland style it's like you know they go that went away and and some people certainly know Hamas overplayed it and don't gangland style anymore. Style yeah we read nothing into the ground on the shelves now I don't think they're really really fast and all of see your thought. We're back. Do you need a new car. That's for you let's go to put up. All right here's what Dan Wright says I wanted to thank you for wishing me. Brad has been around. I made that clip and it never Brennan's been around half as long as we have. Daniel says I wanna. Thank you guys are wishing me happy birthday yesterday and then and oh and reading not my email on line I was the 38 year old band who is 33 months clean and so her. Good for you guy and then my girlfriend all three both called in an email and I wish I mean. She calls me Daniel. A birthday and you both took her call and read her email and show is such a age. Part of why in my life it made my birthday just simply. I was wondering if it was possible for me to get a copy of those auto show. You become a member. Of the audio files are always available there were. Forever tell yeah dolls on demand on the ground radio asked this a tough room or karlson and deal. Apple TV you know the Brandon and you'll download the sudden you turn after the show. It'll say a cigar feel the burn. Yeah. You'll feel the unhappily married nights and you are and as far ease into it. I see emails from Paul sorry and it was any. Is as Aaron and I if if if they Don I've noticed in her ads YouTube videos and pausing first informed on yet again we have our own YouTube now. Is there. On the other YouTube and find us UT got. I'm Sundstrand radio that thing where there are own channel on here hi Don I've noticed in rans YouTube videos that you are wearing ear buds with a really Wong cable. What kind ear buds are they I have been looking for some slide in this into the show and move around my cubicle. If this is an. Don't have to pull them out to look I just kind of an apple has demons are found that chemicals food and other iron that's just as standard and pal the funny ones. Talks ever has and that's. Greatly like there oxy the of the there is sorry you're president of U. Can get extensions and you know RadioShack carried our best minds that they can extend your headphones and from six to twenty feet -- you want yeah he's just came I have no extension with these so he likes the slain that's just how they came. But you know but it has been trying to update you hurt unlucky like years on better. It sets aware of air and what I get is from this hour long episode this is. The update does that mean you look there's really good because we all use the rest of us use these old school headphones or wrap around our ears that is what you did for twenty years and now you're all modern you're the one ironically headphones you're there worm dubbed the little things in your ears and have no he is found all kinds of cool ones I can have well thank him for not turning mean on any toes you isn't there all of these Sony's six. Larry I am but I but I listened to my iPad and my phone all the time through earbuds are more used to that now. A baby just I mean you are close yeah I don't think you realize you weren't here but I'm not back close cozy and suggested that we realize I didn't realize either you know you you walk for an easy. Earbuds are not any one market I have like five pairs of these that I bought like years ago so I'm not going to earbuds toll. Although my headphones you haven't sent the money and how often does that happen now because I've had these since I started with you guys say hello all I do is use the pads are nowhere right now and here's the difference is and you you know you don't go to commercial break and throw your headphones as you're mad at size. That some times now in which happens around he's in here with me now I am pretty and I. I mean that's why I started with earbuds are progeny had posed the matter rob. It is not hot buttons around here you are not new he's dating I was the problem. She's how old and she's one of bend. It's not stopping its he had standard stuff and it comes staying you I did they can be last night and when I was watch CNN. Empire well there's usually don't wanna only a okay. I want I don't take the music. Let's just start acting because she's this Florida I am I'm three episodes behind one of the episode five it was song after song like let's. Amazing music played on music is music sued dialogue and the Jauron ma yeah. The guy that Don can you only tolerate watching the show empire if you turn your contrast brightness all the way up on your TV kickoff. She's on the game and Bob Marley snapped and I that's your eighths but it's. Still. Next thing goes round eighty I Cady says hey guys the other day I was in my kitchen thing now my purse and some change it fell into the sink. I found but the change fell into the garbage disposal. Oh and the only way to get it was to reach my hand down there and grab it myself I. Now I know this is completely irrational and robs gonna make fun of me but I was terrified yeah. I mean he returns sell on. You do you know. Right you might push some other you know as they're called us and finger is gone how often is a turn on when your hand he's in Stockton tonight have you ever heard their garbage all the just my. Only turn out exactly what I'm at right by here and you don't yeah motion sensor touch of aims. And I tell you know I have. As some of a traumatic memory of watching some movie when I was way too young to have somebody getting it like it was a horror movie and they stuffed the handed down. Staying in the garbage disposal came on and it was fake it was a movie I know. Hey I know pretty simple I don't really spin around and spit out pea soup home. I never asked that movie because I knew Emily was scary this movie with a garbage disposal except up. Army Katie says both have been horror movie about a good movie says I kept imagining some entity turning on the disposal and Terry my had a hand threads I. We completely edit and probably took me and Al were to get my orders sans. How are yeah I'll in my hands out every five seconds is my fear during the irrational yes it's to figure out what is it. I don't know if you have a husband or boyfriend that's what it kind of a man. As for the ability or harder to find my. You're flipping you power through war you just give up the forty cents maybe maybe her husband or boyfriend wasn't plumber and died when he was trying to fix a garbage disposals crop I think plea in change and it would be bad for the disposals fresh daily news and better things have you seen it. Is running her like Simon. Good idea paint yeah. How full horsepower garbage disposal of the bit when I when I upgraded all out by home in Seattle. And I never outs I've never gone back from this I put in a one horsepower garbage disposal and the guy who installed it was a friend of mine. And he said this rule literally grind up a T bone not. Oh yeah we don't have ice did not really seriously and I had I had a bone on hand. And I say I'm gonna ask your medicine go ahead and we put heat we turned it on put it in and I mean that thing turned to dust. So cool need a one horsepower garbage disposal minimum if you're gonna be dropping change into your sank. You know energy ever miss that house you know one of those people insured garnered good 'cause of eight. How old town house is like women did it on their eye on. Well yeah it's not true Monahan won and I moved out of their rental recently and I locked to that and didn't blocking the door for the last time. Men I had choked up and I really blew a kiss to the car the house and as our heavenly and the car acts sentimental only you the added like you know there's a reason the kids yeah Larry yeah. I was tired. And your girl I'll. I I didn't notice from a shy and I Diane she says every day for one's enemy pre made salad any pack of vegetables yet hard today. And you know she says like yeah today I just so happened have a veggie packed with snap peas one of my favorites. Now I always bite off the ends because I am an OCD thing about it and and I eat the arrest which all hands are. Change today. One of the tees it was starting to go bad at the end so I went abided often I felt some theme on my let me. I wasn't part of the snappy. I pulled it out and hanging down was. Well no. Well a dead caterpillar. Well well well. High screen and looked inside the other party scene were more and what I saw were a bunch of angry. I mean every single seed pod before you did efficiently she did send that picture in new. That's not what. And a pillar droppings look like. Once in Ohio. Apple has now. It all away and beaten had a girl and hammer it now. That's the girl that you slapper to large users outside need going to go. Read this well is a good time to go down you are it's fresh in my mind. Is the girl asks for it no abuse abuse right hash tag no abuse I just never know people like I want you need to value heavy on more. Wanted to have fun with it and it's like it if it. Serious issue we know we get dynasty mouse from Shelby Shelby switching gears you can still see on our FaceBook page picture put up of mine next puppies were and death every week now and well my gutters so overnight and at five weeks I'll be bringing home my new German shepherd. Yes. And there's been this debate I. There's Madonna on amnesty yeah others there has been this debate there's been two debates. One over the name and one over how many we're gonna start with the name because I've read I've said for years the next German shepherd I got I would name him Dick you know a whole lot because of my first German shepherd shaft is one of the most amazing dogs I ever met. I constantly called him Dick because German shepherds are really challenges are double what it might it might just just in the deck. But I just don't. Feel right about it as we get a shirt and navy Colin Dix hill and yet I have not been inspired the only closest we got was somebody yesterday said the main number redneck that's my if that's the only gone I own my own multiple ran as and that's neat but it. I was grabbing me I'm about that your only names you know like actual legal person they all doubt is your favorite well from what I know. Like the if George Washington thank you your favorite American history is like that so could insured now say you can do it now not very dawson's and Matt. That she or something and so it's. She could walk fussy lot he. Last year we got one of the quotes. So Shelby says. I was thinking about dog names for robs new puppy what do military name like major sergeant little. I like did a great idea my Stanley had a dog named lieutenant we called him Louis. It's sea air and named him private that's kind of dirty. Actually I actually I had a dog. Very briefly in my younger days when I was nineteen. And I was making even worst decisions and I make now with women. And we have we had a sharp pay and her father was a was a sergeant. With the police department so we name that dog sergeant. And so I can't name another dog sergeant Phillips no no there's going to be no name. Nice thick as you can civic pride. Now that's right that's stupid and now we're just not doing that and you dinner open to any sane. I'm open to lots of things I can actually produce a series of women in the can prevent it. Italy and Italy is below that Obama under the that's so good at getting harder and harder on bitch ardor. All you got burning and again the girl likes to be called bitch hello rob good morning. Guys you know Mike I got a story for predawn Amanda about a garbage disposal so I was a kid my dad doing. I was getting a fork out of the drivers spoke only came around the corner and turn it on. Dog and dad. My dad pick and he turned and all of my hand in there calm. Down. He didn't know he just came came around the corner to switch and turned it on. All like he's turnover low lying or we're tied I. I advance dom I wasn't it was just trying to share below please alert to Peter good morning. And just talking and yes hi Peter earlier in the day Greg IP and all my thought. I had a dog named for a minute I'll might say. 010 all right thank you sorry for those you can hear all that we had the delays some of that out he got to be had too graphic with his idea. A live dog may mean he was suggesting you'll have to fill in the joke here that I named my dog. My face so when you give him areas command us to get over here in my days. I can't say it or. I was broadcasting school of dawn and Amanda. Can't. Hello there Michael good morning it. Hey rob. I got a good bit better job. Yes. Champ. They're up to a parent now let's go now this generic that's that's stupid. I mean I I what do you mean because were the chancellor we've been number one on all these rad references in this in the number and always. I'm not I'm not that narcissistic I know it's hard to believe I was so sorry because I am paying attention but I forget things sometimes that some say major debate over and that's money your marriage can now do the other issue of because of the pictures we post we've got the whole litter up from bomb Walters dot com. You're which is great which is where I got chapter in the on going back to get another one and there's these two boys that dad as identified I know one of these two is what you want is she knows what I want. And so I've been getting poppy Shane on the air. To get both of them. Is that cities assuming at this email from a they entertain each other I have less chewing in less crying at night they would snuggle one's sleep it was the best. Like so adorable now we have one and a half year old Italian and I wish we would have gotten Sudan. Might pour old guys are trying their hardest entertain this little crap but I know I would have been easier to get a plane made that he could keep up with at play well. And off key now that's that's like the second vs the other person has said that. And I have an official announcement. I spoke with my breeder and I spoke with my vet. Who are the two women that I trust the two people that I trust more than anyone other than me when it comes to my dogs anyway is are we consulted about this in depth. But it sure you guys tested and we have agreed to. But I will be getting them. One problem here. I am telling. For a variety of reason is that responsible route. While these stories I'm so glad I love these stories I and I understand them and I can relate MM MM of these Brothers that are connected together. I also trust today have the more than I can tell you when it comes to. How much she is in touch with these dogs because again as I told you eleven years ago when I went tour for Shep and I told her exactly what I wanted. I got exactly what I wanted to. After she observed these puppies for at that time ten weeks. And she knows her dogs and she knows dogs in general and when we discuss the challenges of two German shepherds that wants. And when I talked about it with my vet we all agreed to. No one at a time and also. None of that conversation was necessary which is where we should start in the beginning because the whole litter has been taken. I get first pick everybody else is bought all the other dogs. Right now when he gets out here thank you shoot I I appreciate you even entertaining it I you know like that was that was neat now and then I got me agonizing. It ended even though they've been of that dog was that taken yet I mean it's like. The fact that you trust those two women as much as you do speaks volumes. Right the jury gonna allow that to do you mean you do you have. Control. Issues sometimes the fact that you really do. Sometimes that means like The Beatles and even the I'm right in what they know what you're doing exactly so how like there's no reason even I even tried pushing because they know what the guy is and my. Arrogance says of course I could raise two pubs a course like it is only stories of them loving each other so you have to get other opinions. To ground Jew. And hearing their opinions and again I should've started with our any of the other puppies available and saved all of us a lot of times you know that your visit H and now hello Jean. I don't read fine let's see negative. Folks aren't aren't on the road dog name hello my name it striker now. I do airplane. Amazon is holding a yellow there are marking good morning your market and now we are today don't call me Shirley. Many what's. Hey our bank and got hurt the very strong name. And being very suitable for you. Hey yeah love guns garner it's our own it's it's very it's a yes but it's kind of like naming them Adolf. It's like very spirited you're how many German shepherds are main guy on earth and and I am an adult and doesn't grab me just it's it's a beta deck. Beretta is as close as we've gotten. And I have I have one other kind of thing that sort of grabs me but they don't love Jenna favorite bullet maker. Known OK now and I am and you can't you can't name your arm your dog bullet piercing armor. Paper. He's on show.