Thrill's Big Brown Blog Forgets to Remember

July 6, 2017


Hard to explain exactly how tired I was today. "Late to bed, early to rise makes a man loopy". That's not actually a saying, but it should be.  

My head hit the pillow a little after 3am and I was "up" (awake) around 6:30. That did not please me much, but what can you do?

Arrive at work today and had an hour meeting that, frankly, I had completely f**king forgot about, but I'm pretty efficient at forgetting things that other people find important. It's not intentional; more of a non-coveted skill set that I've always possessed.  

As a general rule, well, it's not a 'rule' as much as it's my excuse; if it's THAT important I'm sure someone will tell me. Yup.

Someone told me.  

That's been my day. Well, that and the show.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!