Thrill's Big Brown Blog Gets Thrown for a Hoop

July 24, 2017


I bought my kids a couple of f**king hoola-hoops. Wasn't my intent. I was doing other things, but I was headed toward the register and spotted two sparkly hoola-hoops.

Normally, I wouldn't give them a thought (the hoola-hoops, not the kids) but they had brought hoola-hoops up to me the day before. I don't know why they brought it up and I didn't pay much attention because they also brought up unicorns, a cat/car machine and ninja outfits.   

As it happens, the store I was at only had unicorns, cat/car machines or ninja outfits. Go figure.

Anyway, I bring the hoops home, hand them to the kids and realize that it's the best $5 I've ever spent on the kids. Not just because they had fun and, to my true astonishment, nailed the essence of hoola-hooping, but because I only had to spend $5.

In case you're wondering, YES I tried to hoola-hoop and NO I couldn't do it to save my life.

So I hope I never find myself in a life or death situation that requires me to hoop it up in order to survive.

I'm outta here.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!