Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants to Be Starstruck!

April 25, 2017


What's shakin', bitches? Oh yea? That's great. Unless you said something horrible, in which case, sorry to hear that.

Today we asked about famous people you've met and what they were like. Well, we phrased it as a double fill-in-the-blank: I ONCE MET _____________ AND THEY WERE VERY ________________.

Oddly enough, no one shared a story of anyone being a d*ck. That's good and all, but unexpected. In fact, KISS' Gene Simmons is a notorious douche. Seriously, I've NEVER heard a positive thing about him (and his ego) in my life. And keep in mind, I'm a KISS fan from way back...I've always hoped Gene was a decent guy, but I've never heard that...until today.

We had 2 separate people who met him call us today and BOTH of them he was quite nice. This shocked me. So, Gene, you know, sorry for all the horrible things I've assumed about you. But, honestly man, your cover of "When You Wish Upon a Star" was f**king sh*t.

Bonus: Miles mentioned when his daughter's met Chris Pratt and Anna Faris and how great they were. Here's proof!


OK, that's all I've got today.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!