Take A Minute; Save A Life

September 7, 2017

Depression and suicidal thinking can happen to any of us, but until very recently most people have kept quiet. On Sunday, September 10th, World Suicide Prevention Day, we'll help end the stigma of talking about mental health. Join us at 7am for a live, two hour show featuring Metallica, David Draiman, Logic, Halsey, Gary Allan, Sarah Barthel, Jack Antonoff, LeRoy Butler, and many more.

Join us on Sunday at 7am on 98 Rock, California's Rock Station.

We’ll be publishing the phone number to the studio line live on on ImListening.org during Sunday’s broadcast, so you can call and share how mental health and suicide has impacted you. You can also tweet to us: @imlistening_org using #ImListening.

Take a minute, save a life, check out www.ImListening.org for further information.