Ted's Blog: Great American Champions

July 7, 2017

When I say, "Great American Champions", who do you think of? For football, maybe you think of Tom Brady. For basketball, you might think of LeBron James. I could sit and list all the great American athletes and champions from all sports and you would know their names, but I am talking about the best and I am talking about Joey Chestnut. Joey Chestnut is the ten time Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest winner. Every year on July 4th, at the corner of Surf and Stillwell on Coney Island they hold the hot dog eating contest and ten times Joey has walked out as the champion. It is crazy how any of those guys or girls compete in the contest and eat that amount of food. I will say this, competitive eating is not just hungry people eating a lot. 

My brother and I call each other every 4th of July (which I am sure most family members do), but our conversations on that day revolves around the hot dog eating contest. I am not sure how or why we got into the eating contest but I would say it was Takeru Kobayashi a few years back that got us all fired up. At the time, Kobayashi was setting the competitive eating world on fire. He was dominating and it seemed that no one would ever beat him, but that is when the American legend himself, Joey Chestnut burst onto the scene. Chestnut was a inspiration to the country, a leader among regular men. A true blue American hero. Ok, maybe I am making this a bigger deal then it should be, but his winning was huge. Ever since I moved from the east coast, we have gotten fired up for the contest. Is Joey Chestnut in the same air of the other top athletes? Probably not, but for one day in July, on America's birthday? Joey Chestnut is the man and king of the sports world.