Founder of Warped Tour Responds To Criticism from Korn's Brian Welch

After kicking a band off the tour, Kevin Lyman received backlash from their supporters

July 9, 2018
Brian Welch of Korn performing live on stage on day 3 of Leeds Festival

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Vans Warped Tour is currently well on its way through its final cross-country run. Punk-rockers of all ages are coming out to relish in nostalgia and throw themselves around in the pit one last time.

The iconic festival is seeing 15,000+ cap dates sell-out well in advance but, as with any good run of Warped, the tour has encountered a few bumps in the road.

Nu metal band Islander was recently kicked off of the tour after their lead singer dove into a drum set, damaging an instrument that wasn’t even their own.  Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch called Warped out for their decision, noting how “lame” and totally not metal it was. 

Warped founder and industry legend Kevin Lyman responded to the call-out on Twitter, which in turn received a respectful and good-intentioned clarification from Welch.

The line between being “metal” and being reckless is a fine one that often causes backlash. What do you think?