Gojira Guitarist Gets Face Burned By Pyro, Still Finishes Set

The festival set gone wrong

May 20, 2019
Christian Andreu from Gojira performs at 2015 Rock in Rio on September 19, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Raphael Dias, Getty

During their Sonic Temple Festival set on Saturday May 18, Gojira’s pyro fought back.

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The Columbus, OH festival suffered complications due to high winds, having to close down their smallest stage after realizing it couldn’t stand up to the weather. Along with having to cancel performances, artists like Gojira guitarist Christian Andreu were also struggling to stand up to the gusts.

Gojira’s pyrotechnics were blown back towards the band during their performance, leading Andreu to get momentarily engulfed in flames. Photographer Bryce Hall perfectly captured the terrifying moment where Andreu was briefly surrounded by fire.

Andreu stumbled backwards before quickly walking offstage to regroup. The crowd applauded him for his perseverance as he soon emerged to continue the performance- arguably the most metal thing that happened all weekend.

“He walked off stage for a couple minutes but came back to finish the set. Kept pouring water on his face. So much respect for him,” Graham Hartmann Tweeted after the incident.

The incident must not have scared them too badly, as the band continued to use pyrotechnics at their Chicago Open Air performance the following night. Lesson learned: no pyro on a windy day.