Watch Pizza Delivery Guy Rock Out After Delivering to Hardcore Show

Pizza and metal just work together

December 13, 2018

Antongepolov |

We’ve known forever know that pizza and any type of rock are the perfect pairing. From the cheesy pie being the unofficial mascot of all pop-punk artists to rock bands making parody songs about the always in-fashion meal, we can never have too much of the perfect combo.

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It turns out, this Domino’s delivery guy totally agrees. After delivering a pizza to a hardcore house show/ birthday party hosted by band Broadmoor, he jumped on the mic to deliver much more than just their food.

Did he just say “F Pizza Hut” before throwing himself into the mosh pit?  

The viral video shared on Sunday, December 9, has now amassed over 800K views and 19K shares. We know who we’ll be ordering from next time we need pizza.