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Michael is The Listener of the Day!

Listener of the Day!
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The Black Moods

The Black Moods: "Whatcha Got"

The Black Moods gave us an exclusive performance of their latest single "Whatcha Got."
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Peter submitted his wish for his wife's grandma. She is an amazing woman who holds the family together and babysits the grandkids. Since her house doubles as a daycare, she is constantly having to keep up with the cleaning. Her vacuum is so old, it hurts her back when she has to use it. Thanks to...

27 Days of Christmas: Mike wants to propose to his girlfriend

Mike wants to propose to the love of his life and could really use an engagement ring. Thanks to our friends at Guzzetta Jewelers , he will be able to find the perfect ring with his $2,000 voucher!
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That Damn Show

That Damn Show: Frustrations Rage Therapy

Do you ever get so frustrated that you just wanna break some stuff? That Damn Show had the chance to release their anger with Frustrations R age Therapy!
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27 Days of Christmas: Sarah wishes for new tools for her husband

Sarah and her husband recently moved to Sacramento to live in a better neighborhood. One day, her husband walked out to his truck to find that his window was broken and all his tools were stolen. Her wish this holiday season was to get some help recovering the tools that he lost. Thanks to our...
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