27 Days of Christmas - Emily Wishes To Go To Global Winter Wonderland and Have Her Rent Paid

Friday, December 9th

Pat granted Emily's wish to take her kids to Global Winter Wonderland and to have her rent paid.


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I'd. Relational and how their educational because I do I Wear clean until each worker language and I'm getting my boyfriend's daughter back. So we have that they looked for a key that germs but and I looked pretty likely that my checks only go shake your rent and I only get one check before contests and I have actually correct. Did you do you have kids of your own I I have one daughter and says here you you drive a beat up car and you work car it is and sounds like you know a great mom I don't know how much is your rent by the way Saturday we'd like to pay your. Rents. Our. Think in your letter you also wrote you wanna die your rent paid so you can do other things like Christmas things that you always wanted to do with the girls right right yeah. Yeah things like taking them to the global winter wonderland to cal expo right yeah. Well we'd like to help you would that to guff for tickets for yeah all right art. The 27 days of Christmas from Roseville long day had 98 rock.