27 Days of Christmas - Julie Wishes For A Donation To St. John's

Monday, December 12th

We granted Julie's wish for a donation to St. John's!

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I Julie. I morning good morning and we starred Julie by you explain what it is they use do you where you work animal given your wish. That we. Sure I work at a small. And nonprofit university and in Sacramento California a union and even university and we're you know or words of the small online college. As you know we for easier on my college that's it. Now for the most part. Well we we provide college for it and but for the most part about 90% of our students are actually police. Or criminal justice major and couldn't go ahead and finish their degree. In online play get it off to go to school with the general public. As an option and I'm and then we provide resources for police officers without. So that's well that's what you do all of which doesn't have much to do with your your wish other than it's not at all from your workplace though I mean that's a connection. On the other correct I was just mentioning attorney Kevin you read who will be back on Friday morning. On and the last and he was on one of the reasons he came on wasn't just to help people with their legal questions but for the united talk about. The saint John's program for change which was the the black the black tie red tide black whatever the hell they did black tie with a in this event. But he and I intend to put some pictures or read radio dot com where they they adopt a bunch of families they did and and the whole point of the Paramus to take families. And and get them back together and help them get back on their feet sort of thing and according to your wish. You guys where you work you were inspired by it or you were already involved with saint John's where where what you had you already adopted a family house network. No we hadn't actually had we we got inspired truth and you say then and that radio program or we decided this year instead of kind of can be a big. Holiday lunch I guess you've saved or from Christmas. We went ahead and then when an adopted his family seriously Johnson program for a change in any kind of we're donating you know the employees were donating money that way. Learn from how much money they make. Two adoptive families we have. Small family of single mom and a child and then a family of about six. Before Christmas that that we decided to adopt an obviously provide. Christmas gifts you. And that's what that's what adopting the family means is that you kind of take care of them for the holiday so they actually have a holiday together. Correct exactly that's exactly and ansari said early and you say you were small to say about twenty employees. I actually smaller than that I have on site about ten total employees. And and I'm I'm just gonna I'm gonna guess that you you guys are raking in the dough doing this type of work. I absolutely not but it correct. It would be nice you can do so but it's not an especially addicts say. My my calories obviously though we're not very I would different than marry them and my employees and really try hard test. Could donate money. Are our parent company RA FR Maine college debate at a Cincinnati and so they. They don't sometimes they you know count the cost of living that they're in California so there's that as well. And and let it you'll remember that up is that you mentioned in your wish that that. Being in nonprofit education and you're not highly paid at all and yet you went around I guess you guys collected money any worries were able to raise some money. First things are how do you deal. We do we actually we are able to raise about 200 dollars. Six word tonight about about you know a little over twenty dollars an employee. Which which wasn't too bad an and then when I decided that I would go ahead match back personally. But that's you know kind of where I guess the wish came into play. And what is and what is the wish. Other wish would just to match what we had to raid so you know like a 200 dollar gift card. So that we can provide more. More Christmas Freddy's family. So hurry now list this is the essence of the 27 days a Christmas right this is like the ultimate wish this is for a bunch of strangers. Not only just people like my neighbor who can't burn wood things like that now the those wishes don't matter OK so here's what we did. Julie we actually rounded up on our end we we we we decided to say that you guys had raised your employees and raised to fifty. And then you were gonna matched to fifty that's what we did on our end. So we will we will grant your wish we will not only match your 250 dollars we're gonna multiply it by three. So we're gonna are you another 750. Dollars on top of what you've raised so if my math is right that's more like 1250. Dollars total or so. Give or take a few blocks that you'll be able to donate to saint John's in your name and we appreciate your wish so much. While thinking W that terminating a you know our own my. Every year the folks that you work class is so generous in their office and once once again it did what it what is it what is it called the Union Institute & University. Union institute university environmental. Area and Sacramento. Thank you so much Julian a great holiday. Are you think it somewhat belied by that is I don't know please need your information mom passes and we added but you talk about how to fix your money. And that's all brought to sports wire friends at a rose only has 27 days of Christmas continue.