27 Days of Christmas - Marianne Wishes For Twenty One Pilots Tickets

Monday, December 12th

Rob, Anybody, and Dawn granted Marianne's wish to take her son Mattox to see Twenty One Pilots at the Golden 1 Center.


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And Marianne is that correct it and it won't Eric thank you so much for writing us we've given away one point two million dollars worth of the last decade and Marianne wrote us or red radio dot com and you're talking about your ten year old son Maddux is that correct. Encourage our what's your wish when tells about Mattison what your wishes. All manic is gonna Crocker Apollo era here's my whole world and I really wanted to hear them continually quote he did but it's true love Palin. And go out and I knew that there was going to be no way that I can aggregated aggregate content already. X so I get a hold of it indeed it and it could you not give them tickets to the 21 pilot show because. They're too expensive or because they're so popular both or what was. They can compare right now the show is February 11 you're in Sacramento or Iran and I had created couple made up of hybrid they've got to be pretty. And that it's. All other shows this first console what do you can buy his him. It would be at her greater contrary to include some lives in L article expects her here than anything on an album. Now now is he aware of the show when his he'd been badgering you words this is something has a great mom you're aware of. I am the what kind of bad. You never know that he knows they're coming he doesn't know when their car blue. I didn't wanna get a code that you have good. I didn't doubt about it in my leg and where that road and then hope. Welcome back. So the show is February 11 it is sold out well buds at the the golden one cent are. And you actually wrote in your wish. I know this is something that he will always remember and I also know I only have a few more years left until going to a concert with his mom. Considered cruel and this would be a special night of them both of us please please please so we just minutes do you just you manic. This record our tracks you you also asked her taxi ride as well is that because you wanna get hammered lawyer at the shelf. So you can arrogance and great deals where all of the pressure of her income packer gloves. Sounds fair all right Marian here's what we're gonna do. It's. All tickets are available on resell sites they're ridiculously expensive and even bothered to look at that you heard news that was value priced free stuff. I never got my I think there is ridiculous. They're not sorry we are going to give view. Two tickets so you can take managed to 21 pilots on February 11 the golden one center. Altman patent. And UA EU you mentioned you wanna ride so here's here's what we came up with. Were gonna just do you view. Whether you wanna call cash burn blu burly afterward everyone knew will give you honored box. To. Get into whatever you want within obviously buying a shirt and figure out another way to get there and back but the honored buck should get used safely to golden one senator. And back and you and Matt have an amazing evening. And you know who marred you're so welcome thank you. I was angry bought off or lost parks. And all I can't wait. Wrong and we'll Digisette capitalism this is Christmas present will just be one of the USU lady. Yeah this period I know that I really. And ideas how many minutes or until they get a doughnut. Humongous high. I don't concert tickets clearly and what I don't think should get my dollars I got. Police set up said he did you have for him on Christmas morning. And thank you so much for writing and thanks to Roseville Monday. They made this all possible. With the a hundred bucks and than our connections to get her taste it's 11 violence. Great wishers for her it's pretty cool I experienced in the 27 days a Christmas brought to us by rose blue Monday go to red radio dot com.