27 Days of Christmas - Hydie Wishes To Take Her Son Glassblowing

Friday, December 16th

We granted Hydie's wish to take her son to a glassblowing class at Rainbow Glass!


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We are we should from a woman named Heidi Heidi as a young son with a very interesting interest and a new hobby he wants to get into glass art. Like stain glass glass blowing apart with glass have you ever heard of a kid whose interest in some like that I think it's really cool but the wishing balls at let's get Heidi on the phone right no. And see if we can make some. It up. Only know Heidi. Well Lowe's societies also doubles tidy hides how marred from ninety Iraq well OK YK. And that's commander morning whatever. Coward you know you Andre are you a good guy you wish in front of me 27 days of Christmas I told you were still grant wishes down. Amazingly able wonderful luncheon league educated and here I brilliant career. Well this is your your Heidi gave us we're doing this thing right here right now. Email only not good at. Awesome so Heidi tell us about your wish. Well my son is a very interested in. Car for this being a glass cement which is. I know where he got this idea that. He wanted to go see what is what is all about only went to god shocks and you know different and skinny god only knows when he is just all about. Making our political luck and so I want him to be able to have conscience should be able to do that and out at a place called my dog wash my house. I gotta tell him and that's really cool. Yeah I mean I'm I left my sixteen year Larry entries and Leonid gonna struggle you know being able to do anything that the key to my one bedroom apartment on. On my sixteenth wedding anniversary so sooner yeah it's been. Quite did insert. I would love to be able to you know just different than normal for him. What's your son's name. I Isaac and Isaac is nine years old right. And you know I can you believe it went so. Odd occasion I hear all the wanna do that he is all about it. I've never known or heard of anybody who wants to do this I think it's really cool it's a great art form. Is I came home with a glove pumpkin lunch and he is like wow how they did act and I'm like while yelling at me I kind explained you know a little bit about what I know about glass I don't know much. Talent and he lives just I wanna I wanna know more and clearly Donna the shop and he is finished interest at the conference. Well we told the staff over rainbow lasts about your where ocean Isaacs desire to be a glass Smith and obviously they were thrilled to hear about such a young kid with the interest. And they have a long list of classes for both adults and kids you can see the list and rainbow glass on pork. Now for their class blowing class students have to be at least ten years old or four feet tall. I think he would he would definitely over for Pete I'll just be let me have what it normally my oldest is 61 trail even need an I connection might. Boy you're good to go then now he'll get to work on projects courtesy. Also rainbow glassware to take care California. Well you can learn main evening eleven at 10-Q 98 rod and Ramos luckier than me.