06.08.17 PAT Paper or Plastic - 1145am PPM.mp3

Thursday, June 8th

Paper or Plastic - Don from Fair Oaks


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Are ready to play up paper or plastic yes sir lyric poet yeah issue are. Which name players to guard our rob my friend gridlock paper plastic big a decision what's it going to be event. Paper or plastic. I. Kate let's open a paper first on Fort Stewart. Don had you chosen paper you would one basically a big Mac at McDonald's. Well why go six dollars and nine cents. I'm not sure that would have even god knew that the big Mac meals we know her pack. But I don't see what you went here you chose plastic. And you my friend are the proud owner of 609. Brand new daughter. Very cute in fact it's 609. Point 09. Or throw a net nine extra cents for the helmet. And at. Yep nicely done my friends 606. That takes you to reference a rose on the last chance to play today for 52 Mikey.