Paper or Plastic - Tiffany from Lodi

Friday, June 9th

Paper or Plastic - Tiffany from Lodi

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An idea Iraq. California's rock station it's Green Day my name's pat Barton how aria. PM. In the AM and the PM on the F in the let's go to the phones hi who who are you. A Tiffany how are you today. I don't get it any good morning. How good you'll maybe about to be better I hope better for you this is my last episode a paper or plastic by the way a little sad on Larry but hopefully I'm gonna be happy if you win some good money so big choice Stephanie. Big decision in your life a pivotal moment in your life there's going to be paper or plastic. And paper. Curtis. A camera open plastic first let's see which you did not win Tiffany okay. All right had you chosen plastic you would won the grand sum of 101 dollars and one cent. Wu. What do you make of that. I have probably not a good. Plastic was a 101 bucks let's see which shows here paper. Did you say you were having kind of a bad day yeah I know you're not I'm not huge is 11001. Dollars. All hey I'm away. Now wager day feel a little better. It really and I and I think I'm better at that. At a 1001 times better to be to be exact while. The big pay day. Well. Oh that's a the sounds of joy congratulations stiffening you know now my. Not bad somebody's having a Good Friday nativity congrats on your 2001 dollar stakes get our friends are rules blind date. That's my last episode loosely for a while I can feel it's going to be back Sunday Mikey has your very last chance today at 415.