Paper or Plastic - Mike from Sacramento

Friday, June 9th

Paper or Plastic - Mike from Sacramento

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Say this these final paper or plastic. So hopefully we'll be here really really really good amount of money this time doing other guys on the line with the best name. My they're my. Yeah I'm here our brother we are ready to replace paper pleasant blitz before you choose me just get everybody caught up with companies have gone down. Geez everybody missed it so this is where rats so far seat again this is the last day for paper plus he's courtesy Roseville Monday. 7:30 this morning during the rub anybody in don's show person shows paper. 16 dollars and 88 cents a they would chose plastic there when 1688. Dollars and 29 cents. On that at 830 during rock show. Another person chose paper. One dollar and eighty cents. A minute shows classic won 705 dollars then on the that marred show 1145 big winner the biggest winner of the whole game. A mom tells paper. 1001. Dollar and one cent if they would just punt plastic that we got a hundred bucks they'll not not about a hundred bucks is not so bad so my best. The wind this down the very last game Mike your choice paper plastic. Let me go we it. Plastics. All right plastic Larry's shaking her head as as in that was a bad choice like she knows she doesn't know trust me or open a paper. OK see you Marty major decision classic is locked in. An open up the paper envelope. Among Mike comes dearly I have butterflies that I I'm nervous for you man I really want this to be good you have no idea. All right well. You chose paper. And I know we Ito's plastic almost that I just could proceed shows classic hagee shows paper. You got 858 dollars and 38 cents a pop up a hot. And a great amount of money to kick off this weekend buddy who knows who or who knows what's not only did we get my birthday so many great how good your German I to my birthdays are coming up and come policewoman knows what's the let's see what what you got your classic could be good. Could be nothing maybe might be just you know weight problem all by itself six back for your birthday. Let's say hello haven't that is better or nothing that's exactly what it is you chose plus he got eight dollars and 28 cents. Let's go. Still. A veteran laden is better than nothing it's better than a dollar that still give yourself some Beers men we should could have been more you know hope you have a really good birthday still this weekend. You got Gloria thank you normal thing Joan puts on hold real quick and we'll come back at some info from the okay. Are paying on a second let's say it but it Blair. It's over it's done it yeah it just makes sense to end on paper I feel like that's why I shake my head yeah you know Larry. What have been great that would be great but let's pull up real quick. Everybody should everybody today chose paper. Our man that's probably why he went with plastic okay boy carries as amonte yeah I guess he campus. Is this is very random that's a that's the end of the game thank heroes the Hyundai for for making this happen for us in into gradually ease everybody that one. Big money in little money and congratulations the might become bay Bucs. The we will play cap city quiz. After 5 o'clock for someone who got all reaction coming to cards Smart and final Smart and final gift cards and play that a few missing on the.