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Wednesday, August 23rd


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Go blank yourself in this. Show somewhere else on the. Why don't mighty you don't. You guys. Another radio. I'm. CN. How pirated songs. Old news I'm with you by Obama undressed by tiger re here. Game. I know we can. I'm thinking that are. Not comments from Kim day can says could you please wish David happy. 37 burn it is you know. Yeah. It's how we get the mineral and yeah. No I know this day is a great one memo calling nine knowingly and have a great day. Happy birthday. We wouldn't punch in the face on not your dentures out. I'm elderly have you. Yeah hey is today's the big day if you are a Brandon. Fanned so all I'm you listen up close how big game today the day it want to play the pressure later on you can win a spot to play golf with Brandon. On his charity golf team this Saturday and that's only catch you gotta be available this Saturday it's that Whitney notes. A term starts at 8 AM registration 7 AM and then throw in a little lunch for you at all. I'm because brands a fun guy he is up. On his buddies will be with him and one of Kevin Julie's friends Kevin Healy of the Huey Long group or official attorney. This is all the benefit the make a wish chapter locally it's this Saturday and you can play golf with friends and if you win the pressure cooker later on this morning. When we're there Kevin Brown's attorney loves this ask your initial legal questions if you see hasn't been there yeah yeah 80 Canada either. Is that he really dad dad won't plus especially because he's not a golfer so it'll just be standing around I think I think we sent a boost and yeah like old Kevin you mulling a plan to do. I don't think I'm Charlie Brown show remember how Lucie high sense and I do you do for fives and just at just and ask him do you make of a banner says ask Kevin. Legal advisor is the bills to dilly. T shirt I'm rob flyer asks me how. They have not announced a new waters they're okay gulf. What he should do what we should do. If we should drive them around hold hold all your golf ahead we'll pull up all relying. Or Kevin Healy is here and really I got some free and illegal. You want to know about. Yeah final loads or rubble. Tiered. Oh no this is my favorite times of the year that it's back to school time another. Brings joy to my heart for a lot of really couldn't. First of all I hate children become. All and most kids overwhelming majority of kids hate school and so as much as I Lowe's is happy children. That's how much I love. Sad children so right away I don't interest in the mustang this time because everybody's back to school kind of last week this week. Imagine all over the place known as the day I won a race. Two of our God's children need to be picked up from school and I am I got yeah I got a phone call hail Jewish and let's Jackson was a ball and and I already know this from past experience but it's been pullout is like. Bold pick your spots are ridiculously. Crazy normal good luck and a leg oh my god me need to buck up the temple. Screen this is why I will now. Never again live in the suburbs because there's always a school around and it is Mahay hand every afternoon out of high school and elementary and and also because I come from time we're believe or not we walk to and drums full. Yeah I think McNabb was never robbed us life he would always drop me off her on the corner especially the event. NASCAR isn't always try and usually Coburn or Manny dropping out front earned her. I then walked to school that would be need god Joseph Burton and nephews nieces have so Emma gone anywhere near that back Dominic was slow on the car down open your door okay jump out. They weren't my kids I'd be more prone to do that now you would need major. Are off yeah his. Release is nothing you're funny person well yeah yeah it feels stray excellent course. And roll album didn't Lleyton poll where thousands sickened ran out and that didn't let me say that caused so much fun. Does that rotates like throw red zone like all law guess I'm very happy because I know kids are very sad so the that's one of the cool things the other cool thing is I get my stores back. Because we have for the last two or three miles one of the beauties people die yeah. And he you know every Maarty Leunen Nina well first small and and 220 years museum of the 3 AM. Secondly the beauty of it is that at 10 AM my day is now my day I can do whatever I want myself to work. But it might do is quote unquote over unless I'm scheduled something and so. There's nothing like going to the grocery store at 10:45 in the morning and when you all you have to deal with. On him and a normal time are crotchety senior citizens he just it was him out of the way. And may be some Phat house proud to pump it and and not pay doesn't not anywhere most of them are mapping that I was. It's why it come mid may and then demon Angel mid August. This stores are still will morass. And skateboard. Lasts actual facts and moms and if they're rats and looks so meal is over. I don't want my. Good OK good look I know you moms and dads are thrilled through that they're going back to school that's another reason I'm happy. And then but we always get at some point. The list. That reminds us how much times have changed and how how different life is because. It's also back to school time for college kids as on the annual Beloit College mindset list is out. Students that are heading into their first year of college this year accorsi overwhelming majority of them are eighteen years old. Mean they were born in 1999. Tech war. And he mask. Is this guy. First thing you do if you're of a certain age is you think what was I doing and in 1999. Let's see I was I literally in 1999. We were so established in radio we were moving in the show from Reno to sack or else we were so we're well into our careers we rely hottest thing in radio and eleven years removed from graduating high school so overloaded like you were born man and iron college. I'm getting ready to graduate from eighth great paying any. And I was listening to this show and eighteen yeah I don't know eight schools now and again how ache and my eating I ran. I can't hear wedding day yeah clarifying your garden. So then they then they go through their list and they give you a few things since there again think about. Their lives if you were born in 1999. You didn't really have any sense and so what. Or what's going on around you so what do what have you been living with so there's just a few they always got a huge list. Is an idea I'd pick out the ones that I thinker from the vast sums. This is of course is the obvious one this is the last class to be born in the nineteen hundreds okay fast. That means it's the last of the millennium smile. How easy so they party named the next generation you're born in 2000 your generation easy to remember there was acts. And why millennial announces he's starting the next the next college and right. And that's a generation I have hope for and I know you should not. You can have no water generation that he's got kids that were are all after the year 2000 that's right 2000 client then carved art. Their parents are pretty low angle I know a whole pain and once again remember easy if you go to the university of dawn. All greens are just based solely on the lesson that NRA and the people that you know it's. I because of course all of re. Is to the contrary. Today overwhelmingly. Generation Z is far worst them now. Tell me that are much more snow flaky they are they are much more. One. I don't want to blow my. Support of and yeah every competitive they keep score again and blue line is. Not just a kid now I'm 10 my god I'm. More after this time. Cigna didn't. They just soccer you think cruel and yeah. Gains there really haven't she barely had any points and they like the triple on their morning. And they are aggressive and and no one's like get well. That's why I let it appears early read you know. So they'll be intense at the university. Later remembered that's one of her god sons. All these other kids and all the parents don't my niece and nephew that's there's the same thing they placed Morgan ultimately go to their game nineteen. Oh my gosh two and got to picking up today same thing with them now there's always that one of them they're school for sure highlights. Why do you look at what CNET and there is classroom the teacher here now and a name. Ma'am I don't know I think that helps completely put a name. Oh wait no it doesn't help because I don't really know what the reality really good teacher will lie I mean an end to students that are doing the best. Ever ask her how she and how do you feel about as she's like get inspired me or anyone else and he is or inspired she says it made me wanna do better. Everybody nobody felt and just let dawn habits. I'll man Don lives on hold up quite Maliki felt like since the air because that's what hopefully he can act so India. Don is right to save us the generation and all of these other studies and surveys. Are wrong. Few perfectly yes the thousands and thousands of studies done across the country. We're in all geographical areas that you're absolutely right you just you just hold on to that Connie. The only reason why I think this new generation and generations foreign arm might be a little bit better as being naive. Tell him. Failure not that being born in the ninety's you know we are told us kids like if you work really hard you didn't she whatever you want and nice filly in the 2002 right. Yeah it's probably night and out then. These kids have just. Slower expectation as it does best and that's that your your your spot and that's one of the many things that shows up early studies about generation Z this is why I went back to the globalization thing. This is the first generation we're we are raising and America already that are what I call Dan Martins. Because they know I'm you know we always hear about Denmark seem happy as country in the world because they have no aspirations. This group has no aspirations as a. A whole ton. Can't know now we're gonna hear 017. People are almost. Always or use these phony money and all. I screamed I just wanna do not let that lie all the one. Yeah they will achieve them aren't they aren't very very very small minority now. All of the agency. Really. Hasn't really hairy out of California and I'm in Arizona what I meant is that with our friends urged them all these kids in this generation you're talking about how wonderful it's great fit. Ernie gave it time you write all of these studies Iran hub but you're absolutely right I said yes America obeying. Lot I had a vote for that generation. Being here. Good bulls still be doing this I know in my seven years or so they don't you start to see if we start to get all the stories about how lame the generation. So I wanna see out MLB Mormon I want my favorite thing hello Stephanie. Good morning guys. And I knew I wanted to defend Don and antiques and you have a lot of easy isn't messages tell us about yeah. Brothers children right like he met his camera soccer team they are competitive they'd get cute little. Good mom and my daughter. Since. We saw neck again see also. Works. And we are facing them so old fashioned way going. Our generation. And that is exactly how animals and America is doing it might claim that hope to stamp my candor witnessed her junior year drop. Named K first of all she was sorry schools are much nation is ready on Thursday had everything together and they had that's that. Whenever orientation or whatever they do and candor love's arms again you can come but you're gonna stand in the background because she wouldn't say every classroom. And she went over to the T shirt sugary and looked pretty I can drag and what she asked all the questions what do I need look I expect both. Italy did not my sister like she stood back ducks my niece Sydney and her how to do this. Shortages we knew how to do it because she's being raised all the way this is just one all of her play. They never. Actually what's going on America and the teacher told your needs to sit down because there's no hope for years. So. We don't have your heads buried in the sand cut its. Back to whole the the the college mindset list these are the eighteen year olds that are heading in the college this year here's how their life is looked. Because they have never heard my high pitched whine and dial up modems. Can. Always been able to shop on Amazon. I'll do it and if your college freshman there's always been blogs whatever your set about. You went Edmond at the point where they are realizing computers were you just on the computer and blogger right when you call a friend. Salmonella blog at any time this season. It's in the other room and use the computer get on the unit and must warn when your mom is looking for example. Ours says yeah. Ketchup has always coming green there's always been green ketchup but you're if you're a freshman in college no one has only been in red group. I'm Justin Timberlake was always a solo lacks. This little mental error. And remember you were born in 99 and you were aware in 2004. To you Bill Clinton has always been Hillary Clinton's old husband Dan and experience the Clinton president. Old man that's crazy hello there Allie good morning. All right guys there and live. Only when you cats. So when you guys are talking about generation LeRoy never. I don't I don't soccer catcher where we're at a bunch of tiny children. All summer long and I can play here it now I'm gonna find was Rob Blake those children have no respect. Whoever they want you. And the stuff they make as much as I would like to thank education you gotta be a lot better. It's. Not. Or if you're OK okay. Look I appreciate valley but I I and I agree I really do but just present I don't need you agree with me Irene no one right. All of the statistics all of the information all the world and Eminem shows this is exactly what we're headed for so you mean I appreciate. There's not say every single one of these kids are like what I'm describe mean there's always been disrespectful little overwhelming majority are not. Here's this I don't know no I didn't know yeah. This now. And I wanted to get to the other college mindset list is certainly ruin everything I mean everything good or font or interest in. We ruined this is why we can't have nice things anymore. Merrill thanks and I noticed going over the list that I mean that's that's every hour highlight they give a 61 and I mentioned a dozen body. Yeah very because. There though the clowns are right the Beloit College mindset list probably millennial and now they're starting around the world I get into June. And and so so they're doing they're doing two things first of all the listing things that no one cares about. And they're writing them in ways. That are supposed to be funny because she's an anonymous and I highlighted a few of these rural first here's what nobody cares about I'm. It was just. All they and I can't leave any off the top of my head and everything that's changed in just the last ten let alone fifteen years because this. This list could be so much more interest but here's one they put on if you're a college trashed room. Look Panama Canal has always belonged to Panama wants and no one cares no one who we want inventions. She is the map you mention presidency the things like that so pop quiz. Did you do do you do us Jim abbey I know the answer to do as janitors and others do we know where who used to own Panama Canal there's no now America. OK okay the big war and that leader and I don't know well how is not fascinating. No it's on and off what's past is one of the majority said. Justin Timberlake be quite sure it is here's the reason like that that cracks inside lids that with my niece Katie and Megan they were little and they work infatuated. With those boy bands are in excess of what was the other night stance on anything in sync I was. Otherwise I'll woman's ninety degrees yeah I mean. Boy that's six like that was the battle Backstreet Malloy is heard Justin Timberlake abandoned like. And you still twelve he's right but if they weren't here that they would feel all because to them it's like how do you not. Know that Greg as they go up Libby had been. A dumb ones. In that for college freshmen and marijuana and finds black Berry has gone from being a wild fruit to being a communications wise to becoming a wild fruit and I'm. Seriously. What a waste of a number. What are ways. Here's got bored they got too cute. And it's also something that that we don't care about so some back story. Earlier series amassed straightens and serious controlled by Bashar Al Assad. And he is actually he's a doctor there's just so you know so here's here's how arrows left. Girls are college freshman. And ophthalmologist. Named Bashar Al Saud has always provided the vision over the Syrian military. Hot. A worse time there really is that how well this looks pretty. It's educational. In other going into college it's stupid there's nothing wrong with educational and this is like this is some wacky morning. I can stunt like this this isn't for them this this isn't for college game design and exam they and they have little perspective this list just for us old people. Oldest being 45 or older gas to go real well that's what's yeah. All sorts. This is kind of faded but admit it was being back right but 2005 when they started coming consciousness. There are millions sumo alleged member of the job finding web site monster.com. That still around here far. If you are college freshman. Barrett has always been amongst during your corner when looking for a job. This bag thorough system. And one. Don't know all this one this one is both Maureen and stupid. Act can't. And her college freshmen true well paleontologists. Have always imagined dinosaurs with colorful woman. Got. Spiezio thing. You know. Hey oh did they ruin everything you know when you say worst yeah you'll say make that comment will still be here dot dot dot. I'm not sure we William I don't know why would even read. Like sweetness but people tell me I'm. Right stuff that you do write that you bring stories. There's good car here's a great one imagine this this is how bad the list as someone on our FaceBook page are FaceBook page cannot and I. Aim is Emery doesn't now you're born in 1999 he points out. Think about the fact that 9/11 is literally history of that. They ordinary work of consciousness how they were another two years yeah 9/11 happened act by the time they were six or seven there were learning about it in the rearview mirror out those limited skills doesn't live through it that college freshman 9/11 is history and now that should be unless I guess early and Paula Jones and ophthalmology. A.