Mom Wants to Change Baby's Name

Thursday, August 31st


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The man show went on. You are now. Mom mommy blog. Mommy's. Might be a fascinating world. Exercise here aimed idea about it and anecdotally seems to me like there's two types of parents when it comes in mainly in the little Fuchs. There's. There's one have always known what they want to name their kids some armor like Nazis about flight. So you broads have known since you were flies right what you're gonna name your kid which is totally unfair to your future but I'll get. I it was it was so fear Isabel ansari jazz at the end and that's what. They call center we have kind of girl yeah yeah well they weren't girls now. Bullet wound care and I mean there's so you can Wear things that those grenades. Whereas and it looked at green. And then and then there. The the ones just agonize over it may can't figure out what's her name and how does this work in the we've done because I've heard anecdotally. There's some people who wait weeks to name their kid how does that work with the vs and I know I had to lay group for I guess you don't have to know deeply believe. Hospital but Jane don't want. Playing tackle LA whenever Los Amer girl and I'm not play always. As and then you go back later renewed takes you to the said the Social Security Office when you figure out named Alicia name them boy all. BZ. That's an uneasiness in a child's gender. Out here that's okay now say they see we shouldn't be needy kids until they're what Porsche. When they when we come mountains all the guidance and a lesson we should compliment. But we're still would still traditional for an hour. So there's so once you pick a name again. Can you change. Yeah Curtis how long into the bullying like you. You've been AJ and they embarrass you though you make your way on damage or there I guess not and not only that you've you've you've you've birth certificate did did did it they need you FaceBook to be. Any and you've told friends and fan and then for some reason down the road design are its domain this had to have. Happened back in world war two and all those little baby dolls for Barney. I'm not sad ending now. Jerry Yahoo!'s us. The guys I have that I. Family friend whose child was named depending this is before anything big turn happening because it's actually great goddess named her name Tyson. I then she changed her name I mean she was. Pretty old I mean she knew her name I wanna get like three or four on the change her name but so. Before they know they're saying yeah this they just started owners are now it was one by her medals and then they can get confused or anything. I don't think you know so I'll take. How would be great if your store and ship and the simply let mommy where's ice is now. What makes America great again happened and they're everywhere kick. I did Lloyd children on how is still Larry you know I'm their guardian is so he. So always a thrill for a million dollars next question is how long how long is this healthy before you look up. Why like any I understand the nicest thing like I mean you know a certain harmed by the middle name but could you legally change YouTube I believe so yeah. I mean like I did that aid off and. I mean I did though based on a man's. So. Another reason would you do that she your child yeah I mean that's that's. That's a little root. Isn't it let's is okay is it rooms though at these kids three months but god no they don't know how and when they know when they understand the Colin do you try to birdie there for the desert Amy Adams and it is a balloon that's our and that is that I don't know when SRI am. And I would say at least I six months they're birthday and our employee. Responding to eat you talking to them and using their name I don't know that they really know it they should be responding so that I six months you're calling them. Mary Mary Mary Mary mayor Marion and all the sudden a few months later your column on Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie yeah I mean is that. It is damaging you know what it is it's annoying. You know he could anoint the baby now I don't know why don't we don't know. I'm just couldn't hold they'd like to stick your pain you know like what is your problem unless it was crisis or eight alt. Why I know there. Parents like this when we do this but is souls I bet it's like. When he called don's a certain name and it's almost like this syllables and the sounds like he says now was it Larry and Charlie yeah Phillies are two syllables and ends with don't both with and eat it sounds so I wonder if it's similar to that. Until they actually can understand words they did that yeah the American dogs that didn't seem analogy because they believe that dogs intelligent dogs. Our our about a three or four Earl level. And when I got Nelly Nelly wasn't her name. And I was actually encouraged by if people on the bed industry in the dog world to change your name because. She would start associating being happy with the word Nellie has. On reforms are. Your some stupid yeah com bad memories and so into and they do they re learned pretty quickly and and I mean laughter. The main issue I mean maybe it's just like teach him but that's a dog and there's got to be some difference between that yeah. So am I in this. C and we. Basically just called and his nickname. Up until the age of around two and he was a very adamant that he was no longer to be known by his nickname for now he I Koehler. You want I'll be his full name and Hsu at GO NS you. I mean that was some and they he told us and now he's fine as long as it's family we can call on this with that name back coming. I concede that okay if. Speaking of dogs like my an arrest in the studio pay no attention to the markings. OK it's important to why. So how are we still love ten months olds. Trying to tell. And I mean it sold baby I'm just annoys you know that's still I am inside how do you not already know I mean usually people are late pick. I've heard people say they look at their candidate that. A lot of people I guess don't know but there's so many elegant figure like oh yeah you're totally Michael or what ever they see their kid right so why did change your mind after ten months I I. Little wishy washy people people yeah. Constantly and it hasn't changed her mind are you know have to change what the tide had to go along with all the fads last maybe that does it but. And earns you agree though like dogs and earlier in less there's a good reason I am giving you good risen Bryant. Yeah so if you do this I give you good eateries and hypothetically. If you named your child out. After a realists and they ended at me hey rapists that. I know you're not on my child associated with our rapists name's Colin Farrell the second time. Yeah I'm clear tip my hat a lot made it clear about. And until. Input medical. Headley had a lawyer adoptive boy or whatever but there was a baby no way in hell with the name be the man who you know did terrible things like that name is opt yeah. But it will not happen. That that makes total sense yeah especially leading up to the burst in and out one that's a good line to draw I don't know how do they refine search and with feeling it'll get over it bowl the holy. An elite what's your middle name kid I lived in them. So yeah and Isabel yeah just five minutes does the law I don't NBA everyone you don't. But that's usually is there a man comes up William burst there you're give birth and again and then you find out your uncle named master or your grandfather. While gap. He's about this is not the story this is not the sword and our men and anything and another one what if you have a sign and if you need him after the father of the child. And then the father of the child goes out and cheats on you or sergeant beat on you. Or whatever yeah you have to run to escape from him and I don't want all your baby that same name is what now. Good reason it blew it. He got treason but in that instance I would just start Conley can match that not only anchor and he's the first name legally we regardless of age but I also think you. Shows strength the courage the minded so keep that name is into it because he only identify is that. There's her son as that person sociology she holds a much value in the name more than her kids. Nina and same. No one of the things that we did when we were coming after the name of our youngest son is we both kind and bouncing names off the beach and their and a tighter one of us had a negative experience with somebody by. And the death now. That's a good way to do that was an episode of oh bonsai and fell. Where Elaine was dating a guy who turned out to be named after I don't mass murderers and uzis it was just a coincidence that he had the exact same name and they they agreed. They was gonna change his name arms and they sat down and batons whatever name one San the other one could say no for any reason. And every game one of them had no. Yeah. Chris isn't well I I dated a guy or a Kelly. Literally that's exactly what happened in my name my old man's one of his middle he has to middle names and one of them if you were to shorten it. Is the guy that I now later in life I realize date rape to mean. Name is really beautiful. It's business. Again now the middle name is really beautiful but it's what Helios have to think of the nickname right so I really wanted to name my son Bo Ryan I. Are aiming. Sorry for. She's a is going on here. Super hi I am I brought him in all week I have time really. Can you back I apologize and Tennessee won an eight years and oh right yeah yeah I and I really really love that name much of the old man was right now that's a hit Phoenix. So no reason in me I don't know so we we. Decided if they immersed in name our son now rang and he would have just gone by her right hand and that's this let's based mainly Agassi here at your mailman doesn't our man Lane Bryant our phone number it was days. I don't wanna be here I think Atlanta. There's 8889 and I 9811 here's the specific story a mom once you when he's mommy blog even when you cite parenting form things. Jury meal geez Al the issue you have these blogs. Going to the opinions and other ma a judge yeah of course this might also it's kind of like its kind of like on the show with her. It's. Gets. By Syria mum and she reached out to you loans because she is can she got a dilemma. She's considering a new name for her daughter. Who is ten months old days are right there right there and be great but you shaking your head that wish list of and what's the other moms and your kid is it ten months old any money change the name ID. You know why and what she knows wants input and here's what I think especially the social media world. A lot of us don't work this way but here's what I'd say no and I think a lot of people. Like to hear from what they think our objective outsiders they have no skin in the game. And validation board invalidate the other day yeah I mean this woman is literally asking the question always she tells why you know you're dead issue is leaning towards change in name. But sometimes you wanna go to somebody who has nothing to do with you at all and sable here's what I think about this ball do you want to judgments you're gonna get. I would just you GA show you my car. It's ten and I think I. Past that I'm not go to the next paragraph angry tastes he is. How tall are not perfect daughter Eden and her daughter's name is autumn. Day on the but she's going to be there's nothing we can think of that would be on solid ice is served well she's like Don and hates seasons. Actually they item it's not the mom. Yeah wants to change the name she's considering changing the name because. The mom's mom grandma. Well I am. I just need really she explains how all met her mama actually jokes about it saying things like. I can't wait to see my granddaughter who doesn't have a proper name what did yeah. Aura she will directly speak to about ten month old autumn and say. You might as well Ben named Brandon season. You is what did they got. Why anybody who relationship with the flat yeah mother of god waving considering anything that she says yeah oh my god I. Totally would name a little girl. Bottom yes but August of that they'll handle as and all the Burma he needs for that. Ask somebody just had us on celebrity has had a kid in the name that August 2 member who was and it's also about. Name's April I'm. Grandparent. That's terrible grip there it's a pair. Right now she probably has a fax over this and the girl her whole life. Obviously I mean low right into it it's easy for us all the scream and yell indignation. Blood that we we know cycle what is going on here hasn't grown woman who has never cut the cord with their own mother never two point organ is even consider this we know that we don't need me Dr. Phil no. This to be considering this at ten months because of the influence of grandma come on. Unbeaten over making fun of the kid's name that this must be an incredibly toxic relationship and we don't know means. Them on the spreading the blonde rightly so they can be in his teen mom world that can be a young mom was a young. Mom oh yeah you know I mean yeah. And he can feed of the extent of the influence because this is ten months. It's a done deal the names out there with everyone and everyone you know on your social media call your friends are your family. You have to be like you all know the names announced on America's my mother prefers that light like it'll always be your read now. Ever what are even. I thought it was a lot of all my mom hated it sorry James Alex like you can she's another season I'm just saying Jennifer ever. I'm dizzy and you know you don't have that you don't just say why but there is mass yeah. That's why are we not calling her on and I'm like that's your own guy and I think I think who won't like this would do you like wheel 'cause my mom it is like to bite them feel like as a why are you asking and I'm losing any money in my mind you lemon on tile. Yeah I I changed my daughter's name or two day month old alert Michelin and are being paid yet. Instead this has something different they're detained at. Passed her soul. Why why didn't you know that goalie Dan maybe at some point don't really write the child's name or look at it normally is I mean it's yeah that's. Actually summer since then it you know you never heard it all hey you know I know it's true finally why do you care well okay good yeah. I don't know the response did you. You bullied. You get easier to get it now you say is an honor bullet NEC. Yeah exactly I smells some other reason I know I ADR UK Amy and I am now people are very superficial and saw didn't look I I I think it's stupid that was. It was a wise idea to support guy just can't believe they can figure out. Yeah I you know if I ever ever get married to somebody listen. Flat bottom. I ever get married well some day with the last name of K I'm gonna make sure that I name my kid did something with an S and then a year or. And Melanie Franklin Ulysses. Very very spot on. Hello Shannon yeah. I. I thought my father did not like what we're naming our daughter. We told of the oil we told him the name is waiting record stripper Primakov Lila. The stripper named don't cooler than that I'll never say that name and what did you do only. We filming her Delilah is the only name they need him under the nickname does he batted her god given Maine does he caller Delilah. Peak now she's five years old. OK guys got overhead right. Why don't ever yeah he's that was the strippers named the and a stripper named Lyle wants to. I like that bluntly there have college candy your cinnamon we're told lie low Chris Hill Andy mustang. Some adults customers the very specifically told her man alive let road well meaning the. Lead. Again not much that needs are those. My membership to about you're one of these savings I always associating it. Tongues and she did not do. Are there. Some. On the blog. Most. Most parents are moms who responded with outrage like we did. All the way to the point and maybe change she should stop. Her friends see her granddaughter and grandmother until she stops making the comments I'm sure would like this is going to go from. Hey fellow mark. Should I change the name of my baby for two. Monitor my idea is not happy you call my daughter by her given name yeah. That might be good advice and does not getting taken out a semi and I should be scared to death some others said that if they are going to issue is going to actually do a name change. It had happened immediately because the baby was so was still ten months and maybe she's. No stones LA no word on what she was gonna change the name to the that's the one in OS and changes she deserves until the blog please call Jason naming after the mother right just give me I'll name that's exact.