Pussification: No BFFs allowed

Thursday, September 21st


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Gone Asia. Called raw. More listen online. I don't know it'll come as news to anyone that our president of the United States is kind of a dunce when it comes to speaking I'm. Earlier this week he gave a big speech to the United Nations and and so focused on one thing in particular in his opening remarks he was talking a lot about the African country of India. Before saying then his health system is increasingly self sufficient. My problem is there's no such country as an MB anywhere in Africa even though he repeated the world I don't. There is Zambia OK and there is men men India. There is known ambient there's Namibia and there's MB a twenty meeting at the end Libya. Did the White House transcript has been released to show yeah we mentioned seeing in India though whenever. NN news Kiev. Where did he was. Stimulus there are easier and radio dot com's response from Robert share honors says I know you hear this a lot brand and by the way here is spelled wrong. You'll only see it not as. I'm well HE RE I don't know what that means I mean I never hear this a lot like you'll hear a lot Brandon Diane Sawyer like here with the ears on the PGA are there would let somebody wrote. But I love your clone impersonation. And I you. Laugh so much. FaceBook Brian wrote clown music with Brandon. Here are awesome hey. Scary not it's not and didn't you. Aren't. You're completely rings and crickets and in the ES yeah integrated with the rock town like I will let you know I don't now. And then the couple owns stock prices. Did he tell and I can't actually I thought I was happy when my hand couple weeks ago. Those. Am over that and lower my blood on him you know I am. Believe our alliance tech no I don't look but it doesn't hurt I don't get light headed during an earlier data now I go alone Vicente somebody. That game watching. Seeing this fascinating ideas ideas don't feel the need to coming out I volume watch Monty were never any yourself as long as you know lolly it's okay. After TV telling ourselves they can. Hey let's get any association of America. We have if you did this story is gone viral now because of among the royal children across the seas. But it is a story is happening in America as well dozens were obsessed with royalty for some reason I. In love brown Walter was the reason we went Warren's. Could it with a documentaries are used to again or. Just if you lose first year of school four year old prince George. Steals and train your guys' faces a mandate at school know best friends allowed. Scout Marty I told you for years if you wanna see the future of America when it comes to social policies. Look to Europe and most specifically Great Britain there about a decade ahead of us usually with the political correctness and the making everybody feel good thing. Lot of free time are important stories from their element to circle back a few years later and I have to say I told you so. Because they'll lose on the never bill make themselves do stupid bridge where that area that area and then we do it Thomas. Back tears setup is the school the Georgian hands and it bans kids from having best friends. It's too bad it gets you have a best friend if you walk. Well not schooling camp. Instead teachers encourage all students to form bonds with one another to avoid creating feelings on the exclusions that you're not. Can afford Obama everywhere and it's impossible. And that attitude yeah but isn't possible not everyone's gonna click -- one's gonna measure doesn't mean you have to hate each other but. Meet some people be your friends some how some people like you would do it's how the word I'll my god oh my god almighty god. Some people are not gonna like this I. A lot of people blood shot you all you can net. That is strong about the feel the need to be MP a pleaser and everybody why you are going to crush. Olbermann should I don't. Crushing the soul of an up and making them strong and. On the hull thank god you're almost dead because. Attitude is gonna destroy you. Country because. While the trend banning best friends has been growing for several years in Europe is now spread beyond European borders to multiple schools across America and no as well now yes yes it has. Why just Reggie was a fact it has spread to Americans why the media is saying no it is not per basic and it's how prevalent yet but it is growing. In popularity. This fight it then moves. Psychologists. And many parents argue that kids become more well adjusted. When they have larger friend groups. And avoid any negative feelings associated with feeling left out by there lynch boys larger fringe groups not forced a friendship and the men foursome. Com all my gosh and they don't let any of the so let's let's say after an alien and how they force them into the blue the larger friends. After they do that you can't at least out loud or in any school writings or anything identify one of them as your favorite friend. Because that makes everybody else in the group feel less than good. That's very good to Lucent and not feel that. My god darn I don't indict my god I hate on the barbaric practice is fake friendship is what it is tough for Christmas. I cannot infringe your fate is not everything is safe and lots of friends and friends MySpace friends CNN big fans reduce. Christine late Cobb is director of the Marion students Saint Louis who says quote true. Kids anywhere quick didn't you get in you have big groups of friends and not be this is about France. School officials across America contends that best friends. With their tight bonds. Their inside jokes little things only they know. Throw a wrench into an open environments. Of being social. And friendly. And not feeling exclude it mother asks who you made about. Mother you should be totally in favor that you didn't feel bad do you think. Did they ask Paul CBS that's just part and the bad can't. Can't we make gets so that no child has to feel bad and that's what we're trying to do all. Kids in a field that they need to get their feelings hurt why Allah is just part of life sing you to learn how to cope with that after a part of it Childs life. There is plenty of time to feel bad when they're older. Well if say if they never learn as a child how to go through adversity and then when they girl out there and they're just gonna need. There are American able to cope with it are you. Suggesting. That if they never feel bad. That they won't have the tools to deal with feeling bad when they do that's exactly what I can say. Whoa schools across America started to take up the practice of you know best friends allowed the numbers he's seen 889899. You like here's the deal she saw us. I don't know probably ask the teacher. Or school encouraging kids to be open to all types of friendships. Right into an eighty come out of their comfort zone and she and talk to people they normally wouldn't write I mean I think that that's that's good. As a suggestion. As a learning tool not being forced and then you leave add to the kids as to whether they're gonna do that or not. You know letting her she then she'll finally fact is sometimes. You won't allow yourself. To get you know it's good to get your comfort zone in life right that's what people really start to thrive and succeed and do well. Well they start doing things that don't necessarily always make them feel comfortable. But forcing it it's not real it's not gonna stick it's not anti teach them anything. So you know I ain't asked my son every day and what did he do to be kindly tell another. Classmate you know I buy and try to encourage him to be kind to ever money. It in his school right now dare focusing on friendship that's like their theme for the year and my math or anything. I mean like you know what they're little they may have played a little. Follow performance and Jose Serra and friendship I'll cannot Shakespeare let's immoral and losing we have been a million years why even try any time. I think it's so. Cool they had attended school they have what's called a buddy bench. And so if the kid is feeling like damn how many friends for an ambulance plans and they can go sit on the buddy mention and other kids. We'll see all of this guy needs a friend play with and then I'll play with them for that day the scene on their own will do on their owner as a teacher and make them go buddy mention. It's it ended they have Blake and student council our whenever there is in charge of making sure that you know everybody. They hit some he needs a friend on the buddy and say that they find somebody for them to play much more isn't did the kids go out and trying to make friends there. Those kids are more insecure than others are feels shy or whatever and so may you may. There are not they don't feel comfortable approaching other kids so this is a way that they can do it without feeling I come from all. And burn incense where the person sitting on the money managed just doesn't nobody approaches them during a recess time. They don't allow that. Is that I hated it you know I would their skins there aren't like City Council that aren't there are aware of that this is something pennies we own address. Awful. Oh yes yeah. Hey you beat a man that we never needed buddy benches and everything that you mentioned has been going on since the beginning of time a kid who's too shy kid that may. Makes Fredette has I only eighteen grand it's not great it's fake and it's forced friendship. Do you know the reason those children are going oh there is because jury said it did so there's some incentive to make sure someone goes over kidney to want to and that child that is shy doesn't know how to make friends is awkward he needs to Lou. And how does that out of their comfort zone they're parents seem to coach them better this is fake and false and we come we never needed this crap I'm one eye and. What happens in the battle on those odds in real life and sits down and invention must stop picking somebody mentioned nobody. The talks still pedestrian counts how does this jibe with what you said earlier that kids need soon per game. Lonely and feel that same vain to learn. But I ain't got I am I think could be kids do need to be you know feel that had the stuff I am totally here without but I also and I also know. You know more mine and my children. Was very Charest and if he had a you know had a had a difficult time making friends and I think it. Fred you know the guys that this could help people it's like an icebreaker I guess what I'm OK with that you have him. An ice breaker hey guys followed Tommy your morning. Good morning guys are foreigners she it is certainly being how the teacher on forces conviction you're just gonna keep a secret there's thirty apps that I kids use now on their Smartphones that are all about collection best friend then. And start back with technology and secrecy out of the pay the teachers think they're gonna enforce the other. Doesn't get that involved I mean they are gonna try to enforce that they do you say there's that image and the model started in Europe and it's been an American how does the second year by a mine mine my research. If they do catch any kids referring to each other as best friends they may. They do whatever they do integrate the suburban they do punish them that you point out you're making other people feel excluded another way they. They enforce it is back to the one point 04 CNET the other teachers. Bob will spend a year at a school here shuffling friendships around. To expose kids to arrange appears so like when they get this message to younger ages lazy they still get like break time in me. Recess they recess and they and other crabby and screw around in classrooms well. If Johnny and Billy and Bobby are go off together and the teacher notices that Johnny and Billy and Bobby have been going altogether or playing together for like four days in a row. The teacher comes over and sends Johnny to group A Billie group B and Bobby group C and then forces other kids come over each one of them so that you're forced to get away your comfort zone not hang out with one might be becoming your best friends. So that you must be exposed the larger groups. One of my best friends in the whole world her daughter had a terrible time making friends. And she would be left alone a lot on recess and I guarantee that this is recent. This isn't just this last couple years she's now has friends but prior to that my friend would have flipped a lid if there was this blue. Little bench did more fourth solo or daughter or their dads GUY to her daughter Lauren on. Own mother worked with her on this as she is now learn how to make friends and these social and Gabbard comes. Byrd's only walk over to people without being forced I Herbie I gear all my friend would have moves that benched Jordan Don and more and move advances. Oh well I'm working with are now that it's yeah. I'll go. Outage is nothing is dealing school pop property about earlier this week yeah 644. Female friends used to be since it being. ISL orchestrated and and moved around and for body benches to be there for shy people. On is is just not reality it's not the world we live and. And I was a very shy person when I was in school I was bullied relentlessly. I when I didn't have friends around me know I did Allen and entertain myself and to Tommy self reliance and then if I wanted different. I would approach somebody because that's what you do in real life I. I do not like I don't want to pat myself but I'm one of the strongest people I know imparted permanent value comes from how many times we moved as a child can. And how many times I had to make new friends each time was comfortable. What I shot I sometimes I hated yes but it taught me a lot and it made me strong and it taught me how to make friends instead of people be enforced on meet with the bench my oh my gosh I would. Big daddy and you had to do that without. I'm sorry even exist. Good thing and in the Goodling is just based on it doesn't it doesn't let kids it lets kids it lets Shire kids express. I'm shy and by the I'd like some companionship the. If it looks at let's say there is akin to where he hit it you know his group or are her group and and old are gone too far in the day and so then they can go and sit on the bench and and then. Have somebody say he will look much and we'll I don't know you Leno wouldn't quite a debacle sort of group and don't pay my friends and I'm glad. And they are told. You alerts. And you'll not be shot is not I had people come to you it's you going to band that's how you learn I don't. I'm dish try and ice breaker. It's also a target for those kids to be bullied all year you can't just will go to means they'll blow you gotta be a little publicity and sit on the bench been for. Hello there Jesse. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Actually in this still from a long time ago so when we chartered. You're an immigration fervor they part of the week and so are some very you know stopping that you and I'm I want kids you know an invitation we have an adult clubs but he has. That's already pretty standard they do cover that in this article as well of course you can and you can't pass out invitations its goal unless everybody is invited. Yes I do that off campus yet to do privately things like that phone numbers 8889899. The eleven hush and so. There oh. I'm that I deferred comment on the body that is saying an idea that talking about. Think it or put everything in eating contreras extricate the other corporate parent and I just wanted to get an an element of the court case. We're I think do you look at that body bag is it getting an option and I told you don't even if Erica they know what they're that they get out of the ultimate power act Britney can actually feel vulnerable and like illustrate that gave you like. I am looking over our friend right now yeah they did not play. Thank all the time but idiot they are not generating it central and it it ultimately contract ends you know another block that they gave it is. Now. He Eli Nolan Els is a tool you lay eggs in your mouth mock up and talk to people yes because of what our understanding is when your child goes there. They can still go over on their own volition. So vulnerability there if someone's telling them look up. They'll be with I kid you know I don't know I never said that. There's somebody telling the Americans as saying that this is about my understanding and I could be totally wrong there's not at that and there's not a teacher and it's overseen the body bands. It was put there by a kid last year at project last year and they did I don't know I spent some sort of project may be an eagle scout project or something. And then that student council is aware and this buddy bench so that they can. Kinda over see it but it's not it's not like somebody's telling them to go. Dell get with the kids. Implied by every in this school knows OK there's a kid sitting there needs of frank that's under let's talk about it at the school and then there's this is the student council then. If they notice that nobody's going overdue they then go over and become the kid I let my understanding although there are millions caramel. I don't just say good morning. Kirk I am a good buddy bench play they are only my daughter's school and my daughter and a nine year old. And I am I and my children every country or even your and I talk and not empathy. I be any traditional and come the other permission and it's somebody brave enough to hit on my body eventually. My daughter watches every day they already treading on if you're a dummy guys share her story about what she did that and he introduced into here and what they did in which. Why they are added he has she actually she prides herself and make sure appeal girl. I think that's wonderful that you teachers Charlie and I think we've been doing that long before there was a buddy bench. Did she aged children embassy in what is so courageous about a child sitting over at a bench why would bring and what's more courageous did you. Using your legs and your mouth and walking over to children and trying to make friends. And and you know what a lot of times being turned away that the heck is OK he is okay tougher as a kid up. I think in light into the previous caller. It's in their kid sitting on the bench is missing is being vulnerable and I don't have anybody. That I noted talk to you how about just teachers teaching kids some resilience incentive. And being vulnerable and allowed them to do the real life thing and that is associated with other people not be singled out and attention because they they don't feel like yeah. School I don't know I don't even do. You can't I didn't do the school more times than most people we my oh my god it is so yeah. Says second Greg third fourth grade fifth grade sixth grade seventh and shape how do you I didn't choose so many different school I was always is the new kid I didn't need it. Our bench. Ever been made in my friend this is how I became outgoing outgoing is again I wish I'd hate to be in the new kid felt terrible I miss my old friends this. I became outgoing people. And in that example has emerged as an example that example what is wrong with a brand new kid being brought into a classroom and the teacher talking maybe one of her supple her favorite students say hey. Go over there. Try to meet them and you know introducing the. I'll introduce some meat yeah right they always does to me that was oh yeah this is an exclusive. Mcsame now you can somebody be nice to now that's. Go sit down and hold somebody comes and talks with you yeah I'd rather meet that I have learned that should go and walked up to people and make friends hello Jeff. Hey good morning US guest knows it. I can always come it would just be about the buddy mention I do believe that it does serve a purpose. I think you let the kids who do have I insult the game. Eat that they're better then the loser kids there are sitting on the budding bad. Either way you lied about it being not portable baby and I know there. Well thank you guys on the you lost me I would never viewers and Brandon yours sandy in a reverse waited maybe thank you want to get bullied because they're a loser for so. Yeah because that's what kids do they bullying for this you're singling yourself out they're gonna bull you but I wouldn't look at that kidding column the loser you know let you know I know kids would but I. I I don't like insinuating. That accept that that child is now a product of the that child's environment that child's being taught this is what I do I go to a bench they're not being tied to go make friends on your own go ahead to learn what rejections light keeping them. Learn and understand you can sell sooner than entertain yourself like Brandon said was I sometimes headed to a school I was nil until I found. Some friends. Get by. Is so obviously actually now does that they're not be in top these things are gonna sit on the bench and I'm gonna call on the loser I feel bad for them that this is and how how they're being taught how to make your friend Madeleine. Hello friends are losers just. All here's the steep hill from Chris Evert I Christopher regarding Amanda's body bench that's only teaching kids to feel bad for others and possibly cause them to be picked on that only hinder them from being lower than people first I don't think it is that. Were the case then we would be here then. I would be hearing those stories are my child's school and that's not the case but do you hear every story about every kid being bullied I believe we get emails home. Every day but about stuff going on the next. Asked eat in gas is very weird my school is a very good with communicating stuff that's going on with the school and it is not been in that case that these kids are gonna. Bali or is it just isn't possible brand in the balls schools just embrace this and then there is no bullying and that the kids are wouldn't you know going up to the buddy mentioned there's a lonely person Aaron being their friend that's not a real. How low ball might become the real world and maybe is the real world and Amanda school. And that is an. As we Zumaya out because we talk about how we all a lot of these policies within schools whether you love them or hate them. Are are being forced later into the war becomes the real world man this is part of maybe the movement can we make the world I. You know what if if if this is I am kudos that this school has handle. On the bullying I mean if you're right I cannot could take that away from them I just know from my friends and you and talking to them like that. There's a lot of stuff that kids do. That goes on the other kids don't tell about because they don't wanna be the one that told that that bullying is going on in secretly and privately. And they don't wanna run Intel right. And part of that part is things as as somebody you've got bullied isn't it. And teachers were always around to see what was going on and a lot of times there are doing something when you get them in trouble are expelled. So they want you trouble so they're people bullying no matter what no matter how many emails going out to describe what extensive police and that's. Here's an email our dear at radio talk comes from Sam is there says I'm trying to catch on and Brandon before you make yourself look too stupid on there. Those buddy benches are not forced to those buddy benches and they're for kids to sit on if they feel lonely or anyone to play with for that day say their best friend is sick or not there for the day or whatever there other kids who may also be or have no wonder who grew up on. Both wins so what is it oh so what it's a way for kids to express their lonely board. Hey someone come play with me without having to run around playground poke anyone on the shoulder and say hey wanna play came wanna play it's not force you guys. Well why. Colin bench and I think it doesn't have anybody playlist just go sit down until you either find somebody playlist or do something on your own. I don't care if it's forced or not sorry I didn't make that clear I I thought it was it's not I don't care whether it's forced or not it's stupid. I would rather a child. Run around and tap. Someone's shoulder and trying to make friends who finds only to play with yes I would as opposed to all all I got oh no work involved wow isn't that a sharper were behind there's no word on my part just gonna sit on the special shows I need a friend and I'll just sit here no worker effort on my part none at all that's what we teach show Christina. Even though I am happy to have. Actual NF LA. Or greater last year you Rhode herb or they're great project. And it lends it it was instituted by the school you're right I Amanda bad. And it's not force by the principles every kid that we'll know they've played at my teachers too because it's something going on and they're not necessarily good kids don't always tell the teacher do you know what about it though not home at the study now. And those nice for the teachers to be able to teach you that this kid might need some bean and it helps them you know I don't quite get bad. That that might need action a pension or might need help bench and you you know it help other kids be aware of what's around them and my daughter's ball. You know I energy and redirect honey can live with the ball clean and all of that but it. My daughters school they know that that they've played any everybody about horseback thick. And you know I just speak to the fact that our school that me being wit that I know it's not normal at all schooled and I know it's not normal at every level side. And our school it is and I really appreciate that about our school. Justine angle of the same here it is going to that bands three or four days a week and that's that's a red flag for teachers on the stamp enemy sure he's doing okay yeah I respectfully Stallone my dad and show I mean I like her she wrapped it up and a pretty bow and made it look really pretty sound off Sealy Sealy. Because that's or about. I had a lot of issues to you know what I did I when you talk to a teacher. Are we talked I felt my principal was a safe place. I mean I I have my gosh is that unrealistic Amanda digits as friends or go to an adult teacher counselor my own I just remember my. I was an elementary school longer and it I'm no my tenure as Sharon and hi. I need to win. When I was in school and I had a horrible at that childhood. But I was a conflict manager but also got out of lap band kind of was like curator counseling. And I was trained to do through the school and so I was able to talk to kids they needed to. Talk to somebody even though I I probably need didn't cut as many ahead of it you know sometimes it is helpful for a child to talk to another child. That and that can understand. It and so I think did I do think they didn't quite a pro buddy thanks. First that. You know it's kind of like like I keep saying it's an icebreaker if there's something going on in the child's life and they don't feel comfortable talking to. Another adult now I think it's helpful to be able to talk to your. Here's and you can talk your peers without a bench my god daughter was a part of and I remember what they called it was basically a group that they made sure everyone knew about. We are the help you group and so are you know all you needed to kill my it guy doc had not Darryl just unsaid is that kids would come today and they need to bench. To be you know old isolated out old look at me here and they didn't need that they would go to the group and they got kids constantly at all. All time coming today and what problems or issues or they were lonely or whatever it was they didn't need. I mean it's like all of us right and what's the difference if not a group that you go to our bench do you know the difference for me is is the child is not doing any of the work. I believe that they should do they're just going to sit on the bench or is that child needs to approach this group today are approaching the group for help which I think is a good thing we learn how to do in our lives to feel comfortable. Asking for help and this group was a safe place just fight from the bench. And they had to walk up to them and say hey here's what I'm looking for here's what is going on with me I thought out way better than conventional Jennifer. Hi. I don't I do not comment earned. Just wondering win and became. The teacher's responsibility to make our kids. These in an excessive excess acceptable social situation. When I was growing up they will emerge teacher's job to show us how the behavior is that in their jobs teach us. Why that's via English social studies. The main part of school anymore. I think she's trying to say it's on the teachers' jobs due to assign kids friends say it's not it's their job teaching is not necessarily make them know how to. Have friends and his friends they have to behave they have to follow our rules. They do learn in school and they should learn in school about. Society ending maybe George was looking for based on her perspective is social engineering. That's a few things that teachers are engaging and by the force friendship thing gathering. Be good teachers have always I try to tear here's what Trisha looks by agents this or that mean there and of course. Teachers and boys had to find a way to computer class in the long just about each scene and the morning. Good morning around OK I can since then they have a buddy bench I think they should have a band called the rob bench. You don't wanna talk to anybody yeah. Go sit there and means leave me alone. Dawn show.