Tuesday, November 7th


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Okay. News of the I lay down and he is all old hometown he called the obvious cousin he had called police because the car infamous car vandalized or spray painted and it was a red and red district may not example Fannie all over it. And no one got got there they obviously see what had happened as far as the damage but they didn't know who did it and he's thought okay. I think I might know who did you what do you think you say you we try to blame for and that's. Moon okay is pretty close he said it was probably one about up about ten the baby mama we suspect still tag and yes that's not. I were a litany is the victim however had an idea of the perpetrators and he has about ten baby Mamas who might be to blame a lot that is a lot. Maria Herrera said that a viral the world vasectomies new. Sorry that I need one yeah he's just hit it you know Heath Terry root beer in the sesame saying. It double rabbinate has bunny kitty if somebody to OK whatever. An Oregon State representative who helped get a distracted driving law on the books just got a ticket for. Todd jazz distracted driving because on this phone while driving here idiots. And director of the world bird sanctuary. Who you'd expect to be a totally peaceful and harmless person had resigned after being charged with flash in his jargon people next to a red boxes Spencer in Missouri. I I don't know I don't know if I don't other clips but I think part of the story of the day. They had the news grew it grew out right they're asking people of the red box what do you think about this guy headline news show how to how to. Am I going to have to be able to read much or what do you think about a guide shortage under the red box what do you think they thought they probably those hilarious one of I need to call my dad yeah gosh just terrible day in this economy grew to salute the red box is there a long time now. Hey what are in Montana called the cops to do a welfare check on her ex because he sent her a easily do he said Johnny Cash on YouTube turning spy agency. One is under the link and I'll get it. This is the song yeah yeah. All right so like your guy you should probably look down right now due John conceit is curved because it is easy have a higher risk of cancer I'm gonna die a 40% chance of testicular cancer he got that curves. That means your you know at that happy place or just bright it is it is not just I think they have been and happy place these. Mean that happy place and remember read something about this in and light. And 40% of men have that current plan so it sold from what I read that there's a lot of pain and yes we have that Kermit remember read about these guys this Miki turner also will be used to see your John petty my radio you can tell a lot. Damn dominant the microphone next to its gonna dilemma in my area I got. Anyway so those guys are checked and occur Lara John. Are we are in ninety degree angle or written about John does seriously starting with inevitably what really elegant looking guns those no dam now what that does it. Do they say it like that though more curb the more susceptible we are just occurred in general because I'm looking and this is curbed as assay is nice is it looks that's kind of curbing. Hate Emory now. This is a very serious matter I find this don't ever touch me again yeah. They can't this woman is a 151000. Dollar Richard lady actor she decided to buy some lottery tickets. As a means of cure herself Bob because she had used a sick day. It was she wasn't feeling good she woke up feeling ill on Friday morning so she called the work in which I got a question as he's going out of the store my lottery takes us agree I fell. So money five dollars super red hot cross word games released it I instant scratch ticket to pass the time. I'm more worried the past I'm less and she bought her ticket she said she went on the play them. And she got these six thread were words which earned her 50000 dollars now she says quote one night at double check my take I noticed my mailman was coming to our house so I stepped down and ask him if you look at my ticket. We agreed it appeared might think it was worth 50000 dollars I still had a hard time believing that before call in the Kansas lottery. By the verify I had at least five people look at it does a lot about you guys on the almost paying the Uga possibly done. Ask a random stranger with Dave vehicle. Does this look like 50000 dollars. I know anybody. No way yeah and people are always asking you for money now she's not yet according to a new study in the journal of American. Medical association internal medicine I read that all the time. That's a great publication I'm sure people are much more likely to eat vegetables if they are marketed as being cool sexy talk capital sexy guy and maybe a little unhealthy as. And not just kids and adults do the researchers found that when may packaged vegetables. With names like twisted citrus glazed carrots. I might Jillian can he line seasonal beats. And so we just is going green means people or more likely to buy the mini then say nobody comes to me for answers but it if you wanna sell more vegetables. Understand sex sells ladies. I'm just it looked I would wanna try those just because I wanna Selig won't know what is this is a very good names at a case like this a no no. Probably that is where less likely the buyer eats them at their market is being held he'd like when they offer people a choice between lighter choice of Keeney and slow roasted. Zucchini by aids is a very clear which one is more popular. American so fat. Jeremy how sexy can fry it and intimate your vegetables sexy but you do. If he got Salmonella sects of the you are maybe you'll find this sexy I don't know a gourmet ice cream company in Portland org and nick called salt and scrawled just released five new Thanksgiving and ice cream flavors you ready now. Sweet potato casserole and maple book con yuck apple cranberry stuff clean now. Stopping for ice cream may be socialist stuff and iron. Salted care melt Thanksgiving Turkey includes the bites of Turkey skin makes them now that down here and anonymous because spicy goat cheese and pumpkin pie details how awful and buttered mashed potatoes and gravy no. Do we should reach optimum levels and it's a different talk about. Arbitrage there's like a household and strolled dot com for available for the price of 65 bucks for all five pints here they'll let it happen merit. Blair American comments of people say we'll try to on the air and give her views. I don't sturgeon and get free stuff I'm not a good idea DO Condit called the beer companies. And the pizza place is on the way places on the car companies everything all of Italy and valleys salad dressing you know that one little bottle branch isn't enough for you especially during the holiday season they just started selling kegs of range stressing what I mean technically is a mini keg in the filled eggs have branch. Who need the case of bread. Like cakes and I'm like really like and I. Like ridge but I don't have much opening means that they're about and they just all they keep the dressy net insulated and fresh from the company says each one contains and a year supplier price at the end of the family that does is it not go bad DD LaBranche. D'Amato say people realize there's a lot of love Reggie range compete and I do I don't do an obvious that's good optionally done on steak no wind tunnels and in the Fries. I was just yet there doesn't get away. I'm sure obviously salad and yes out playing some great company I'm Bremer in September of blue cheese with my wings say Ameren staff. It depends on the blue cheese someplace Italy's and then some place in my skin and Iran yeah yeah does depend on the but multiple emotional like they don't like blue she's gonna rarely do I love Gucci's like on salad everything is who she's mantra of this assaulted Paramount Pepsi. It's not selling stores around the country I've seen anywhere I. Ultimate fear that perhaps exhibit a for a limited time during the as a holiday flavor according people who try to do it tastes like normal Pepsi as you drink. But with a sweet aftertaste say they're compared to butterscotch willingly or were there is original and that it probably I don't think I. I was advertised now I don't know I don't know I would try and see but on a public. That's on a bottle of liquid sugar for you there's also a new Mountain Dew flavor out that's called holiday brew with a mixture of regular Mountain Dew code red which I remember. Think I would like that unloved children and I hate mound do but I loved can't read that stuff was good I love wideout. Who loves it though the White Mountain of on the ground that good stuff. Holiday entertainment researcher recently conducted a survey determine whether or not there were waves in any TV shows these days. Is a way to. You gotta admit this is kind hearted witch and watches a lot out there is way too many. There's not much like a damn thing a lot she's. Every day you sit there like yeah. I'm well lose weight and Joseph well anyway it 100% of people did not say yes now they and they look at 4200 people in the survey and 49%. Say they or so many shows to watch and it's hard to know where to start. Sometimes I feel that way depends on the day. Yeah yes that's correct answer only 19% disagree that there's. Too much content out last year. New episodes a 485. Different shows aired on cable broadcast. Or streaming platform like Netflix Hulu apple or Amazon prime. Ten years ago there were less than half. Have that 192. Well you know technology changed the Internet has changed the game that from a more channel sometime early to watch half of those those are probably on Amazon. Now even crazier or on a pace to come close to 500 by the end of the year some are saying we may go past 500. And that probably sounds better Amazon Netflix do they just keep calm and a good news shows hello itself and even wanted to be actors now are going like you know. Oh lead at that don't have Adam Sandler named it needle in my book what 45 things you signed you have to contact green covers soccer. All of us just a new and on Netflix yesterday I don't. Yeah call I mean that's why I'm not gonna wash a look at the ability it would Adams analyst is that Adams and liberals seriously I don't watch it. Is not good when he's trying to be funny I wanna watch it ridiculous 63. Step in do without is called the supplemental. Shocked I never did watch that it was garbage there was one on there where he was. Again remember count he evacuate the sick or whatever any news today. Kim burn it on like W is like a year ago it was a mad now because although one last movie I like to buy him. Please click. Oregon lose it and it likely ones what's the one of the the adult son to actually grows I did like grown up so I. Liberal blogs Angolans to weed out bad reviews I like both of them there's like both those I didn't like collect that was like the first movie and I was like. Is this how it's going to be now Kyle and it was weird legislatively it was a different told different move for him and it was weird like I skylight that. Yeah I mean I I still wants that with the football movie did water water boy yeah. Of course the are the best movies it every day or the longest yard which unlike a lot of boys I can watch Billy Madison all the bells a damn good ones do yeah. Goofy I can't I can't do it. I'm Billy Madison I don't watch Happy Gilmore but don't naslund can't do it. Let's see almost the same thing. They're very similar vein or I get mixed up sometimes it's kind of like. What's the name the big either die years ago Harley can ever forget about it I've black black she'd been the plumber he's trying to save his dad's company got a mom makes that happen than good there because he plays -- bomb -- -- when we take care during every movie but he's hilarious always Larry if you're still alive today thinking irrelevant absolutely I think you would still be if they back are you think you don't know that they don't like don't you lose weight held Jonah hill's only whose only because he's trying to be like he certainly an academy another Academy Award all those things that he like I don't I don't like it skinny. I don't at all I think he's too deep and even look at him when he skinny it's just we're Georgia's used to him being. Eight and why is it would win that people get skinny they not funny anymore. How now that they do you realize it would general fat people are funny well he's humble tone and just using Jonah hill's an example. Well actually well the rich I think because he know Chris Farley most of his humor was based on his wait it out like he was so over herb. Enthusiastic and energetic and it was funny because he's really big now I don't know I don't I don't know if he would still be funny if you if you got if he got thinner it's. Oh Obama maybe he would. Jeremy let me really mean person netstat yeah it's horrible horrible person now. You can't what are you offered people hasn't doesn't Visalia hate to be me this guy right now but even if you're fad he could pay. I'll save for you if you let it be nice gives you an offer. First of all the the first woman I struggle Molly not been big island won't make as I rose to forty by you know what you gonna have a personality nice you can be be be enact a hole if I was. It's not cool. It's got to supplement program. Anyway fat people write your letters to us for. All operate in my hair and honestly put on the she's very any malice or Garrett he does though I'm just kidding smoke and people we love each.