Tuesday, November 7th


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The afternoon show extra Mikey. On 98 rock. The idea Broxton tomorrow Wednesday said the bad. AA gets kicked off your not your rockets finally 27 days Chris was a filly we've been talking about a for awhile now but it was our grant the wishes tomorrow morning. Among I haven't. Seen anyways I know yet about 2000 which is in so far we're getting there at least right around 2000 and Adam Smith situation he's just get on it do it now could care skewed on that situation. You can do it through the apps you can be good walking into the building if you want to what do you do is gonna forget it's your wage and we've teamed up in Roselawn again to grant them meter grade would ever get away get hit Dublin said tomorrow. Are still one minute sixty seconds is all we need six no more than 62 no and producer Larry says god. It's. A car. Any definitely aren't the only ones first fictionalized cream whenever a guy wears a tie he's just wearing a big aerobics when he does well you know. I live here lady. People who don't think. Saying there's no aliens is like something a couple water at the ocean and thing. To the world there's. Google water and the ocean and where the fish and we think we're the only one crane. Just look at maybe they're going to aliens they've got his big hit. The baby with the regular sized or had their own is like massive. These are fearless will stay dead in the eyes Moses taken the reins and again he's been. Oh did it feel like animals around wanting to assert their dominance that's why they're the right guys. They don't need all morning. Its second. How is she talking about the Blair what are you sorry. I'm not I lose. I don't know if this goes dynamic at the moment that is weird and China he. I need to commemorating that time back MR. Now baby you know I read something you don't have babies it's weird but I read something. Gosh maybe it was a week or two ago and was talking about men and how jealous they get over women don't they breastfeeding. Why it's why would they be jealous of the small number of men and that admitted there was like to see dollars and doctors like called they may and they they feel like to be left out and push to decide. All this good or really the super selfish now. I'm not guaranteed all people beyond themselves from the menu probably would be would say yeah I had been jealous me I've only you know. Once but this is I was ever jealous of the baby feeding. How I was never jealous of the baby PIR Greg opposite I've read it that a lot of times moms will get jealous of lady and daughter. A ties mom to be jealous of the time the dad's fans with a daughter I've heard that before Tim. And vice Versa the battle Diaz isn't as we have so I guess it's just crazy parents are we urge the article there. I get that though because when my son was born I was jealous of how much time my baby mama was getting with him because I wanna spend time women and that. Part of the article senate said that men felt like they were pushing decide endings and change but the it got to understand as a mom and baby. They need their time may be don't be a selfish jerk. Like what mom be in the door thing with the baby man stepped back a little bit yeah. I had the baby breastfeeding and looking at you now I'm anomalies is continuity goes in the bathroom and he's also look at action like this in mind. Look what I got you don't yeah he's a middle finger Lara do. A small percentage of time in which the boobs actually used what they're frauds are supposed to be for her feet and I I know blow up. What is his what are these guys problems. It pales absurdly small number of men love men have enough sense of Ellison what needs to happen trust me from what I understand is women having this conversation breastfeeding is not a wonderful funny experience anyway it doesn't seem or look like it's fun at all and it looks like it's you know you hear about how sore when they get an out and then ambitious. Jealousy because she had cancer dumb mathematics and usually I lose some guys are so stupid low turn maybe you'll never. Anytime the baby have to eat I'm thirsty to avoid. Does the French have you walked in a may wonder why she was breastfeeding. Bonds walked in my ex wife on the Iran well chemical ran the first exactly how worked years ago wired worked there is a lady I work way and she went into one of the rooms and and she was in the air but there was a lot of walking and I felt very uncomfortable. Really no there was no maybe she just added yeah my main yes you have the putt I felt I was feeling comfortable and Jerry Martin messing me about a missed jokingly but I like you can't. So we just. Or if it's not a comfortable moment for me. No I mean I don't you say you walk in on somebody in you know in there and no female in her movies hang out whatever she's doing her thing and a cameo was obviously it's natural Doleac. Expected taunted there's nothing wrong within but I mean I see how it can be. An uncomfortable situation. And then we worked in the same building I know the lady and I was also view huh. And she's what she still and god I was only assume anything like that it is in Redmond she was that more formal because I'm on the I'm not on people's anti you know if you're a poll and you know be wholesale of the bully pull the foremost I'm breastfeeding. No it did not do that gives you need to do right that's the healthiest way to tone it. It was a trade it was more about privacy of a room and she forgot to lock it Malkin and I just felt led briefly and comfortable I gotcha I hit overwhelmingly angry when I get you a video surfaces of somebody yelling out mom. Let you can't do that anywhere else no scenes that that does this thing dies. If I don't feed it so. Handset. You also we were talking about we first started the afternoon shell anyways in the U I think I hope we disagreed or not that he was innocent have a funny conversation about these women knew who actually do breastfeed while there on the toilet. And I said that I just think now that feeling like many many rash that is weird no I would think we agree that that's just I mean I understand how. Put the ball eating a sandwich and indicate you know you hit it on the tour I know you can't be too may I don't think you can do every one don't think you should be too big island you can. That is there and we are waiting to wait a couple minute however we do know somebody that does he on the toilet Dahlia is a big area I think iPad I'm pretty sure. He cars around and that's what I thought I would starve her middle years ago and I figured he'd turn around you've got them back in the toilets Pamela complainer tray if I. When I see it. Immediately got a stake up if you would go back and that way why not just to go to the bathroom and then coasted to take my nose defeating the purpose I guess I don't. I drinking and using the baton to the same time it's the same thing I told him massively. That was fun little Debbie rappers and stuff you my roommate years ago and I'm like dude I don't you do it and I know are not like dude you have to be eating because I'm I'm looking at the garbage can and see and how much rappers are and they are huge you sit on the toilet and somebody within eating disorder or somebody like you say oh you can't go wait five minutes to go to the bathroom without eating. Holy See oh my I don't think a sandwich for taste any better said number well. He's worst now everybody knows so I was just taste better with Japan's software. I don't know that they gave batter I act should. They've boxer before it is got a comfortable yeah. I wanna look to what clearly laid out a meal on the back from a toilet and just left there and see if anybody would actually like yeah like a big Thanksgiving thing here travel they Dugard usually there is some sort of things giving me old bug the Wednesday you know I was a little. The plate and put it in the bathroom and put her on the back on it and just see what happens. I'm a hasek doing I'm Al Lara. Airplane and as you know I was gonna say like there's no better mission beer than the BA out in the shower. Here Jeffrey M. About a year when you're actually using the bathroom light and you're doing number one and your dream at the same time. Yeah same thing. And yeah do you now the other guys were guilty of having a beer and you know go under and this is number one and you'd be number one end and brigadier I definitely done that before. But more so just like a shower of beer knowledge well I'm going number one not a glass beer. You know is definitely can bottle our camp of people I can't imagine you would but glass is glass you shatter in that and the shower with the idea you wouldn't. But really I thought I hate not hate him whenever the glass and and I if all these shattered in the country you all my stuff. I come and explain why I'm walking funny many guys would never believe them from our bureau must salute our Ali that it I would I would believe you might yeah. That sounds like somebody you do I would not believe announcement play off if you've got your wife hurt you in it would be hilarious yeah I would hope you would make funny might. Don't deserve it stupid well yeah. I'll just tell you just Wear gloves in the shower and how did you say to prevent that slip Oscars where later condom they have now they have a solid. Caddie that holds your beer for you now and all your burger hole Jameer your pizza everything he's he's kind as the real thing he said peso like Suzy. That's part of the purpose of the shower caddy is the hold your food and drinks and they were demonstrating it with pizza and burgers and Fries all kinds of weird things. That's just is where does this toilet piece I've just taken a shower and then that didn't know gets all sigh yeah. Awful you know one of the weirdest things I've ever witnessed. Come from a beach community this well. This started about two years ago he can confirm those and started an aide and let me think a big but I CNET. People would take a plunger. You know if you bring and they did toilet mouth like a larger. They were turned opposite so the stake into the sand of the dirt and you could that you go over to the beach I didn't do this thing was to get out in the dirt and then they would put their K and or their beer it would hold up in the uncertain. Not sure that way giggles and he also all of us here. I'm not decimal the biggest red negligent and everything is all right let's also brilliantly red meg G yeah. Except for some people you know they were bringing the ones from the bad I'm not happy legged what are you good on eBay. You know there are some elected maybe carrying on a row and only got more and there. I got the you know they Estee daybreak and out I don't care how many times you wash that thing I know I wouldn't do it like cannot right your undertook. Not touching it I think rednecks genius is a new feature. Let's say and read it I don't know that I had to that they medals at the talk about the Bradley yeah.