Wednesday, November 8th


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Okay. Not exactly I was thinking this morning and I'd really be his new name for the show how I feel like that's. Funny it yeah. Again Selassie I said he does it buy it they really my groceries just enjoy south city keeper got toilet paper. Kitty kitty my isn't sure how can you pick up some solid ever he goes back to this cheap stuff. But I've never even heard I'm pretty sure that the only release shop at the 99 cents or anyway. What are you buying it I've laureate the dollars are what matter now. Did work yet. Hey I thank you want. You want something done and tell me what exactly what you want don't just say toilet they were caught like. Sharp manner so that the double ply you know that's real soft as I prefer to Boudreau softy enough. Well lets us know join an Iraq is the most people do do you know you like sandpaper on yours. And nobody sent neighbor odd but no I'm upload Palin it's cheap it's like sandpaper man you should know that. I do the job and another descriptive here but you know there are times it just tears. Sandy has what you brought in not in a naturally jobs and her daughter came and he's my socket. I get ladies and a sock that was on the foot. Probably would go cleaner and my son would you want some cheese and I want only and I think that there are certain things in life he'll go chief bond I agree and toilet paper is at the top of the list lol so that's ads and not a rock. What do you mean that Iraq. Just couldn't Alabama and here's just a bad. Org good however you slice it. What does it matter what are you blaming throwing ninety drug under the bus at this point he had Draper actually. Some assailant would ever goto Peerman in the Paul Dee and I I've only went maybe once ever here. I try not to ever go here don't and they didn't think it was not nearly as bad as what she brought out. There's just some odd and you don't know chief Bonnie and why should cry about it some more I want you to hear why she Miette. A little smarter individual and realize that you don't go she plans to add plus I can talk well they'll want everybody and well you like to feel like it would seem paper there that's what I've learned. I'm not defending myself anymore you knew do you these people ambition. Larry how well and I just don't have a bigger and ever imagined. I should just Kagan at hello and how you really shouldn't this is this little bitches drinking the milk to kids drink it. And the kids can have dim sum idea and can you Bob buy some milk as your drink it all the milky I knew and hung over I'm like OK all right well my milk. Alessio Michael paper Biden decent toilet paper well when it you know. Don't I don't know build a guy I pay the bills personal political mud that's coming up in just a few days would you like me to go over the bills with the UN divided in six. Six the other six people live in the house like you take your little your little chunk out of that would you might be charged for and I think you should I really should have a legion sergeant. You know it's if I wouldn't pay for anything no reds I was and paid I mean nothing not contributing any big really Brighton I would at least a lot about the best toilet paper that. I won't bring back. Good life for roles instead of love the big play regularly frame exactly get a guy like twenty year old boy for a they still left. Doors are gonna cover household of 61. Part is Amazon money and pay days until next week when this minute on alcohol and in clearly didn't drawn into regular Dan milk we have currently sell hail Larry go ahead hey. And I can tell us where do we should do right now. It just to help we announced our phone number 7665007665000. Name something you do not to go cheap on senior Michigan at your own place right he should learn there's things you don't go Chiba condoms. That's one toilet paper there's too. Moon I actually just basically anything that dead if he keeps you separated from the ground she used mattresses tires things like that you don't wanna go you don't achieve on those things I'm learning you'll look like you or your arm exercise and got maintained in the car yeah they even oil oh yeah you don't know cheap oil car parts don't go cheap on car parts and not know that type of stuff away we posted the someone pays what is a bunch a whole bunch a lot of condoms that's for sure condoms. Also in condoms don't gone bad stories around because apparently tattoos and that's a good ones who don't go she Fontana. Asked a question what does a police say keep condom the dollar store counts of public company bias against the ones and then. Bathroom because they are aren't they always say Gary I don't know I think the commons I think of I think a Trojan and the number one I think so I can and blizzard did directors of the do you REN. Directs there's Trojan direct isn't cheap is it now directions frozen them the middle name brands to one of the most cycle lady on it. It was that. I've no idea. After I don't know how much it cost in Thelma and I'll probably stole it I immediately Robert per dollar not a good dale. I'm William and I don't your faith in those a little rubber balloons they sell the clowns on acne like 20 or 30 am of the kids you know. Federal you that latex you don't do not do it I just get I just get all the condoms and even your sixteen year old yell god. Here's another when he any garbage bags. Never go cheap plug garbage I agree with that don't go cheap on guard based on goats sheep give by the name brand Q tip somebody put this on FaceBook through life we're completely agree with this you get cheap Q tips you're not going to go cut the temperature here I'll he has yet didn't executive branch you tips that makes into our phone number 7665009167665000. Were helping you now right now thank you do not know Tebow like house. Hold items. Maybe I just always household items be anything brokers and others I glory what are you not OG bond. I'd say thrown down on Internet you view the conferred jobs. I thought I don't go big there. I donate they June what do you do I can't guess what is an idol like alkaline yoga Ji Bok. They have pregnancy tests that the dollar store. Don't buy those they they don't so I'm virtually swear those things work out how I'm gonna. Get your game basis like any spare you know love earth. And this other you know for a fact no go cheap on or just on the throne out there. I did something very out there all the time and I never wonder like who's buying out. I don't know what they eat Serena Martina like in the ads like you know these these these super gaga resource I've seen of the calendar like wanted to candy bars are KM at the end of the one buying those disappeared really curious are the people are models if guys like ME LD two sandy and other household item that you don't go cheap on what is it. Email hygiene products and I don't know a lot about personally but yes I can imagine going to do and then she broke rarely need you know take your word on our. As well you know an intense search that shows like he. Or I might just turn out like. I am from hairdresser union related. I. And I was in dear husband think they did go up on the phone number 7665000. What do bride and you never ever. Whom she bundles can do Vegas eBay is. Hello guys once. Eight so. I told later you are all the old you are saying I hate to bad you'd have. To you outnumbered two to bang it down quite complements. Must turn its alleged he can't catch at the time you did manage to balance boots and a sore this. I'm completely 100% agree with I'm. Yeah you don't go cheap on the economy and because they tasteful way different yeah I don't call Vegas that's a great call actually Carlos what he had never coaching bond. How common or how would you have been hit an economy that's scored. Okay your the other guy got dementia as you can they need knock off indeed catch of this horrible else. My ex oh my god she would like let's say 99 point four. I'll quickly tell what noise. Yeah you pay any extra couple bucks towards your happily ride I agree with Carlos and let's get to Dylan Dylan what is the ever achieve on. And the go guy you never get the cheap hooker they might have this big part in the front you have. But really they are dynamite and hookers but I'll take your word for day to day chaos. That's funny somebody uses will be posted on our FaceBook goes don't don't a cheap weed. I listen to us okay its cheaply that sucked into in Boyle another thing that you wouldn't think about Ian is painful oil don't did all we had. Is grips mad and it sucks so we had a bad nadir what is really know what she bond. Any. US. I left side which I declined to comment but I'd do it aren't star Erica. He kept actually worked the same one is that Planned Parenthood auto clinic ultimately the habitat. Aren't people say they words I am I mean I wouldn't you would you buy per dollar like hell above my whole leg you know might my faith I'd let people swear by its own Larry Dilbert fans there and thank you let's get to. Let's get to Gary hi Gary. Yeah very much an. Addiction yet. Got it that's a true statement they always get ma'am which meant which is the best. Yeah I've learned at first certain foods you pay a couple bucks extra doesn't conflict with sloppy socially send a couple cents extra yeah good call Gary thank you appreciate the call you another what I thought of batteries. Yeah did you got a deep if you get the cheap batteries used in eager to spend way more easy to keep them yeah about a month. All of you do well Austin chaos and what is revealed she bumped. Well he broke up. You Wear underwear underwear aware of that and correct you are at a stretch. Doc and what makes fans and yeah I don't go cheap on mad that I really compare the prices and underwear though. Yeah you gotta get picked myself man that's a little bit more expensive how can I Wear boxers largest cut now look at those I recommend Tommy why sell underwear. Things like this this stuff I use when I do Wear underwear in case Stacy was a bit older Chiba where nobody out right now you'll write this down on. It's rock when it never gonna keep on jobless. Chocolate chief Charlie is the worst almost as bad as dark chocolate which is the doubles yeah. Or that these days is facing thank you I love love love always had a funny my wife as the dissemination says that I love what it period week because I. Like he does like the jobless in the pledge I'm like man we're gonna fudge all over the place is great we gained twenty pounds it's not it's terrible I got my week I'd just like take all like the period we hear let's celebrate late lunch with Mike hi it's hi nick. And I am gonna finish date yes. Have never get a cheap steak you'll. Have you ever had those stakes they still believe I had to store I have and I've seen them and they know. I am not. I'm I've seen them and they look like hockey pucks. Hey did OK yeah those things make killer sandwiches. But how. Well yeah man. I think I think it might be willing to spend 99 cent to make a sandwich and tried out. As a snagged Maggie a in this sort of does what she did. Go to the same nine cent store get their garlic bread get their minutes eastern stakes making mistakes and what's there the bomb. And are we talking about it secondhand condom and hunt said sandwiched. You can what pretty fired nine at the so why is there a poem for you like on your state. Oh Lord & Taylor Richard names of the you don't coach he Palmer nobody and right now. Oh yeah I ask bill or not she's yes she's you'd like at a Wal-Mart but don't even know. Yeah I know again. Actually it's hard and I hate it doesn't mellow Bob ball that's up by mistake before so I'm zoned. Ice creation how much hilarity you don't know mellow. Idealized terms Amadou of the ice cream and O'Malley. That's what I'm saying. Even got a sunburn nowadays. I. Larry. I don't look a condom and a oh gosh yeah. Yeah I've never coach. Never received that they know you are big Al and actually made out on the golf. They foul I'm sorry renewing their. Or it's not my prayer and I Sochi on the U you know let's go to. Yes I don't there's a lot of our colors a pleasant and portray get a stream and also this is the. It is I. Yeah look alike means we are getting a Jeep only you know there. Sorry I don't and it was you know playing this carrier levs is here I know him yeah. I know you don't do the the medical bag on your piece of someone not me. Yeah you unload and be more specific in what L what do you what does he owe you pull back for round. You'd all you did you have removed it in a deal to move in Florida Georgia the move appeared to move in Florida you know let about cash I also Boston as well pack up eating lions rallied move. Yeah you don't even know relocation and that's. Case is different he insular. I think tank. What does it taste the most because there's there was a handle all of us out on the twelve pack 828 or Pacquiao now you can see you can't prove that shined ally. Come to visit elegy hideous and at the road right now on the radio yes. Our wanted to let you know. That's right they anybody's getting here burn it's funny how every day in Florida man that's causing him he's sends the messages before that's cool in Alaska let's get you the idea what is of the you do not go cheap on. Laundry so yeah. He'll start itching and that's a great went completely agree on Allan good. Huh I'll I think about that's odd she's she's on point there are some about a pillow so I said pillow yeah you don't wanna go get a cheap hello I mean. Yeah you're quite easy and we ought to sort that that's for sure another person instead tattoos. I said that before you don't wanna you only get a sense is you don't wanna go to woodshed tattoo artist is is gonna give you a free or cheap tents or must you know that person and they are good artist. I gotta say is fun for the lady is. I achieve bras and you know what I mean if you've ever by an achieved brown like under wire ill like pop out of the fabric and a steady in the chest all of her bad personal life don't go cheap on broad yet another I don't feel cheap fund raisers. You wanna go cheap on razors there's no way. How do you feel about the disposal one vision that it could once you get the good ones but don't get the ones that are like nine and Cindy like Dario you're gonna have a million grown terrorism and all present world things I guess we're trying to DG it's an easy mark at least in my house is many of you know and he beat until they believe it doesn't pull a pay bribes and the story goes back with cheap toilet papers or credit he did things you don't know Chiba. And some great golf here today he'll be alert and Tracy and excite racing. I examined and I think I'm serial. You gotta disagree I think I disagree through Tracy like the most the time that she cereals exactly the same. And you know I had some bad too I know she's in there are some that they operate as horrible but a lot of it's pretty close is one easy if you go play the malt O meal brand innings and is what is malt O meal on the money LES I might -- dust pretty decent you should be okay about it but it anything below that I don't know. Yeah I don't know what it's like a pretty tell Wanda I don't know. And I know why can I can get it the doughnut somebody sitting in this is a good ones do. The women expect similar great feel like look at an ideological guys and others cookware oh yeah. You got a lot of good stuff after manifest pots and pans and stuff do you would. You've got to get the good stuff because if you don't you're gonna spend like seventy dollars on a box of positive ads anyway in about a year you're gonna have to do against the just spend 250 bucks and get a good set Elam for about ten years it's got something you don't go cheap on what is it served. It Scott. Yet they don't go achieve our Nicole Mac all these terrible. He's always. Especially Europe lady parts you don't want to don't know. Look at the thought Carter well. Hello I guarantee your hey may get a go ahead. I made and guys aren't you curious though there are great college student I'm here and a lot of stuff that you guys can't go cheap on the deploy everything in the house all the the all you can go to on the oh yeah health. Did just live off Robben. Oh yeah you can go G Roman noodles now knows he can't know the minutes to play need. Your college kid all you need is wrong in and serial man yells when you knew he need that's eight your guide. Does either they had serial immature little cereal doodles so it's theory idea do you by the G Baird. Surgery you know money do you buy the cheap beer. 80. Yes I'll cast iron I assume or many college trade are. You know the golf trying to help Gary Gary is out there and their name and everything that I could. Wouldn't you got your basic Electoral College in the dorm when he knows outings and that's usually how I think that's that's how was for me until I was like 32. Sox. They Vicki what it's a video to achieve on. Yeah you never wanted to achieve a particular. Oh god. Oh yeah spend the money I. You know they go for a lot of liquor too there's. There's just a lot of cheap liquor you know mom I even watch a mile wide taste she wanted to highlight. Why isn't she wind there's different presence to buck chuck that's that's pretty good and there's a there's a couple other organic brands that are really she's a really good till they're barefoot and here now therefore it's not that I'm gonna go that. Why this has remained snotty of course they have put on uniforms why do you leave. No boots small pockets. Men are the barefoot must not all during the crap all day that's like jury that's like candy I can't. Feel like if you gate and I don't I'm not a wind I select could be completely wrong but I feel like if you could find your whine like your particular why your favorite wines at any gas station move. Not just certain ones that India along its side goodbye it's not a skills can point. Again you actually your security and so we agree with you don't go cheap there now never gonna keep on cue tips can. So these are okay yeah I'm one half month. Greg what is the lead Obuchi bomber nobody had. Knock off caps or knock off but spam product. He's spam so I am. I don't you spam I can say is if I can see that means you have food in the span knows what they Ellie throw an edgy spam. Nominee IE have the best idea ever howled out. Let me. Live my life and stop telling the US and if Belfour injured amassed well good luck without pay Josh Josh Schwartzel. Okay actually it didn't Wear one little quick laser eye surgery and and the other would be out plastic surgery as it is a lot lately like I want to get that second yeah. Oh I can't say thank you when the key word Tuesday when they got that nailed on now money. What are they have that deal I never even heard that you know I've never I do I do wanna point out a couple more than just broken before we go on because he needs and those don't go don't did she tell somebody Tyson that in I completely agree that I paper to regular towels like he did does spend a little money on nice fluffy towels. And don't do pet food. Don't get cheaper yeah what about memory Monday. We say that. Hey you. Are you in go political that I.