Wednesday, November 8th


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The afternoon show extra Mikey. On 98 rock California brush station ninety rod so this hour we got to take it said not just 123. But four tickets to see GNR. And it shows the eighteenth as gold and one ceremony for the show and I've never seen Guns 'N Roses I'm totally go to his job I have to and so hopefully whoever wins these tickets if you're with us while it's not going to be a amazing shows so why did you take it's a little bit wanna buy these days go by and you can still get re just HS Tom when we got to be a four packs always. Kyle and on it now time would do an ideal way were five to five. Yeah about 535 finish solo listen to remove those takes away and the schedule what are my third segment Purdue during the week I think you'll like it too. Plus. I did that sexy music bed ball. Did you like are you freaks out there loves Craig's list and you know we can be reading yours soon on the shelves. Your nose personal stuff and we get there was trouble this week do we couldn't even figure out a way to make it radio friendly. They got the ax and started out 01 that I I sure would be Mikey today in the office says in the you were laughing your ass off her relatives of the bathtub. And the noodles yes I the subject Arab priceless says a woman and just sick in my bathtub full of noodles wearing red bathing suit. The blood into that point yeah I get Manuel amid the wanted to come here also. It's sitting noodle things are probably a naked boys do anything now. Taylor says I. Hey you why do you do sit in my bathtub full of noodles why you wearing one piece bathing suit and why not too high well one's better. Don't know to be jabs and he's decided that dude is way better because arraignment I mean if you're if you're gonna have a worse uncertain. While one piece and analysis fantasy this guy's fantasy are. And bottle caps that are read finishing up a big guys only offered a dollar. Yeah. He's like a dollar I didn't have done that I will not be home nor will anyone else while you do this well what's the name. You do it man yeah I'll leave the key for you annual sit at your leisure yeah. Do not bring any sauls I would know even the Boston after I return home prior to then no it doesn't got cameras. Is it is the do you think he just he wants her didn't see it in the noodles so that he can eat them that's probably learn language leaves so so he wants to basically. Garrison and to marinate in the noodles and then he's gonna eat that's weird that's I mumble a lot of stuff yeah the Dow starts this is. Yeah it's Purcell I don't know how busy your weekend plans are so mean ladies out there and if your interest in making a dollar. Or at least one tell the story plus other trust you as house yeah I mean as a good way to rob somebody yeah. Yeah that's why did it hasn't Katherine soup. Or whatever and MS. They get like he makes assume that he likes her like a pot luck keeping your raises. Don't know god didn't tell anybody anybody maternal foreign foreign really I had I hate pod looks just because it's a flight dads can. A memory of public again you never know who's entering her name. Noodles and and serve from just imagine sitting in the best of a noodles how weird that would feel to you not to mention other parlux that stirred brings something. Too because it's usually something horrible our special order I special order stuff on burgers like got chicken calls I've made before our pig said yeah he brought it takes had to Apollo water we have an Thanksgiving volunteer used to bring some we ought special orders and stuff like what what that with the new also are issues than you'll want their weather when there are still hard before they soften not very good question inference I hope they're soft at least. Why are we think in this budget as we wait we started this guy's weirdness. Yeah Asia's weird let's just sometimes what he's gonna go that person's weird and just move on but we figured well I never said I apologize Sacramento. I don't live next whoever looking for bridesmaid. So my fiance and I are getting married in June. He as eight groom is red lined up and I only have one bridesmaid. We got both raise your. Yeah a lot of guys cardiac things Zach yeah I need some girls who are attractive at around my age sister and my wedding. You can be Singler take it doesn't matter of these very high. You guys still raising and that's something very it's not hotter than me that's what it says. How are not the person is a wrote this email only four are more information. You wanna go first nobody will be in Sacramento you will not have to pay for any day. Hundred dollars a bridesmaid. Are you go first argued for a pause when you discuss advice to leave this woman because she has no female friends and there's something wrong with her. If they may should she moved here GS the made a lot of friends yet. While sitting clarify that dominant aspect is she's a crazy lady that can keep female friends or something wrong OK my thing is. This is supposed to be number rides day. So why does he already had his crews and take out you're only supposed to have as many grooms men as she has friends and it's. It's hard day you don't follow the legal that knowledge imported idea that maybe the smartest thing he said always I know weddings are done many of them. I've performed many weddings. Mikey I usually average had a hand and so guys. I don't wanna say anything beyond an incredulous you don't know what I mean I guarantee you he'll tackle he's the kid again he's a brilliant picture this cat the cat is it gently the Mariah says he did a destructive kitty has been trained as a proud warrior and wolf the fiercely defend your house even gives you. Has a very solved and furry belly like a Teddy bear. However he will bite your face if you try to touch it. The love of god someone please take this thing out of my house I'm not taking that away it's all just they gave no date they didn't know you keep your stupid cat. Tom I kept my daughter. Eric capitals a killer it's crazy RE 25000. Dollars a year that's a lot of money Limbaugh especially in California now. This is personal extreme as assistant this person looking for yeah. I get forty to fifty tags an hour that's a lot do you popular way clearly you know candidate drug dealers out. Ali. Probably maybe you don't wanna apply for this 25000 Ali do you mean going to. Is it. I can't handle my workload plus taxing responsibilities. My focus to full and he's delete every couple hours is the full time position you must be wherever I am because Michael as always with me. Serious inquiries both lay it. I mean you know it. If it's legit and that's not drug dealer and this is a good jump hook with 21 year old you tell your kids some you know how people take a cautious guy. But it's got to be drug related. Projects and four is getting forty to fifty tanks and our seriously. Nobody. Not about how do anything legal if you don't drug dealers are enemy text however. Her react and then if he's good don't you taking geek and I want 25000 dollars help restore the health benefits and for a one game. I hope I achieve faster and all right here we go he in this what is for you our word. And anyone who loves that drinking a lot this is the job for you okay I'm already interested subject here on Craig's list this weekend adult brought clown for thirtieth birthday party. I am a clown called on college I love list. We need an adult to draw the clown who is good at getting drunk and stupid him. Keep telling knock and even now. No need to do any clown for exciting god I don't know we clowns are just perfect for you just hang out and Draghi has slowed that's what I do every day. We will we hobby around to different bars and want a clown the dialogue and drink heavily wins there. He doesn't even really need to socialize and anyone just strained tested. I'm talking nobody admitted this fifty dollars I wanna go hang I know I can't wait lately derailed a drunk right. I wanna go with this crew that wants to bring you draw on call with them cause that's hilarious shooting. I'll just LA now as I know you guys and I hate not hate. Hey I'm shut up says fifty bucks are they also going to be providing the alcohol for me to drink and that is a really good question that's the only question. That's the only thing that determines a mom and actually can disperse an up or not. I think it sounds like a fun cruelty to hang out what they just want a drunk clown to sit there quietly while they jewelry that's funny to me I don't know I think is very. Doing little more yeah I didn't really know a great allies to says. He took her nude art body skinny high fives three status single age story line. Hi I'm really hungry 1800 pound for a kidney or army MP salsa and you personalize it bids and news. Paula hitting Gary somebody not like any peppers what do you like any good nude photograph just a question email me and we can talk about nudity. Am. It's college kids are stupid the other half seriously. Yeah and college kid there's got to be a college girls is a hole with a girl can be anybody I don't know Mikey. It might be in coming it makes sense I still can't get over the noodle then it'll go in about. Idol was my favorite no man I just keep thinking how weird it would feel to just be sitting in the tub full of noodles and he got tonight you're singled out there to go about your house on my mind. You're like yeah. Obviously I love your job now and I thought. That may have pacer Mikey I'm going tiger IQ is it only to find daddy in the bathtub and it'll still be organic noodles you better go help. Ford is still a whole lot of drama now I don't cause yet at least maybe five bucks. Here's the deal with the don't put the package and another matter are now a lot of you know you don't wanna because the flavor now I don't know.