11-08-17 Seg 4 Mens Room Goes Wild

Wednesday, November 8th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. Spread Fredricka some say about profiled as is on the way collar 9844999. A little play profile that's coming up being in mess. And we better headlines on the way one hour from now first we take in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right some people are starting to get rid of their Smartphones and go back to simple dumb phones again. Why is that I had no idea now working on broken. But you know unless you consider doing the same thing registered distracting them listen yeah I'm too reliant on the damn thing it's weird you know you. There's always one day from time to time where you didn't charge of the night before and it Soledad 5% of battery you run to the store she just leave it home charging. And then I find myself and him inevitably slapping my pocket. Every time I'm standing around waiting for something and get deceived it's there check FaceBook real fast check Twitter of class size and I just. I can't sit somewhere MB board and I think you would really grab your dating gay man if you had a flip phones but there's one scenario Oregon like you know on a day menu about a flip phones like. Everything was great but it's. I felt fine. Thank heaven black and white TV my staff come over want to move and maybe. Depends on the lady. A lot of them O'Hare you're wrong foot hopefully the weather like she wolf yet. Well I'm with Mike sometimes I have to consciously when I'm home through my phone in a separate room. Just and I just wanna sit there and watch a good two hour show you get relaxed dragons under there with yeah I know start messing with. Then I'm almost positive if I go back to my dumb phone my FaceBook users will go down much but he should go down I probably can't you were damaged because of what I do. Yeah but hey what if I ever in my Smartphone TM plus stuff down. Then on daft went down. A study found eating do murders is better for you than eating one murder with a side of Fries now let's just a path that's Mahmud. We picked it up on my where you're just about the Fed you know frank castle the drug charge you cheaper and only lost. We literally were talking about the five minutes ago I didn't realize you Murray had that of the head offices this. These two burger stand yeah way to go no Fries sold Fries methods that defrag Greece is just they'll kill you every time. As a mother and ellenberger has more balance to it than just straight carved daft that's what I fry he didn't know much so did you get free refills are. We get free refills on partners know Fisher's I don't. The duty free pickles and those murders. In this very kind of thinking about a bird right now but do murder on the AME on chicken wins earlier light turns out. Starting had to wind doesn't fortunately Ted didn't get over when he should've got a murder. Guess if it has let's get a branch out all right I went on yeah. I got to Turkey bacon avocado sandwich Arkansas in the red Oliver Perez Robin I'm I'm mad because they dared me. And the alleged attempt it was good and when I got home I had more room I didn't feel O stuff. Okay good evening and is much invite such data Turkey's move throughout a full murder was delicious with a guy like Mike would you get I got to eighty what and I get it was. He was a he had OOD. Pampered kid dead the Jack tavern double. The right guy and I've ever heard other produce like he cheeseburger you know Jack tavern you don't Aurora their men their fantastic. Today plummet. Other charges have been dropped against the dead in Pennsylvania who shot his daughter's twenty year old boyfriend in the junk when he taught them together and hotel rooms what does that tell you. What are the charges dropped as a guy didn't show up too scared to death with a guy team which tells you there's more. He nearly died that he shot was too scared to go to court. Does I didn't have a good read I think that this does dad did little justice based on the fact that he either knew this guy was and what he was up to and what he was about. Or either way the two knew something about each other there was just like let's let bygones be bygones on this if it's not good if we bring up the real nature of our beef and public's right. That's the sense yet again. Now how I don't know what side that's weighs on the either way it was like this guys like dome as what this guy obviously. Izzo shoots in the low man is scary featured June the deet. And you don't show walked to testify against us economy will it's gonna go beyond him just sleeping with his daughter on it yet they're loyal they're the whole thing with the dead shows of what they're gonna do it because he's to flowering is doubt doubt and adapt his daughter isn't grown ass and don't mean that that's one of the as always almost fifteen years old almost as she was twenty years old issue was and he was points and there's this is is either a back to guess or he kicked down the door to that hotel room to something just really freaky don't want this guy is definitely about it. This huge in the defense into the and the Jerry did not come to court. A man at Georgia still mas a rowdy and drove into the movie theater deceived blade runner Tony 49 for a removing granite. So Lamar is erotic thing that they took the thing out of the parking lot after the sun there. Do they call the owner first I look before you know it was a because a guy that owns the miles around me is going to be difficult no matter just get the feeling even if you're the top this is a we found her car the guy that owns the my brother is still gonna have an attitude when he talks if I'm gonna guess that you would either have to. You either have to work Donna miles a rowdy or. You had to know and is a universal was killed Carlo cars but I don't assume that of all cars that would be one will be harder road to steal than others and again just another really easy. How do you know. And oh yeah. Phoebe and ultimately not our 55 at the IC and a troubled amend and to be honest to me that they're just a car until they do nothing for me they're just a car. Did you get to say things like I drive a mother right. And then it'll do something fourteen. And okay. Stick with. Says just gave you the strange how this will be a benefit thereby few slip like you don't have running out front and I don't have to like the call. Would you one owned one. I do every time you sit in the front seat only 50% of the time you drive you run them that I learned he yeah. A new statistic from the Washington Post you know limited ahead rests on a bad disease ovarian you know Ed rather. Bedroom contrary Muehlegg who wrote the taken after the Iraq. Matte black got that so we'll never have to have. 250. Preschoolers are suspended or expelled every school day according to a new analysis that they do I. I had a pop pop pop pop up as. That's not the color is when do lines have made. Did you read the did you read full article of course not an organizer Monica that's pretty disturbing stuff what what kinds of things whether he'll have all like black kids are suspended three times more so on average there's almost a year as I mean I think caring dinner eleven of these kids are fourth. Dude I don't know wouldn't tell you. As a when I got its start when you're born. Community doesn't rentable offense could they be commended for it to me Laura thank you as you're not jury box. In Bali two servers. Timeout was cut tragically share when lightning struck the water and instantly killed them both that is crazy. And he was it that close to home ever have to think like insurance more all the time people when it. In the ocean. Yeah I don't know how far travel towards the lonely in his entire point though I mean they were sitting up on their surfboards or does they were the highest point I wonder exactly raw hides but it's either a high point or water right with lightning is that why you gotta get the hell out of the pool once our flight and giggle about dubbed dead as a my parents only money during game running. You know that don't get off a boat to rescue ever it is you're gonna does get out of the shower. You gonna get off FL owners like me before the Mets and not enough either of the flow in the hour in the bathtub. Those are the two free had a million you know away from it if lighting was going off and final idol and I have a mother Roddy of course and a phone in my path I'm. Think it's. And I laughed a little hotel or motel as the phone about Afghanistan I'm in the tub with stuff. And Yemeni mid level not a budget for that I. There's fear that brings communities so they get but in a row. And talk since the fall off a game plan goes through that society and finally a woman discovered something about her husband and caused their flight to be diverted. While those that Al sailed out of when our math in my dock airlines are coming up one hour from now. Good luck to the men's room. Precepts. See approach to police are drawn out profiled this is played. Yet to name my other search and it's a simple game where we share with you will like new story something that happened right here. I'm planet earth so. Or. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make well as you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Seth welcome to the men's room. At all and I sit. Breath you understand on this here game is played. Fantastic. In this case command confessed to spray the racist graffiti on his own car and Halloween party. The door to wonder man admitted to sprint races graffiti featured racial slurs like quote go home make your own kind. And of course died authorities decided not to press charges for filing a false a false report tonight. The wouldn't be in the best interest of the citizens of the photograph of the car government graffiti and department cut complex near Kansas State University. They were opposed to last week and a picture obviously from the combination of social media. The school increases security the FBI even opened the civil rights investigation all because this guy. Put a picture of car. Up on the web but a police spokesman said quote. While the guy. Made a mistake. And it had a decidedly negative impact on the community please recognize that he like many of us will we re young. Is young men made a mistake and he's now doing his best known. Solos are restored is not alien in the legal trouble but Amanda FBI got involved at center. But this guy that's brave paid to be racist graffiti and scar you believe that he's black makes the Asian or Jew. Paul Carlos this is run outside of Kansas State University. Was at Manhattan. Oh good slant you nor do you Norman who made. You have found you know in a constant debate the city the. Yeah god. We sincere. Now black. And again so the graffiti spray go home date your own kind and die so even you need. Ethnic specific stuff even dropping any bombs and drug I mean they let him go home date your own kind of died I just guessed Jewish. Everything. So he. He's brave men in his own Carney did it as good as the gang problem we probably force friends but we got on hand. When he posted this picture and I think Twitter FaceBook whenever did you go to the cops. No McGuinn then also cubs came to him the FBI got involved because so only people most of them adverse reaction listener Comcast. The college itself of security thinking up cracker comes as race nonsense again the FBI gets involved and ups and downs like whoa hey. Look man no one actually did this to me I didn't as a joke. He just got to this point. It's got to be black. Months and that he did it to his own car. And then right in and nothing happened because he did and he didn't call the cops can't see a black guy messing with the zone car. Resilience this. Are. I mean look as solid ground you have to beat the pen Saudi if you're wrong. Or we can do like I knew we might originally we who prefer to endear them. Although our final answer. All right settle finality is black makes the Asian or Jewish next. Fat was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Ar Kansas they would go profile this. And Halloween prank that will arrive there for a guy who's pretty much a racist graffiti on its garments do it is frankly puts it up on FaceBook. And any outrage begins and it's leads to local authorities the FBI both checking on them and us in what was going on there too tiny crime. You know I he admits to loving what it did this as a prank and I guess he got off the love go sending this was a young kid who made us. A madness and yet that's crazy all laws but we ask you set did you believe that this guy was black makes the Asian or Jew. And you went black this might have miles saying there's no way of life. He didn't get the job. He left the face is no car there and emotionally and AM I'm joking. Yeah I'm happy when they let go. What I mean the cubs got it is that I do I did this as a late into Halloween prank I did not realize. Now when I put this up without explaining that that people would react the way they did tumbling. Which is the way people should really read now relative it is all the time is tab for TV tablet team. Yeah. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Miles well I like to watch for sat sports nature nature. Others a front line. Front right right to PBS nature shows two cartoon sports yet well a fairly guy a lot of nature shows I watch are on PBS is there this one was not. Was on Nat geo at an a school kids are on National Geographic champion came in as a Baikal. Gigs circle gets you and I'd imagine they graphic society heavily known for that yeah is the coolest kids I've hung out Whitman. Two gay pride alliance well. Dude I'm just fair warning use this is not gonna be a pleasant like all these creatures are amazing. 88 it was a tough one to watch OK all right it was good it was caught creditors at war. Here's a little sample of what which again. Something terrible stuff. And an uneasy. World predators. To attack them. All right if by the way I put the fully preview up at the image and face of great I should say I did it's up there to hug. If you could check it out also it's a documentary Don national GO you can find it now it is it remove IE doesn't back him against there was hyenas there. There was lions there finished she does there's leopards. And there's all there's a wildcat did it all. This is this right so I'm listening to the sky like some peace and answers coming right he's got a whole season. You know I know what I mean this summer. When they're trying to sound amendment in the back on hold now I. Yeah the voice over in the music label we'll talk about your kid's soccer match but do elected it's it's it's bad. They don't need improve. It's. In the collections. And as renters. Need to know he stepped up competition still put him three little. She's abandoning. Music goes a long way. I'll tell you though this one it's my life. Probably about yeah man this is seriously right. I'm just feel like one high you know how high were you when you watch that. Hey. Burlap putting stroke and translate the all right so here's the deal right. This is shot over a couple years in the Malo Malo park. In Africa. So twice. For two months out of the year we have a rainy season. Now an eerie video you're the guy say let the uneasy truce right yeah because the hyenas they'll lie and Elena during the same. No we don't have to drink their miles could it brings in pray right. For Iraq so others. They just kind of agreed not to mess with each other too much trait that I too much like number one cheat it seems like an amazing killing machine right it is a much most cats. Calls stay out all the time turn on a dime. Right but the problem cheetah is once he's chased down the ceremony Nate he's so tired but he has the highest come over to steal the carcass. While other and so they they kill the cheap. Now the jig at the ways facts right so now it hasn't rained for almost two years in this park right. So now all the uneasy alliance is not working. It starts with simple things people read other people's fate he. Okay people geez the simple stuff yet not people cite other. And me a little. Again I think I learned I jest but people who dress conservative in all of the favorite on the sale late that. Like that lake the hyenas starting other animals little babies right out here so that doesn't sound that bad right but does not always I was worse it's worse yeah. No worse than play. I know I'm I'm what they have to report more emphasizing this is they'd say but as I look at things like hey man you visit my kid all right he gets worse. Deliberately frank okay and now most people don't recognize that the electorate is the exclusive. Crime killer in this draft write this he's fast but the other cats. He can eat up but he can also find very high. We puts his he steals up top right. Announcement two years it did no water animals have left the park will be stroke. These lions the lions are hungry in one of the lioness is she snaps right GO screw it. I'm glad he's not a group fearing uncle and without climbing up that tree and I'm getting them back carcass right and her credit she gets up there she scares the leopard off. No big deal right oh except one problem the lions can't climb Craig as good as the leopard all the way down she falls and breaks their back in dot. I won't go away and now you can follow Ed did see that government is. Danny gets worse look good guys after that the next morning and if there wrestled lions from her pride come over. They climb up the G a little bit they flipper carcass out of the trees and say hey. They ain't heard succeed. I was saying hey ever look at how did he did not old guard last night please. Yeah you can that's the navy's government did know bridges like oh my god. I've for the first hours Volvo all the evidence uneasy true. Loosen this than that I did not realize resistant to exit out of breath when he didn't rain but the cheaters always have a close. Leopards let it never really did did she always had this leopard out my dad the calls. I feel prisoners are now I'm thirty elements did an item yeah. The G men away it changes like what they call the stealth fighter of this war until he's fast. His tail by the way works as a runner. Seeking grandpa relief pat what do you think would happen if I I was in Africa right and I had a tranquilizer dart. OK and SE cheetah in a knock him out at them but then I go over with some clippers and I could the snails. And then I paint him and then we wake him up. I think you would die what happens if I was you look at nail clip regatta like a dog out of this thing this sales of them forty minute I'm just gonna Duma will trim up. Maybe think about think I don't know maybe make the one of black justice every little bit like the kids do which and then you know let him wake up do you think it he would just sit there and look at his new nails but who'd help in a Mondale's I think each and his failure to assure that easily killed okay. Mountain does is remove. Ponce and he needs to get what you know and how little you know there are guys that are here. All the other animals by the way well most of the animals to cannibalize each other. Who do you think this carries out all the ones you saw all the crap that goes on like I know lions are big and tough from all. And I don't wanna do with the line or Tito or leopard or cheetah with this leopard. But to me the hyenas and especially Machida with a leopard. But there is on about hyenas just bugged man hyenas are scary also the it's like it's hyenas are closer to attack the dog. But they have that Charles strength of what a powerful dog so hyenas can crusher femur or anything with one bite of the day I don't know man that is similar to delusion bags. Of the like the safari world in a moment and scare off other adults and do yeah. Just a African guy you avoid the cheater right again he's so tired or hurt. Oh there's so tired when they're done chasing down the gain that even a group of like thirty poachers chased a cheap off the keel. Early yet until Hamas Machida is expected. Like he gets that he's done deal is like an ass is it an advantage of that to be that fast of Michelangelo had. I'm not that fast kindness that we count on the fact that at the end of the day and tell you the leopard was the only one that stayed with the same size and everything he could take his kills up to the tree. It's funny his Eusebio animals get an emancipated Vietnamese shoes and they keep. Emancipated I didn't eat we will grow up in the video and this land that. We will call it Africa into it and improved to avenge our world is the right you can tell their lord I knew about it. Look at leopard he stayed the same size. You'll have brought him around the face it. Because you're not yeah. No you remembered. There's a joke that I work at the Disney parks here keep an up and where it might tactician and pay and they're good Madonna shirt that was like. Welcome to the ride Africa welcome to the and I think the one some one. This isn't going to however who welcomed view. Far from south after crash lace Cape Town acne is very popular in Africa who enjoy your ride made. It. Total food ever give experience. That's seriously though check out there predators of war and they are down about noon and you got I forgot to mention there is a human involved and Elvis is just one due in an old pickup truck. That's been Graham to my punch and animals he never Wear issues and I mean without hyenas at the beginning. He's been out there so long with some bear like on the kill and he'll put the camera in their face. But then as the drought goes on in the animal circuit more and more desperate like he's like oh my god like they're they're gonna they're gonna eat me he knew it was bad when they nicknamed him slim engine. Hastily and do what sort of majority what you ordered a schedule most of them don't know this but elephants are. They can dig through saint defied water right then not know what yeah. But it was still dry out that even the elephants they just left. The white ozone levels stay he said will be leather opens level no maverick or the water has to do with intelligence. Now maybe it's tough while also micro used to always think B of predators and the cool thing out there may have a tough like they're inherent in a club. But you know what would you rather be the predator or like look your predators are you limited number or drug trade world there's a ton of view. When inevitably W going down Hannity here and wanna be the gazelle the water buffalo our enemy and I'd rather be in the group but the thing is right and James safety in numbers tell an animal in your predators take a big deal. And I mean it's solely like your bad ass if you're human and your predator oh well that's Bob you're losing your job any day out there going to be locked. This act. Did you guys enjoy the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as these that is votes but I love to me we watched all the time. So I would say about a month or two ago there was a picture with most of the mean now original cast together. Some people are like is going to be a a reunion of a Fresh Prince of Bel Air power like Fuller house. But Alfonso ribeiro ribeiro and then leave it America's funny somebody else. He's hosted that now harsher. Cuts are watching that give my kids and he's easily. Does he ever do the Carlton and none now yeah yeah I'm occasionally. He always comes out dancing that's of people who think they're funny do anytime you entered it to be a late like Jolie be the host of the show but someone who. At least as far as we know fairly good natured and is kinda funny. Apparently would you do his dances surged rendered so he'll do that in every once in awhile. They'll give fuel and treatable Carlton. Yeah you gotta do not all the time out all the mobile figure worked up he stopped right tonight he'll break it out grab those primitive level that the but my kids have no concept of why the Carlton finally they recognize and it's a funny dance. When general understand like why does everyone knows they have some like man. Brother's been doing this relates 25 years maybe. This is old news of the restaurants but yet they think he's great he's just look straight at you. It's funny he's dead like a white man to hit this thing. A quick call to Carlson with the steps. Basically and I like this. He's saying look it was great while lasted James Avery played uncle Phil he passed away backing Torre thirteen. So they just he had made the same without uncle Phil the rich uncle Phil we're probably not gonna do it makes them sponsors all that drama within bids apologized huge man about sums and I precision originally and they have and then. Newark new Ridder via. He also says if it's wonderful there may Lowe's we did 25 years ago. But people who live in the past and move forward we have a fast it's still you get past the belts back door to see what's happening behind. I do and I'm like why are you watch that cash coach Jack you watched that show in a moment in time when Europe a certain age in the entertainment value was really that would only last so long it's like. Britney Spears can be successful she wants in Vegas people go she's gonna player hits people who have a great channel her love and they're allowed. But if she puts on a new album there's not that audience there anymore who's going to go buy it. Because she does not appeal to that age group that she did back then. Yes that's got the same thing it's like look all the people who watch that show it's not that they wouldn't move toward a five years older tremendous down just standpoint would model watch it but the plot line still appeals to a fifteen. Brad so I'm going to mean and that's and it's like Sesame Street they took it away for our brought back it's still it's not that is not cool we don't watch it. It's just geared toward five an eight year old kids in guy I know. And the great things to say about Sesame Street but no I will not sit down and watch the show I think saved by the bell right like I love that show up. 36. I want to show about high school kid that's it no offense go play great I think you're like I it would be weird if I was in daylight high school drama. I would be very weird rightly thrown out definitely maybe they'll dated Sesame Street Louis had like a rose is complete there aged been around for 48 years now think. Died were big bird and he died two years ago. And massive elmo's all grown up. A hundred tickled normal matter. Thank god then the moment a time doesn't sound accurate cookie monsters like I got the sugar yeah it had diabetes. No adult. We didn't know Bagram but I got back it was. MacBook. You don't know and after rising ultimate place relic of broccoli gambler and our duty as any cookies anymore why. Because you don't know you he would show kids just a duty cookie spoke to are less the then that's what is so called a good miles of Donna and doctor dog right now that's a good enough that my name is the cut him out of the doubters over who owned our home or soul. A so called him also but you don't earlier open now American grimace still gonna shake. It was you know our it would file a grimace is lactose blow off match can criticize find out he's a mascot for fast throughput X. DeVon still and in an allele on that note shed a little Friday as we did about them. Yeah they're admirably domain like hey man only able Fries it and themselves. And any Bill Burton government supervision now. Are you've ever watch stranger things and you'll notice a lot of times they're looking they're yelling the name will yeah. If you ever watch a Walking Dead I noticed a lot of times the opening car. And then you're like me you watch the people vs OJ Simpson. They only called him juice and I talked about you slot was just a mash up of those three games in yellow apple it. Yeah. It's called. He's never gonna stop being the Jews. And then the the and that's what. No duplicates and is that there that are there today Leslie I loved it. And I kind of forgot how often David tremors character who was the original card actually do it. Charles guard Ashley and that is that if they Roberts Roberts just. I've got to Rosen right of people were snowed there yeah and it just weird is the whole movie just he always calls them Jews I don't know that was a real thing with OJ bridges probably will Air France. You know come on June out of there with a wife agency. Bonus excellent book. Typical apple took the engine revved up to pick and yeah I feel like having a cocktail. Yeah yeah and his little drum track. We made it. You grain is another. There's so. On an as we have big grain is known. I keep guns right. We slowdown without struck it still sounds funny thank you very good headlines got eleven minutes with my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. Lisa and Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real hard serial FaceBook gas users to go ahead and did your new do and so you won't be a victim of revenge sports. Bizarre situation in Canada as a crash leaves to five kidnapping victims wearing what they were wearing when they were more. I'd soccer star and serving as director killed by lightning while catching a wave survey says 250 preschoolers are suspended every day because they. Don't behave in a German man gets no flights with a python and as fans it is time for your headline. It's time it's. Yes there's an icon. I had a shout Daria a couple on a Qatar Airways flight ended up having an altercation that ultimately flawed because the flight to be diverted. We'll demand was snapping his wife uses fingernail investigate his phone because she thought that he was cheating she's done exactly what she was looking for a completely lost your mind mid flight. The light blue the fight loves Obey the crews got involved and she fought them as well thought in the plane to make an emergency diversion in order to keep the pair off of the plane. Yeah they're the flight India and third just a different maybe they were going to India but they lend a different airport. Thanks. Hugely to the flight plans. Now I mean that's going to be the reaction you know. I guess whatever happens wherever it happens that I really want your reaction to be in a funeral that's going to be the reaction. That can't. So I got I don't know whether that's an airplane in a sacred space of just whoever goes down it's just gonna get a Brad just ahead. Really fighting the proved. He did that incensed geez that man hole there I guess there is a lost your mind at that point in anyone tried to bring you from going what you wanna do becomes your enemy immediate. Around the world and a push to get ahead of her of the revenge for an epidemic FaceBook is using its Australian users as test subjects and has given declare literally send them their news yet that's why FaceBook film the play new data plan is to create don't create a digital fingerprint of the funnel and that's making them unavailable for sharing on the site I'll tell you just send your news to us we'll take care of it. Come on mentally you're there never have they'll be entered into an algorithm that law identified him as someone else aren't identified them as someone is attempting to close the photo on the website and more than blocked from doing it just. Please visit this image cannot be there yeah we got announced a rhythm due to. In this however only affects FaceBook and its subsidiaries and any other site I musical that Al the rhythm method they know. When you master may look you know remove pictures your symptoms and you don't get yourself right now in Berlin a man was originally detained that was originally detained for drunken argument that's defined himself deeper in trouble based on the python and his fans. That federal talk about literal python and his fans the police were called at the argument disturb neighbors while they're and will be patted down. The police discovered a fourteen inch long baby python in his trousers. The current study on the look out for the owner and whether or not this method of transportation transporting the animal violated any laws well. And that might not be illegal just enjoying a snake got your hands enough as to realize that my job. They're hybrid version I don't see you next time their turn a big dummy Ted's meat and potatoes that Jeff has announced no I Sherlock and of course another round profile that yes indeed it is all true so we'd be all about those bids but we're back tomorrow. Until then. Would you do best and or leave the site. Day beautiful.