Wednesday, November 8th


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Tides are reared WDF news things about gave a weird thing and then that on the Craig's list all right so there's is. There's this monkey right. And they say he's addicted to drinking gas. What does he was called my mechanics after they set a pace staked out to see who is draining the fuel from their bites it happen in India. And they called the monkey was saying this since you know drinking gas he knew where they're more than where the ball fly out and everything image shouted in his mouth. They basically have won the Monte also is not doing that this was going on for awhile they can figure out who was doing it that's insane to me I'd houses and penalize. Well that's a great question and I imagine if you drink gas like that in Killian a special little monkey. But now. Fired off. It's translating zero is on the way out of oh release you do realize. This boy that I averaged in the people listening would know they'll go I'm delighted he's grab some foreign anything before. What can put it on to say they were talking about a month Koehler worked got a I don't even know what's going on I and I constantly clearly what they decide that. Don't understand is Smart he'll get into Volcker high oil gasoline Augusta. Why do you think that is just the monkey is getting high. Really yes. Hard to believe that's arguably the Monkees look alive still they finally ran into the hills then I. Then my. Letters gasoline tolerance than we do. We don't know I'm not really up what they ever first injury didn't ask before they died at the research I or monkeys that now I know they just like last year to kids in Tennessee we're bringing gasoline and died it was going to be mixing with Mountain Dew and cat. It's interesting that you're an edgy and megs and right now is that Mountain Dew and gasoline separate. Are fine remakes and gathered that's just a recipe for disaster. Nobody knows that everyone knows. Everyone knows that now I don't know what goes through gas about maybe down dude about this and be a darker time again Pepsi or Coke while you're gonna bring gas I'm gonna knock it. Now and now a dude are you do is makes it with a nice cold beer all right I can deal with dad WDF news is what the headline reads emirate exactly what it says because Alison white girl and I would only see white girl are black guy or whatever else that you got to hear from. I'm emotional white girl blames racism for not being able to order French Fries and Taco Bell despite that not being on the menu. Okay it's why our dollar go first is time okay. That makes no sense that is racist and two. Aren't they coming out what times front. It has not yet. So she's at the video shows the moment I'll play sound byte of the emotional but like she's about to cry. Oh yeah. As he has a breakdown of blatant racism when she is told they cannot or French Fries and Taco Bell the white girl approaches to challenge tries already medium French Fries. But the employee tells her they don't serve that. She responded by saying Burger King yet they sell price. Explains that this is not Burger King this is taco well. The servers as corny at the main U Alpert and maybe she forgot she was that maybe a girl this says how many. Bridge right orders do you have and this server responds we don't have. French Fries. Get to hear the employ these shows are the menu it says look there's no Fries up here and actually she's isn't racism at its body is what general pace she understands the term races. She doesn't know I'm in another person's standard by which is probably confused for many goes doesn't explain is not racism that Taco Bell only serves tacos embryos but a couple of asked with. Did did you just get it on planet earth a different person which would mean if I was in this story goes you're eager as. They're here she has. Taco Bell you've got to shore the menu again well that's racist stroke how that's licensed. I don't know if does this is worrisome is abrasive let me go into. Ordinary KFC and demanded cheeseburgers particularly yellen racist I didn't make any sense. Stone crab but talk about pisses me all I know look Taco Bell I know how Fries they they say they will I hope that they. New man and they're talking really not show Fries incarnate son of Fries and I'm super hungry refugees trapped and killed his stick for me it's. It is not very dumb asses tacos are racist. What are your go to the store where they were talking reputable and jelly sandwich and being racist I couldn't figure out why. This is on the white bread why is that why you don't know managers were I don't wheat bread I can then it's not racist anymore. I guess. I don't know I don't even know races as it is anymore everything's racist I can figure it out. I think it's all well a lot of her husband and they're shot reply and add to Indonesia for a vacation on Sunday and husband fell asleep after the flight took off the wall she's an opportunity to volley spy on her husband's a guerrillas and trust issues there. She proceeded head to grab his finger into got to stop and she pressed it onto his iPhone to unlock it. Then she snoop around in the messages and she found out that he was having an affair. She freaked out as most women would do. Say if you made such a massive seen on the plane they had to be diverted and made an emergency landing in India. Why oh man the family was escorted all the blame poor kid you know what could she have possibly been doing to get them that could. Divert the plane I don't know they spent a day at the intentions and eventually the police decided not to press charge on the one I guess if she's having a bad day it happened. Well a new iphones that'll protect all the cheaters because you can do phase ID can be open when you're sleeping. You can usually do not know what can I read the fullness of your face your sleep and for whatever reason at this doesn't work like that you need know is if you're awake earned or not. You can use a picture it's decreased to work your highs tell your eyes are like it's that works. They work. Wear sunglasses and it works really anybody but if you're sleeping or use a big server some like dances doesn't work it ever marinas and let some one million people had this type of face pay structure. So it's really weird. But this is gonna protect teachers. I don't I don't see we're just not announce until you're out they unless you're WTF news.