MRE taste test

Thursday, November 9th


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KKR IQ does next. Call rob. He's. Yeah. I'm I don't know Jerry you know what I get and I quickly became apparent he had to show and I'll how are all very odd that you guys aren't. It's going to college they Abby already eaten. I'll give them. Not really saying meanwhile we called Thursday here in the states but they love that they Serbian fans at plus for us it's actually our Friday feature. All run a best of show and apparently Amanda will be the run one running and then back comments so if you if you listen the best of show tomorrow your mistakes there Amanda's fault. There is a bomb in in honor amid mean veterans day in my fiancee Christina is here say hi I mean. And I. Right now and the reason Christine is here is because she's she's in the near an army reserves yeah eight years old eight years now yeah so yeah and yours and you always yell at me at home because I was say you did two tours and welcome to your children home pierce. One of the things in Iowa seeds indoors and Afghanistan but it was true. He won twice named Torry guys stayed longer than paid sick people know my stayed longer need and it was an extended. For those can be sent but it was being in the same and at times two tours or more I don't endorse thing they did a because you make things happen it happens. So it's a pin designed as wind your serve as sudden and I know air force and shorter. Deployments like six months you wanna take when you're usual author shots at the hi I'm biting my tongue a and down the inner hatred. I'm I'm army and better than ever and simple I mean it and I get out. And that's if there ought to be years throughout the war dead dead time frames changed from deployments. So they're firms with every year you worry you're eating your monthlong training earlier this year again and you. Maybe you brought back. A couple packets and Harry is swisher and on other cold meals ready DES is a history when that wind do when do the military eat these so. I haven't I've been lucky I have not had to keep them that often typically eat them and I made when you're on the field. When you're doing it when you're feeling you don't have access to what we call hardee's. Or murmur it's due out on a may have yeah. Oh Cinemax and the. So yeah. Police say the other thing emerge murder my time there I says they will coolers that they're in opposite they keep this in warm and. Titles at Yahoo! is still. ASA SAD on access it shall armor right that's what you resilient people so women in the field what does that means that civilians and any does that mean like boulder in a foxhole and quickly resume. Mike still exercise training certain they're still training exercises its. It's hard to explain kind of when you're out there and. Doing it doing your job we'd like when you're sleeping in tents and that's a simple way if they met what about the other dealer to employed by Darlene Mari is when I go out firms. He's maybe on a fashion that's a perfect example of when they would use us. So. Who rob Kenny giggled and this is actually Jess Kersey I was envision two when they're out there with those you know the cookies that that we send. Under nibbling on the hopes to do the right there is none other girls that are now. Oh yeah no I didn't put a that's a little bit clock doesn't come with a so when he considering if my plane and we had to like get an endless supply girl scout cookie am I so whenever I think I'm either. Amanda yeah so yeah they have access to it though as they admit sometimes you get tired MM I know we had I'd. When I came back and any pro scout cookies for about two years. 889899811. Hi Stephanie. Good morning guys out of work and I was so he had never had a chance it talk GO I just wanted to say hello and I'm really really appreciate your shirt at. Don't think you semis thanks for your support that's very nice thank you she's always so kind that's what she always says I think the. Thank you just. Then when she needs somebody who served Jesus thank you treat her yeah I'm into you served. I do their part so lovely and Murray's DDD do you have a favorite. I like the spaghetti wind which you didn't bring us thank you I. Sure it is yeah. I like this thing anyone and then later you like it or is the best of the worst or let you buy it it's the best of the works a second. Yeah it's I don't mind eating in and a lot of damage it. Did sounds. And a lot of them and have you didn't entrees not did but the actual snacks and her dad is like the cheese bread. I love that she's right I when I remember I'm AJ the store we always we went to for my exercise and have we had to get out like Tina and Steve and staff. So and the pretzels I'd campaign she's promised pretzels. It was her and so let's. There's a lot of memories were of the entrees and a good believe the accessories the sides are good and yet you're only serving as the entrees today so thank right on behalf well. I asked him wanted to. Is there is there an entree you just know it was disgusting. So why not try this line for a reason for resent having is that I mean Gary is the ribbon shaped pork patty Moore. Access. I X I CN all the time and I don't it's always leftovers. And. I'm too scared to eat it because I feel like it's gonna ruin ribs earlier in port in general just ending in math form is it don't know why I can't do it so you brought us to find selections yet. We have chicken pesto chicken pesto pasta yeah. And we have a pencil and we were we got a question about the they need little label on this we hadn't the penny apostate is it. Vegetables sausage and sausage and not a vegetable that's what I. I think it is I ate it usually they labeled a vegetarian wind is pretty openly that I. That as an office. I don't really know how and how you under normal circumstances how would these be heated up. There's a little green pouch in every baggage that has them a little and his dad's I don't know what happens Amory guides you and tables in her two of water. And it just starts heating up it gets high eve that year in Murray in Marion folded over to close it. And then it's like is a block back Thomas and then you just lean on Iraq somewhere for about fifteen minutes when he came in and out on Afghanistan. Hi how. Bunny came. But we eat what you. Oh you cheated here as I do you can use that you do just you know the Mike. Yes but I still got elected to where I had a gross level sheet it wasn't a gag I don't even know the full experience that. And how you really South America yeah. Com mourning. More dead me. I am follow but later Mario and I was able always achieved or waiting remember it always okay but I was not yet chocolate chip sponsor. Yeah. Another sponge cake and they do you have this new line went back I absolves. Lausanne when we are at this training. And they have this like apple turnover thing I don't know what it is but it was like bartering games when we're insuring. Yeah. Impact smoke. Does anyone have a preference what we try first is now knocks down on an. I don't Christina is not trying to you know I have been united now I'm smells like cat hair that looks like and the pesto chicken band start. She chickens are now nature can jump a tag got a chicken Sharon Watson Tom NN news dole and then all of them that yummy now soft contact. There really isn't. Now maybe I was being acting so much worse here in the chickens dry you know I mean but oh god I did the same chicken we feared god and god. It came down zero lead and he had seen it yet I it's now that I can yeah. Still I could deviate from it didn't get around it's the noodles are Al didn't you listen and I mean I had found no it's not good but it's not bad. You and me each day taken great great but nobody's diamond back in time now I can do is. How is hurting dogs and then it's causing a little death Ozzie the bug zero any good morning who. There are the sacred here Bert Bert thank you and I I'm learning. No problem well then we had the border near Tibet would choose the FB Craig Berger. L and oh yeah. Yeah yeah Specter that Garrett back here 2000 another one we at those. And the league's owners. Dead out darker more I don't go back he would do it with others aboard feared the debt. Yeah PW. Zero population at that they were article paper viewers. I'm so. All right thank you very. Numbers 8889899811. This is their name would vegetables you name it yeah I would vegetables sausage crumble and tomato sauce and that's what you wanna call it moms malicious party for her yeah I know there were really bad aftertaste on the yes and yes I think that the gunman there you know doesn't know now you know light. And you this myself. Neither is on battered a good read on that yeah yeah. Oh I don't like he has still managed so I wasn't a fan guys I never get that line but it's that's not why not scenario like you know I mean I guess my good Brennan's and that's all you have the you have yet to fuel up by now do it now I'll. I would. I bees change in the I beat you that you get to the Harris junior chief Brenda. Another reason why soldiers are much better and and I. In any public business. I got your start. Luckily I own my lower long dry just wanna and we send your frozen food. PE I mean I'm all right guys where we sit and cookie is Amy. You know look again and you sorry the red raider and a from Tyler. Tailored a part of the United States Marine Corps. He says this'll sound strange but heat up chili Mac. And some volcano and she is her little mix the two together and then from Gordon Nixon Salmonella pound K. Did you all knew she's currently in yoga I I decide if that's I don't know about duty and you can't you should me out with the it's really an. Well hey you know what maybe it's maybe what it does for him musical memory of corn bread instantly yeah I mean yeah. And yeah yeah but you know maybe we didn't prepare from. So do you know what the cracker challenges. Another cracker challenges. But I do know event like that cracker is aired out. They're about okay how I describe it I don't know how big they aren't arrogant they're not that Michael Graham crackers they're all. Graham crackers eyes yeah pretty large so I'm my Buddy Ryan who's served. As well and sometimes overseas he said you guys should do the cracker challenge which is you eat both crackers and an Emory. Draw I am in two minutes and he says almost nobody can do now geared for older clogged no that's like semantics you. Those things are so dry they like worst you know the little salting factories you get when you say they are worse than android Maurer. More joy ride every day in census. The days of the tricks still do when there now I get me a nice. Yeah but I let people away hello Madison. Hey here you know what I'm not sure I'd never return I had even talked about to Chile not MRE because that in the past. I didn't. I have a lot of people do like about wind but I don't have a minus a spaghetti but it's so similar the spaghetti and it should tell the flavors are aiming at Al's right. Our freeze. I would like to Satan yeah. Here is the difference between two got a good shot from behind there and Jared. I yeah I was gonna agree with Massa Larry what all this talk of him very well I was on the label for thirteen years as people in my unit would do everything because I had the feeling sorry. Doesn't mean you're really doing dirty to me that good wow wow wow all blown their preference here's you know. August emails Ari the red green and I come. This is from Lleyton I Lleyton is as she is right down I think Christine it would be chic she is right that rim to shape pork patty is repulsive. Life once lost the bad and had to eat better two weeks straight at around. There's just no holes on the well be a marine mammal. Let's see here's one from Jacob KJ caddy says two words ranger putting them meaning ranger pitting you take the crackers and the chocolate milk powder and mix it all together. The water now that's good stuff right there sorry didn't create any idea. Now he says it tastes mostly like putting with me notes of desperation. Now all then there's this from Kelly hi Kelly says Christina thank you for your service thank you my sister retired on Sunday after a thirty year how do you see. Yeah I regulations aware of the many times you left does during that thirty years hearing it as her commanding officer read everything amaze me you all worked so hard and it's. Here over our citizens and examine landing nice on FaceBook share. I quick as hearing Christine voice this morning has made my morning low wanted to thank you for your service without it rob would always be salty. Valencia that service. Oh mine Jason sitting well. When I was in I like the chicken and rice and Murray. John yeah. I don't I haven't seen a line I still say OK yeah. Again sorry I have a story three app I don't think he's well they have this am new I don't know we just got a new. Newly improved in maariv Oxford miss training. Murray is Anthony. And so I'm very if there's one less chickens hogs this title chicken chunks. I have and that's safe chicken sounds I liked I don't think she can it might only give the dogs are chicken sometimes I get my eating here you can yeah. I'm so so anyway I am I got that line thinking it was a safe once I ran out of all the ten and that we bought her tirade at a C percent that I wasn't as good chance. And it it's if you literally worse than Michigan's chance we get our dogs. I think if you a little packet of buffalo sauce just in case I don't gas address. That exactly yeah hell no good. So bad. Look no 1 PM. Things that a lot of people ask about with you Christina is okay you did two tours are one big extended tour in Afghanistan. And yet you over the course of our relationship and left me messages like this so. Number I killed the grasshopper there's a guy in pregame he appeared current. Wallace. Didn't hear what are we doing here I don't give it call me an analyst when you were living in Dallas I was living in Sacramento and yeah. And yet. Lose him sweat just thinking about it. Oh yeah. Yeah. Right now and yeah. I'd walk Indian yeah. The war. Well I don't what to see. How weird is I lost my brains grinned yeah. I don't I don't yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. An immigrant manner okay summit's trying to minorities have a slab I was I don't know how to say no can't can't can't can't can't can't you know. Think please call each. I'm Matt Fowler another reactions I've seen you with a critters your freedom frauds and our hallowed. Looks yeah look how little little fraud. Okay lizards the little. All the you look at who's so I'd ask you how in the world did you get through being. Afghanistan and my favorite story is you they did terrorize as they what do they do go my OK so. The facility that I was and that we had lots monsoons. Rats and mice rats they you know just traders it's Afghanistan. And so my isn't one of them the mayor. I flew right over my head rats and OK okay very good through and I don't think it's. So we can do and we UAW had earned asking on against San firmly are doing reports and they way defined and rats and they would have them on my keyboard and made a little under my. I have let my snacks door may not. Aimlessly and dig in Maryland I was sorry guys not any yeah. Or I just opening and I see this man says. So I'm there is a one time we had in this extremely me. Play cat and dog and pony show that and a very high at person that was flying in his view and we are doing and on my staff. And they were going to be coming on our forward he has ordered. And and so they've had put it there and they put something on my keyboard mouse and they put them out sunny keyboard and I literally I hate. My keyboard I step on the desk and need to get down this diet is generals about to walk MI know they move you move all the Rao yeah. So yeah I vow is now. An Olympian and a little Andrea good morning. Good morning. Undiminished good morning to Christina. Did more any. If you don't worry you don't you are so beautiful I can relate you know that as alpha congratulation. NJ. And did you bring in southern hospitality out of here. Yeah. I don't wish you all the Darren thank you so Salinas. All crisp morning and good morning nice thank you very sir Tristan thank you Chris thinks you're sports. I just want to share quick story I've figured you get a kick out of us and they got a basic MR ER. Story a mighty mighty. Decided on one a memories they would always make us. Is all but those are facts are nobody other call me how you feel much Jeff stern and basic training and sometimes people away. Where people amen you know get away with Dayton brand made out all the power in the world it would have to PCQ duties. You know fires are factors one kid and you have my buddy church greater all the worst seat he had matches. I don't remember how he matches in the MR I he had matches but he said he got out of ramadi. Yeah and the actions he decided you gonna keep an eye out he was a smoker and Jeff smoker and he was gonna keep and I helped her journal sergeant who'd and a third and a cigarette butt. And he ended up getting on and he decided he was gonna smoke that cigarette butt about how well look for. Out of the window in basic training that they before he graduated in these guys are recycled. And now on the we we of course are in the middle of the 27 days of Christmas. And with tomorrow being veterans and that's where we're gonna be off for our best of show this seemed like an appropriate wish to try to grant we have Mandy on the line good morning Mandy. Good morning hi there I have your wish that you submitted Iran radio dot com that's only seven days of Christmas brought to us by Roseville Monday and your wish is actually for a guy named Mike now how do you know might. Right and it's a symbol SEC dot com. And I tell us a tell us about the how about Mike about the the girls in what he does and what he did do just gives the story. Okay how and I actually NASA investigator but hey he used video profile but very caring about it. He actually went back I'm a competitor. Do intriguing. And he was embedded with the military pacts. And so and so what are you did what kind of action DC while I was in Iraq. Well he actually eat talk combat he evaded Cheney Iraqi police. Possible without without an idea that their National Guard unit from North Carolina. And that's actually where I'm. Gilad is friends that I wrote about. So he did so we did see did he see his friends dire ably and lost them while they were on patrol or whatever. No he wasn't good I actually supposed to be with them but you is I believe you're coming home the next day he didn't end up going. And I'm gonna trend I'm Randy -- killed he was blown up I haven't had bumps. And and as you can imagine you did mention in your letter that he has various PT SD issues now he's back. Butcher bush foreign. My question that he can go to North Carolina. Armed with CNN and the others I think all of them are not given directly and specifically fifteen. Can eat I would the mother of press the issue would kill baby. Over the years really help each other the pain I'm mom. And it would be really wonderful if they can mean person. So you wanted to beat you wanna meet Sammy. The war and in my mom. Who Sammy is the momma what. When it seriously Aaron the quarter were killed. Wow and what. And you think she can help him to get some closure through this whole visit. I think they can help each other they have been helping each other I believe they pick on faith. Very frequently. And also bad. I'm like Carolina Air National Guard unit from being expanded. And then I want them together I thought it was the best chance for him to get to kind of see every one and maybe have a little question. Absolutely outstanding and we're we're you guys live. I mean I'm sorry so thanks throws well on the and we are gonna cover mice roundtrip airfares are. Reno and able to north Carolina's National Guard headquarters in Raleigh and while he's there. Or yeah. An additional 350 dollar visa gift cards and you cover the incidental travels he does blue what every needs. And so that you have this visit and hopefully get the enclosure that Europa form Andy thank you so much and thank you much. Net and don't forget it's all because rose on the response 127 days of Christmas yet wish. Herself for someone else email us by going to ran radio dot com don't email our email address the other click over the leak. And submit your wish via ran radio DOS.