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Thursday, November 9th


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Well you don't show on 98 rock. Eighteen yards do you got there. Dawn. A car here ran radio dot com they are not. Part of great girl born mr. LL. The people going to be really confused as a right in the middle that's like death earlier played the big dog because they are getting even. Ultimately we really really really deep well. Did oppose a ban on embryonic. I don't know under his daddy. Emails out and got me. I was in my email notice. It is being. That is. First one is from Paul say heck Wholesale Club does that makes it says my daughters Sophia will be turning nine. The tense with his arms and I just remember you'll be off yes it's veterans Itamar best motion she's open listening. And it would make her ankle. Also this front and and state is as good morning Brad radio my name is Tim we. Arrow is my birthday and I was wondering about you get a shout out and yes I have no friends just. So I am writing in on my own behalf. Hanging right and then there's people that birdies today wills says they would. Is my wife's twenties third birdie bad. And nothing would maker in more than a big. She is a huge scandal is that. And and she's now a member maggots. And yeah all of last one is from Rory they are Ari says hi my name is slowly we know sorry and I get a birthday shout out for my beautiful wife she now please. She is turning 33. I know how good they they did it's not so you. But we're not here on and on and on trying to sell IRR nephew Caleb and entered. Her thirteen thirteen. Oh my own scaling back home concern do you gamble I Torre's old woman Joan Lloyd she nice 30. Wheels hot but. Way. And then. Movies and yeah. Oh my god and his 37 tomorrow in little Sophia is not. And it's. Also. Now there's an enormous amount. This is Stephen Hays CNN he says. Regarding the Turkey trying to pick mine up at Salisbury is in Lodi here yeah. And the only had one back at last. Wish I can come in and weekend. Sunni village just came and I mean we know that this stuff is flying off the shelf then is in the in the student's door and I can't scold. So the only way to get that is ahead wanna Marc fein vendors like cells Mary's and lo and I may be able confirmed again smoke judging cafe. On the envelope wrote in Sacramento California all the northern Nevada locations of the school there is food and drugs and we just got this email dune here now and noon. I'm just worried that it's possible the last I spoke to them. They had Bryant attacked and the Salisbury is Delhi but I mean once we sold out may be went crazy yesterday they seem right. Right just came in from Eric all of the flags store. In in the audience sparse amount on Glendale avenue via Eric Raines just wanted to let you know we have a couple more bags of Brian last holes we will let you know will be completely run out we will probably be around nine now. This morning all right well man to go. Our vendors are starting to get lower yeah it is silly now. Now bombs including its toll on grass radio down. That's where all our vendors are listed so that Brian and hidden and continues now we go back to regular old Lori Lewis an authority belong. Bunch of emails here for the commissioner of the high end. International tennis followers. And already got a question emails RED grad radio dot com. This is from Jesse AJ NJ. You can access our need validation for being a cowboys had worried if validation divot yourself. I was Boehner finally guys next time you're. I'm significant other your wife your girlfriend go through is home talking knew about her feelings and Sheen gets frustrated injured and Heinz says validate me it was just as I validation to off. Yourself at this and say that's right sports are more important. I mean they can Christina cowboys fan I was born overseas and came to the states when I was in the third grade. I quickly developed an arch nemesis in my class who was a huge 49ers fan is not sat there and I hope I hope he's Batman yeah. Naturally hit on the nerves I became a cowboys fans and this was the early ninety's and the two teams were major rivals. I validate my decision being cowboys fan because I have a layover in Dallas owner pride in the United States. And happy for Suzanne you crap man socal you force saying we prefer Sacramento county at. Scrap terminals on my dad has never been a sports fan either I have been loyal to my team even in bad times and I do own wants of their gear. Please rule on this and I will uphold your decision to the highest federal level for Jesus dude yeah. Prison in lessons against me in which case. It's like he's already been a fan and why now does he need your validation from some face organization. Well first of all there are. I think I'm not only have a theme song that you just heard I have a certificate behind me that shows I'm the commissioner of the I have a fab and more validation to come our way it works on. Some big sigh. I'm just into has now. She's finally I imagine my mind me going. Validate don's question most boring thing we know why you need validation this isn't getting dressed in little quandary you have here sir. Com you you came to the United States. And you were sometimes it into northern California's if you're born in northern California and Sacramento. You you are within a geographical region where you need to choose amongst the gay area TA area hurl your sports it's a close enough radius around like if you're born in the north no where but see this is the isn't an easy thing. You were born in the middle of nowhere anywhere outside the United States is nowhere console to. I'm I'm gonna grant you because you did have a reason for choosing the Dallas Cowboys. I and and it's a and it's a great sports based reasons. Vengeance. On you you hated this little kid weren't sure is that now is a owes his archrivals Honda will allow future in the end and because Jermaine loyal. And you bought here and you only ever manage cowboys and because my my rules don't apply to foreigners usually clean owls. Now that you are under a domesticated hopefully citizen or. Whenever. And I grant you the ability to continue to DeKalb example though. I you can't abandon them if you abandon your home runs. Always and think about your friend now lose the fat I guess sort and it worked for zero no you're right they had a net and take little time. On our next emails from unknown named a person it says oh holy almighty commissioner Deborah. Race I'm requesting a ruling on a very painful subject I don't mean a die hard forty niner fan. Is it permissible for me to root for the Cleveland Browns to win one more game than mine terrible scene so as to procure the top overall pick. In the upcoming draft to. Did not do what you want com I thought well I'm sorry this remember this is the IE FSF segment the dog. In his later where when you write in and say hey dawn. I've been in love and married for your eight years and I committed my life this woman bonds is this new co workers so hot. Young and he's flirting with me remember any closer to want. To would you want support do you why I totally irrelevant. It means not all night guys here's your answer a letter writer I understand what you're doing here you're hoping that the niners actually have the worst record in football so they have the number one pick keep in mind. Then I was gonna have the number one of the number two pick because are so awful so. And they're not gonna use it they're going to be traded for a variety of other pigs because they're dome of Jimmy crack below as their starting quarterback next year at least that's all the signs are. And so it's not really that relevant or not to use an unborn pick to draft a new quarterback however. You can root for any other teams if you believe. That it helps your team you just can't be saying you go up by a browns Jersey get a copy amount by the way there's Tom Brown birds smell a lot. I'm sure there's nothing wrong. What that you may root for them you may root for your team to become the worst this year do you believe will help them get back on track later that's did you work out and you know like it's sunny it's wedding near you lean and if you let it dirty and we'll put Goodyear or any other team on you you are violent that's a lovely idea get you just. Spoon he does come with another woman if you're married. He has rubbed her and broke. So mind your husband's active. You know is from Josh. It's is a question for commissioner rob the legitimacy of picking my team not only guys I was never a sports fan growing up and my dad had no dedicated team. These fathers were Mac announced clear when I was in the air force my first squadron was full of football fanatics and it was kind of role. But everyone at least pick a team by the way shut up on the I decided to clean up all right you came logos stuck them on the breaker and our board and I blindly through. I hit the Packers and I am never looked back is my pick legitimate sheriff's well done again this is not dawn says I'm not sure she is shouting out answer. Or any Greek. On the hot seat although she occasionally memory you know I'll block even a blind squirrel trying to not let. RO dog is this your socially that's Kobe blond pig because overall numbers and the saw your picture is totally relevant because remember. All the military are granted full exemptions from all schools because they carry guns and defend our rights to say and stand by things like this stupid less pain. Payment or your goods are. Let's let's put them there's this email from mark and market. As dear I FSF commission Jesus I want to know of my choosing a football team to be a fan is appropriate yes. The worst judge ever. Somebody come into our core processors. We like to bring Katie is. Guilty because. Yeah daily live on it's a woman's body undergoes training I. Mark said it. I was raised in Louisiana and is therefore a saints fan and my mother was raised in the gay area. The Bay Area and is the 49ers and when I was around eight years old the age of reasons. I admit I wasn't much of a football fan but I do the scene the raiders being in the playoff. Against the ravens growing openly gay area there yet all I ever heard around me was how amazing the raiders were. It is but they ended up losing the playoff game. And they deal in response eat three or fans persecuted during a riot and burned down the only McDonald's in my area that haven't played place. Being an eight year old boy that devastated me especially since it was never rebuilds. So as they may as I became a man I grew an interest in football I had to pick a team. When wind she is a team I couldn't help but think of the team that put the riot crybaby raiders fans and their place. So I have made my loyal I have died so I have no ties to Baltimore whatsoever but I became a raider ravens fan since. Is this an appropriate team enjoys no where it is not mark it is not okay. I understand your anger and you know what I would have given you the same Albany gave afforded here earlier if you would have shows and at the age of eight right then and there. I don't. Oh we don't play well. And glad you didn't. Waited until you became a man your worst school and then you said all along and go back and relive this childhood trauma. Passage and I'm gonna choose a team on the other side of the country. Wrong answer especially given your geographical area you add. Access to another gay area seat area you should have become a forty niners fan I'm not saying that because I'm a 49ers fan I would give you the same answer viewer in New York on the same story Jim Jones and the jets and said the giants are by spurs are what is posted and you must immediately burn all of your ravens' gear opinion must become a 49ers. The only acceptable thing as. You wanna be recognized by the ISS and lets you became a Manny should have realized it every single teens and these riots whenever things happen so early spring that's part of the joy and they don't. Asset words out of my honorary member they remembered sports fans and TI FSF does not sanctioned this behavior is their faith we acknowledge it. Sports fan Bryant whether your team wins or loses the first day San Francisco Giants fans and burn down the city when they start. Hello there Bratt yeah. Sorry rob. Yeah I recall you being a stand up so LA lakers still and not do think the. It's wineries in the area okay you're I am not I am not an LA lakers fan you idiots. He is that I I wish I could back you up thin and and put down the I had this TP leader over here is not here you have. I grew up in the gay area area I did attend a few warriors games as a kid I was never a fan of basketball let alone any team. I lived in Los Angeles for a year and I went to a few LA lakers games while I was there are just that's what you might have been the cubs game is a manager Colin and yeah. Dancers use a sports fan. Never bought you lakers gear. When I do root for basketball team I root for the lakers but I am not a fan of of the lakers and you have failed and trying to bring down the IF SF commissioner true. The key is if you you appear Kelly O'Meara and Max good morning. The warrior who commissioner rather than anybody. Yeah. So armed I lived outside of bakers children in the middle of nowhere. Yeah. My mom as a single mom and you have Humana die hard. 49ers then I'm Lou Brown my. Father he raised me better are there times. You know I was younger when I became co nearing an end into sports. I became a Green Bay fans but they they got married. After the fact. I became a Green Bay fair. So soon err yeah. Is that legal and UBS agreed to make an even know. It's legal misses this. This is one of those areas were I would need to call a board meeting where all of the executive members of the I have SF and I'll have to check my schedule to see when I'm available to do that with myself. Because. What I'm doing is your. Outside of Bakersfield as the middle of nowhere I'll lob that rule is really meant for the Dakotas and the Nebraska is on things like that. You're still within a region but giant state where you could easily make the case that you should have been gravitating toward Southern California teen years. And then you also bring up step dad who did rage he was a niners fan do you remember of your gonna define. Outside of Bakersfield as the middle and lower than you have to go daddies see it see it feels to me like you're in potential violation. A whole lot of by a better not share. -- to do and I'm sure you need to burn after stuff yeah. Remember just like us like the American flag the only proper way to dispose. Of a fan here and you know longer Warren is you have a dignified Bernie and ceremonies. You must say good bye to all of your Packers don't. Mind you must then UI and now now you do have to do again I'm just doing as good as your example you have to regressed back to being 49ers and that's the only 780. Yeah that's the burning ceremony into Craig's list and make a buck got. Absolutely not you want to say you sell an American flag to note here is dragon on the ground but I thought that is all it now right and it's not. The court's earlier there you're just seeing just sell your wedding and engagement rings on Craig's list and may I can't answer style. And if you warrior. This is from a weekend able admitted I was born and raised in California. Moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles men's and Nebraska and Iowa oh gosh now I'm in Minnesota school. He's making the rounds I have a picture of me wearing a green may pack. Hacker shirt as a baby daughter are born and raised. In California that my uncle gave me and I always been a fan of Green Bay how is this right for your roles. Or am I supposed to be a vikings fan now that I live in Minnesota is a very sad email weekend on because you weren't clearly the victim of child abuse. And I am. I am not into the business of victims shaming or blaming you were never given a choice is a child who just so sad because you're. Your between your uncle it's always the creepy uncle. Tom your uncles soil Jew before your age of reason the cup by sixteen they have become a packer fan. And and because of that because your you can't consent prior to the age of eight to being a sports answer a your your your damaged I mean you use. Was easy they are. Cousins that I'm gonna allow you to remain a Packers fan because again you're the victim and what am I supposed to do now. I and they just. Try try to talk you through if you if you talk you through the therapist. Your table is speak openly and honestly about what your uncle did you give masks and you eventually are able to come to grips with the fact that the path. Hackers are not your rifle team grown now you can then do your burning ceremony. And then become a vikings fan but I'm not only after this is your journey. You have to do this on your time now yourself create an odd it is different for a group and as dawn and Amanda talk about it and no one should tell victim that's for sure and and how they have to heal so go forward ambient she's had my friends. Yeah oh are only good morning. I live in Missouri and I didn't like the rams or lower its total so I picked Eric Cantor. And it's that old Wu repeated we're now taking. Or her know you're a traitor now that's. College guys don't like the teams that are in my geographical area if you don't like the teams you're geographic Blair yeah first of all boom boom that's a being a sports fan is all about there's days you wake companies don't like your wife. And you still Humber and be married to work itself that's first and second of all if you. If you wanna. And maybe some sob story about how you didn't like them and then you went your dad's team I may have considered it for a moment but probably not here's the other thing do you have the same goals the god awful our theory I view word got your. Abuse that's there's nothing stupid enough Illinois Missouri you if you should lie to me Jesus my god save you were rams fan and then when they left Saint Louis and went back. LA knew they abandoned you when you shows the Panthers and I would say this goes forward my son I. Instead he went the route of honesty and now you're at play there no it's not acceptable the question is for yeah. Is it a little bit of abuse and did she uses certain team does not abuse it yeah. A little bit of abuse that tell. People that they have to register does Secret Service whom they turn eighteen. The rules of the nation's. Well it's a new age should a little bit out of you and tell a man who didn't mean to father a child he has supported financially. All people I don't get cola or Mac you good morning. Her morning everybody understands anybody just I'm blessed. Okay I'm over in this situation I MA scorched an atheist I don't have a particular team. I'm here to my father but I keep getting gifts and. From you from my friends that are my friends that are sports sentence. So weren't supposed to do both. They're trying to attorney Lewis who may first thing is you is that get new friends because they're giving you this you don't know this answer com and what you should do is it just didn't give it to somebody new who has so Wiener and I mean. I don't want stuff and what the area. Mbeki himself we have no emotional attachments are. Kids just keep coming at you keep cash dividend next email from tremor they Trevor says take commissioners a thinker for you. Now play you say that if you live in the middle of nowhere you have to pick your father's team. What the father is a Jack wagon and likes the team that is not according to the guidelines of the I have SS. What that person be forced to inherited seemed that they anomaly don't want but it's technically incorrect seem great question. On if you are at the age of eight or beyond the injuries and able to go wait a minute dad how can you possibly be a Miami Dolphins fan you were born in. In New York that's not that's a possible incursion of the questionnaire that an eighth and if dad can't give you a reasonable answer like well son I was in the military is are they well on. Then yes you must go against your father on it but there are lots and yoga and your father like when he's beaten the crap out your mother. You don't know you have to go well he that's why exactly are these might. 08 and early and he can't you write and here is feeling that we'll you go ten stand up and you choose. Huge shoes and he's fourteen and then you must follow fuel demand. Next emails from job. To all. I'm I'm a browns fan please save me the sorrow. And on and on site that's the wrong you know that's not part of the ISS and that's the general sports question I had to get to that oh sports management on the issue ran. Don't know and me who pick and I don't remember the commissioner I am not read that sports fan I don't have a goal yet. And I don't strawberries that I kid yeah I CE. This is which seemed to go it. I wanted to know how I would take my fourteen put it the 49ers are what that he raced. All do whatever you want this is your girl in the rules don't apply to you this girl. An urgent question for the I am best at the sorry Brad re. We know have a Turkey now to get till the later on this morning jokes on man. On the way but veterans day is tomorrow and we're about to celebrate the lives and Mari mule ten.