Pressure Cooker #2, 11-9-17

Thursday, November 9th


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Anybody and gone on 98 rock. Adrienne nice note from Andy this is the same Mandy and then about an hour and a half ago we were 127 days. We're we're still taking nine records at and I don't like seeing entries not a contest isn't your stories got to go to rap radio dot com don't email or usually you know that was good rant radio dot com. Find the 27 days. A promo thing you there click on it hits you overrule link and that's we have to submit your wish for yourself. Or someone else or Freddie for greater degree yes greed is allowed look stupid if you do it a man his wish was actually former boyfriend on. That was in Iraq for a while saw one of or heard about one of his body he lost. They and he was originally based on North Carolina with the National Guard there and you wanna send them back there. To hang out with and his buddies and try to you know reconnect to get the PC is looking for an she wrote on FaceBook and also included a picture. I can't thank you enough for the 27 days of Christmas wish you Grand Prix today. I had a hard time talking since your so mean that in our time talking because I was in shock exits. And I choked up. Of course it's an emotional day here is and and the picture is here's the group you're bringing the other Michael that's your boyfriend is the handsome bald guy away. All their advent season their gear thank you thank you thank you thank you for this if you're giving him you are amazing people and we both love your. Any money not. How would play even when I'm. These days Manley field they call their version fast money course. I'm far more generous and I know Steve are. Yeah Abbott your question is aren't there he. You know I. First of all you anymore I'm thirty seconds plus my questions which were just in June live on the radio or lose yeah. Arnie then my question will hash tag blame brand out. Welcome friends right now trivia questions and pressure cooker now you and your vibrant thirty seconds if you do you get a four pack of tickets to see Guns 'N Roses. Saturday November 18 at the gold one senator in Sacramento California caller eighteen is Eric hello Erica carpenter. And dole. And your final again when I finish reading the first question now that is supposed to give me what is going on in the background and I think that's very good enough. I agree on Mara also note that says sections I'm gonna. I can't yeah I'll see color zero and it's free. Yeah tiger will begin to during union allow this is how I'd finish really the first question. About one usually give me this one remembered always George policy and a 5050 shot I don't know how much are beginning this one as. After that you got to get four more write the following thirty seconds the Woods Hole five. Com you can passes may I Asia wants. As we go through my won't you have your heart and I tell you if you're right or wrong. But of course I'm gonna ask you on your sound. I could go back and reread all the questions and give everyone the answers and we all know via Clive rice. I can't remember Eric I'm going to learn everything that you say so you say shocks and you say Joseph dealt classic shot did you answer the big questions. No this is the Erik Erik Nelson LP can guarantee. True or false the Great Wall of China is visible from the moon yes. What country was comedian George Lopez born in the extra rice bran Oilers. Her arraignment. Another name for an Academy Award. Call her John Travolta played Vince venue and what Quentin Tarantino and little if you squeeze wind Karen Hughes comes out. She says nothing he's just he's already. A fireball is gas. Six questions. We've got mouth. Let's see how willing is I yeah you only five of the six that we got out. First question sure false the Great Wall of China. Is visible from the moon he said sure. I hear this is a space is visible from outer space in the on the day if your or pretty earth but not from the moon. What country was comedian George Lopez born and he said Mexico. And these Americans get I was born in Mission Hills Los Angeles on April 23 of nineteen to one close to Mexico. That's true. I think all of north Mexico Lorena. Are flush this is a shocker he passed on this one rice bran oil is made from which drain the way. That would be deductible or his namesake was a trick question. This woman at least say and other grain they just pass true. What is another name for an Academy Award he said Oscar. He passed on this one John Charlton played Vincent Vega in what Quinton Tarantino movie pulp fiction that's it yep that is that. Somewhere in there he's very quietly Costa by the way. And then he says and nannies have been passed. And then no answer on the last one which was also shocking. If you squeeze a long time what kind of juice comes out. And AM Monday. And he got one. Yeah. Warren wasn't on your. And he didn't know that lime juice comes out of line. Fingers and we we have more four packs of tickets to see Guns 'N Roses live. Saturday November 18 now we're off tomorrow and get the best of show because it's veterans day were back on Monday morning and that's when we will play the pressure to occur twice a day until we get rid of these.