27 Days of Christmas - Mandy Wishes For A Military Reunion

Thursday, November 9th

We granted Amanda's wish to give her boyfriend Mike a Millitary Reunion in North Carolina.


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On the we we of course are in the middle of the 27 days of Christmas. And with tomorrow being veterans and that's we're going to be off for our best of show this seemed like an appropriate wish to try to grant we have Mandy on the line morning Mandy. Morning I bear I have your wish that you submitted Iran radio dot com it's only seven days of Christmas brought to us by Roseville and I think your wish is actually for a guy named Mike now how do you know my. And that's easy. And I tell us a zealous about how about Mike about the girls and what he does and what he did you just give us the story. Okay how and actually ask an investigator but. He's Soviet republic very caring about it and he actually went back I would I think happened there. Good evening. And he wouldn't that'd lift a military base. And so and so what are you did what kind of action DC while I was in Iraq. Well he actually. Talk combat he is that it Cheney had like Italy's. Possible without where I'm at a unit and National Guard unit from North Carolina. And that's actually where I'm. Lots of friends that I wrote about. So he did so he did see did he see his friends diary glee and lost them while they were on patrol or whatever. No it wasn't given I actually supposed to be with them but you is I believe you're coming home the next day he didn't end up going. And I'm fully intend land because killed he would phone that I ever thanks bumps. And done. As you can imagine you did mention in your letter that he has various PTS the issues not these back room. On what's your form. I wish that you can go to North Carolina State. Armed with CNN and others but I think all of them are mad you're gonna directly and specifically this team. Can eat I would the mother of all is the issue would kill babies. Over the years really help each other and all of the pain mom. And that would be really wonderful thank you mean person. So you want to beat you wanna eat candy. And and my mom who Jimmy's mom looks like. A blend it there I'm third quarter nearly killed. Wow and it. And you think she can help him to get some closure through this whole visit. I think they can help each other they have been helping each other. Is they pick on paper had very frequently and after. It's also bad. I'm North Carolina Air National Guard unit from being expanded. I think I've won him together how I thought it was the best chance for him to get to kind of see every one you maybe have a little question. Absolutely outstanding and where were you guys live. I mean I'm sorry soul. Thanks to Rose Bowl on the and we are gonna cover mice roundtrip airfare sales Reno or June north Carolina's National Guard headquarters in Raleigh and while he's there. Were you an additional 360 dollar visa gift cards and you cover the NC scandals travels he does food whatever he needs. I'm so that he can have this visit and hopefully get the enclosure that Europa format you thank you so much. My that and don't forget it's all because eurozone. On the response 127 days of Christmas yet wish for yourself or someone else email us by going to ran radio dot com don't email our email address he got to click over to the league. And submit your wish via red radio dot.