Thursday, November 9th


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The afternoon show extra my can't. On 98 rock. And I got a question for you have you ever got into a physical altercation when your neighbor like maybe meet your neighbor's ass or maybe. Your man or woman enough to call Sheldon and say anybody mind. Or what will you fight about because there's two stories as into the news the last what seven or eight days. And just maybe think this thought I go out there some amazing people in the Sacramento area. Who is got into a fist fight it took a little little white trash. With the neighbor. And agenda of what was the story what pushed you there for them physically fight your neighbor and a part failure to get I mean you got to be at least an adult you know. I think you'd be a teenager to because sometimes get mad he teenagers are Dixon sometimes it pays off their neighbors in the neighbors is lose their cool qualified and watching videos online yeah. Like eighteen years fight we'll fight and it was a lot it it's kinda easier to find that. I. I got a story not not Miata invisibly by the neighborhood I wanna love. Come one day you put either long story there. As my dead by the neighbor and I'll Taylor that story demanded by our code number 7665009167665. Down the new ever. Get into it there's lied when your neighbor what was it about him and why. All of them are completely different subject. Completely on the other side to dismantle this is where I'll wait for someone to call it was their amazing story now. But he's an amazing stories weirdos and political suffered any rock 127 days of Christmas. I would just kick off. Saw yesterday Matt we've granted 1234. Or five maybe six voices so far. Orwell almost almost a point almost at 3000 wishes have been a comment today in less than a week. I'm asking what we will be right we've given yesterday on the show we gave little stroller in the stroller I heard robbed somebody. That's a trip to North Carolina. My heard pat. Give up family in Korea mean there's so many great things happening if you wish meter read whatever it is we've gained a bit throws Bundy again this year on grant the wish you go to semantic they are skewed and had to use the average emailed to wish you care excuse dot net. All right good phone number 7665000. Letters and calls they'll say I got into it despite what my neighbor I want to look alikes. They understand you just straight up throw down the ball in the park in honor in the front mom yeah I seen this and there's two stories first of all. Senator Rand Paul. Got into an argument which they call they call it wasn't politically related but they see a good neighbor got into it he broke some ribs yeah I was I was a word. Basically the yard stuff yard waste water that would lead I. Do you ever see you they said was true dealers on the line that was used by any guys attorney yet they lose yard waste and he seems like when he came out of drama that went on and what you would think that it was politically motivated but I guess it's just years of of roar of Rand Paul. Not cleaned up after himself and MB ER and stuffed in his neighbor's our neighbors got enough money to ask them they take care that. I'm right you would think you are and 7665000. What you're your stories and you get into this fight with the ordinary neighbors. 849 year old guy in Oklahoma was furious at A and it's his former neighbor because. Ball because that he'd be pretty sure that he's never got a kick out of the trailer park. Of course is the trailer so the guy Donald the other guy's name or strike Donald would Detroit's place on Sunday and challenge him into a knife fight. Were rule. Look at this vice don't talk about this fight season with a knife fight this story is weirder now. Knife and he prepared by bringing along Ford knives which you know he only needed one but man they knew every chance. You know that's that's true about the through that we brought in for the other guy. Oh yeah that's just nice if you're gonna have a knife fight and you'll have any here I got a total now. That's about it. That is whenever it opens the white trash story. And gravy and hatfill the so anyway you Reagan is born lives in a year wrapped it is that midsection. Any homemade body armor you ready for this oil I'm ready. Which he may by tabling a bunch of adult magazines around the body to baby born around plottage. Porn armor. Armored hurt he taped the magazine's duel as John it's brilliant he looks like. Let here and things like the latest on the path that the play in the almighty god he does look like aside about that is hilarious. Still I mean Jesus Troy turn down the dual challenge and called the cops policy now. Now my great idea that his good looks crazy I think I would. Haven't heard of mark he's got more magazines take up shaky rotate around. Our convention. Got forty is normal that's all very normal and Donald arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon and possession that then a defensive weapon to. When they got. Why aren't they that means offensive weapons. I know either your weapon as I've offended by that night when the cops asked him about his sexy body armor. Into prison and knew what to do to protect himself while all by radio. Parnell Maggie is seen you know audio. The end of the biggest bring your shake over the greatest home made sure I like I'm prepared for this is on the bed you know made it much yankees and and it sank. Back story a little bit better not gonna wasn't great but only a matter palace is a great story out I don't I love this story I guess he's still got a so I'm looking we'll get into fistfights with their neighbors policy which you fought over lifted to a bright spurs Bryce he called a neighbor. Yeah I kinda look at what happened so. I was woken up by EO also quite certain you heard break. I hate called the police could edit newborn at that time and house didn't quite been up. About an hour later I hear. A bunch of screaming and yelling out in the parking lot. The city. Our Condo complex. I went out there right after I heard. A kid starting to scream. Then. The mall and yelling out you smashed his hand in the door. Is and bolt when they're loose. Bodily injury to a child oh yeah I guess I'm in the military that's not what you do hope all. I went out there in front guy and they guy with an agent thought that he's started function and so they said she's. Well I didn't act did everything. You have fight glove on you while. Mo good for you for going out there trying to protect men that's reality now they did the right thing images can Herbert there was a guy dropped serious name. I have no idea all I know. She took off but yeah hadn't been back led their way the whole bunch of complete bastard that did show up. How can gosh well good for your first ever a day and men in that situation. They took all you do Julie hi Julie. And I did you do anything is slightly neighbors. Know my aunt and all all the fireworks. Well my neighbor had called that the AD I have. And keep it at an airport and to that spirit neighbor last year at hallmark cards. As he whenever it is it okay. For your thanks to beat that guy up or flash in the old lady that's a good reason to get somebody hurt hurt. That's a good reason Alex Deon may be amazed at how how about how old was a guy who flashed dealer lady. Ali what is it with fifty Hewitt are. Usually marijuana or read the news a lot into opposing these guys in the regular late 40s50s or sixties and are shorter junk off. Now I saw them try and time now. I'm here like to be kind of brag about what you've got it's always an older guy doing it. Yeah. So yeah race followed that the president I just wanna say that there's. There's there's never ever been a time never once. Men has there been a time where a woman was stoked to see the last them so just stop completely let's be honest with let's be honest our junkets are beautiful no is not. Now I'm cold with a woman walking around and flashing me I'm good with that all yes and this picture to meet while. That's great but to hold at her her full black so we won't mean and it's not cool guy. What I had nothing to. So. I love what women are beautiful and how I think that no one is is a ring no it's the year ban. Now I'm. About a tribal women quest. A did did you get into a fist fight for your neighbor. What's in your wallet that. Little did I. I capitol commercially Mario's judge man you're killing me I'm sorry Jan demo ahead. All they do it my neighbor dog thumb to Bennett Donna Capcom and my yard and you don't do this thing. Indiscernible when my dog would drive a Border Collie and a look at also. I go there and break it up and the dog bit my tongue in crushed my thumb and as a dog literally yards bill heard which is as lady. She looked like Joseph dirt we that's what color plus solitaire the six. Minute rant Raymond. You know and like you saw you can't push her away from me. Ordered teenage son were lucky you didn't when he was an American elected a woman and you get used by right. All I've got your inbox and schools public that's why do schooling the kids right here brother so I'm an elbow problems. I heard stories dollars well. I would still be nine years old right then you aren't a little sandals you know also. I can do kid and gets her brother. So we're bigger elite and it looks little pretty cooler tomorrow I agree that he's out there. Somebody beautiful family. The whole family has Dirk who watches it's yeah. So the worst the worst world deeply go out there today he'll meet guys can learn insulted me. And Eagles well I don't look down and you don't do your record I don't think we didn't put that you report link so. Far you can debate. Oh hey what's up what's this dirt she single. Oh man should she works school district oh yeah editor. Oh man this is the as part of the story all. The got interviewed him in the radio on that show us debt does Miller ought to get a I don't know what it is Miller or give me dirty here while like a three day conversation ever woman her famous up up up. Intel I think you know I thought I went that was awesome all right man that was amazing Eric did you get into a fist fight with a neighbor. I hello yeah did you into a fist fight with a neighbor. I did and it could actually is another pitfall type of success. In this. It is. He had he saved up like are weaker to recommit to people's feet even through my heart yes. I didn't even know it for like the first day or two by hitting it and you can Madden industry would me in my life going out he says you know your caddie go without Obama could yeah you're cats taught my two principal how to open up the bunny rabbit cage you could you rate of rabbit in the mall the mall. So that was hit it can just sit home and they're you don't make camp taught the dog how to open up occasions this. All my guys. So he got out into the street and I at first I had no idea and he took them about that that India had dogs stuff America really try to put all eyes are on thank you when he goes Nolan and he told this story you can lower one shot he was down. So watch out for the wives know when the last jump then you've got stuck and you run man it's. Alive yeah you gotta watch out for the women yeah you definitely do Eric page for the call money and lets kids to our dialogue people who got to do this by some would deliver and why. Ryan your next high. I don't think so you the door to fight the neighbor. Read my dad actually blundered on the the fight with the neighbors so I was about ten years old at the time. And in my backyard we had bid for the ball ball sort of thing to my friend biology to throw all that and it was sort of adjacent to my neighbor's backyard. And so boldly go into their yard pretty often there was such a baseball I don't know. The neighbor. It was boiling angry one day incomes over the fence there that the fence that separates both of our yards. And you don't go over and I have three and a friend over there. And he started feeling that I after it a bunch of verbal attacks with. You pick up this sort of branch with Mexico and in a committed Lebanon and to and in my daddy was and how the times people love it well and came over and just. Get at a summit opens play but he settled nice job. I doubt they wouldn't let one get dropped in. Instinct that's not like that is not something you do you don't out of branch at a child. No all. Good for your dad for team guys that. See it's a timetable for us to see my dad beat did I don't know if Kelly that's good as they arrived they call out blood. People should I reverend my dad got to have filed our neighbor and as a kid might maybe separate yeah I don't know where it was about this guy and this guy was just a scumbag and you are not that into. They see another solid on the ground just rolled around my dad just because that's. My dad in the my my dad and his Brothers were all neighbors we all they'll lived on the same street. And so when my dad was quite the neighbors which happened often he's fighting his Brothers and it would literally played in this three to me in my cousins and other money to watch them beat the crap out of each other. I'm not enjoy uses dad's buried her mind my dad and his Brothers are crazy. They did beat the (%expletive) out of each other they just thought it. It's like Brothers do are you concerned not only just a brother I never had a brother yourself if I did I think we have all the all the time and others are way older than me assume. That would be bad let me talk for don't don't Don they weren't even in the house violent though it's now do not make me tougher my Brothers were gonna raise my three women. That explain this press release finalized. There's a gay man. So is up.