Thursday, November 9th


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Afternoon show extra Mikey. On 98 rock. So welcome across isn't listed is six we're paying so we do but we don't talk about that and let's see if any of us here on the show is guilty. And why you're writing new home this afternoon while she take him out of there you are you this disgusting to lobby honestly to be honest Mikey I'll be honest I'm front right Lara we know she'll say whatever is on her. And all right everything Harry I'll wait you sit down to key part of your TV do you ever delay Edie knew it until you found something good to watch yes every so I'm pretty much every single time Lara yeah I didn't I didn't. I don't I do it sometimes and sometimes I'm just a hunger and I screw it does a lot of times you takes forever to find some the Milwaukee Selig just. What are they got mad and eat 82% of people said yes a lot of people didn't. Before you use the bathroom do you ever check my on the shower curtain to make sure no lines they're spying on you every time we felt pain allows a case. I don't know do I don't do this you honestly glad to check every time because of the time you don't check is a time is going to be a serial killer rector. Don't go there and there's say there's two answers that question you know if I'm at my house yes Obama someone else's. Larry I lowered my es house and I checked I'm ever gonna go to my house when overly worried about that out. Yeah I'm. I'd I don't I don't earning a living with my you know he keeps saying that maybe 37% of us have Donna Blair do you really do it. Yes I check every single time every died moved do you ever familiar dirty underwear to see if you can Wear it again now. I don't Wear underwear guilty that is nasty all right Larry you say you don't yes. I have if IC boxers and urgently and somewhere I don't know 58 if I wore them or not I won't make a month and I have to NAFTA everybody does that and Mikey any near both rely does. Not true because I don't do that because I put my clothes in a dirty basket like a basket of dirty clothes so I know what's starting classically and that's how I don't have to smell my underwear. Also I have made it. Crystal clear hundreds of times on this program I do not Wear underwear how could you call me a liar so I guess is most teams this and let me point this out now mean either my house you don't wash clothes rarely did he wash clothes that's the truth 100% interest explains a lot I just I just go through all of them first sounded a note there's a reason not to wash the stink and social sickness formalized my life's a bitch in America lawman and back and just a wash your clothes. Two of them that explains the sour smell the acid I'll fix. To hide then how do you ever take your nose in Eden it now not intentionally. Now and another baby your kid I'm sure is a little kid yet but as far as an adult now. I was as a kid I'm sure I did but. Not now I think people do in the car all the time though the thing with this and everybody who lies and says they don't mashed potato diet sodas are taking your nose if you're you're saying you know. Then your line. Ascertain all the time then added no no no nothing we don't pick our nose Lara for say we don't Paterno isn't easy it's this you know. Don't tell you have the latest okay I'm telling you that. I fell amid this guy in this could have maybe maybe a year ago I remembered like I had done in my nose and then I got sidetracked are never like brother near Milo and now that that salty flavor so I knew I had a bug that would in my. Apple's not intentionally tie accidentally blogger I humiliated and yes I did well that's why. They got it I think god spit out what happens if you don't have a tissue and near and somebody else's house. And you have a movie. You we should get up front and on but I finally Kleenex or restaurant here in a meeting I'm an ear guards they'd in my nose in the media in the room. People. Oh weird Clara I look at she's justifying that she doesn't by accusing everyone else on the planet of doing some measure now certain. Blair there's a big difference Mikey just wanted to sell between picking an easy pass yeah. Opposes like it on the conference table okay what it's Lara Lara there's a difference let's imagine you Groban you kind of group in the country right yeah I don't get it done DS did you farm did you did you guys have garden and immigrant family of farmers yeah okay did you hear about big things in the in the garden yes all right did you always immediately edict IE eight under before. OK okay you answer the question Lara did you automatically easily fixed. Now you actually yes it's actually bit this week or use the first of the Sunni you've got to carry nicest sweetest moment. Aren't you aware got to stop it Lara that you're not gonna Wear this is disgusting us it was a chicken farmers is an idea about carrots. Laird DIR I know she's BS and she really to vote no land liar as a kid like I would eat dirt because it wondered if you have an iron deficiency winner Katie actually eat dirt Lewis told. Broussard might very well doctor seriously what kind of back woods it was watered down educate me he went on the list only Lara. Blair was a lesson in boulder. We about a week. 08 day series I think that Syria and nasty and more for noble list and probably I would doubt it don't view about. Yeah John and Lara looking in the eyes of the little less boxy car. I found out I was dating a girl by the single she's a voter here like intentionally I know yeah he wit yeah. I lost your mom had to find whatever that's fine I can't have that can you imagine lair I wish she walks on the island she easy to get her to do the bowels and she's got a little its initial bogey there tween either wrecked your front everybody yes and you know what my man is waiting for me is gonna say no and that's a real woman yeah. Even while the motor on your white beautiful virgin dresses on and I run my dress as I thought I got standards dull.