Friday, November 10th


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The afternoon she'll stroke Mikey. On 98 rock. If I'm sure the game we just article makes is. Greenwood and format the shock collar around is negative and go to the line and anytime the caller gives the question correct to eat and get shocked at how it works. Yes and I. Sure is fun. We're told you yeah you're the big 100. Oh my gosh eight eagle and sometimes you just tested all right so glad you did Mikey and Lara you guys will also wouldn't try to give the right answer but you're really is a matter of the end of the AME you can try to throw off the caller you can really go ugly thing is the right answer so let's go to the line there a let's go to Tyler. Eight Tyler welcome to the shell. I'm good old Tyler do you all you know you're in the position that if you get an answer correctly in your shocks how does that make you fill. It. I don't stands on a may have to Larry you may have to give me another caller on the air because you get that side. If he was so ready to play the game out of Iraq it was a very big hope we get around and he says they're ready for to go I don't go there we got naked. Hey nick you replied. Yeah oh yeah all right next to you know every time he answered correctly you're shocks all the responsibility out of the shocking and that's what most people rooting for is is on you okay. Is so screw this up I hope you dropped grade school. All right -- also the third in the let Allah will go Mikey and then Lara then unique with your final answer and then I'll take your corrects the he'll know when you're correct I guess -- to carry out first question the United States Supreme Court ruled six to three on May 26 1998 at Ellis Island. It's part of wishy US state. Which the US state multiple choice Delaware. Connecticut to New York or New Jersey. New York. You say the New York okay with Lara what let me hit you Lara what you set Connecticut OK and it is your opportunity to the right Internet what do you think. New journey he says in Jersey and you me. Actor is triggering. And we'll know the edge of their gas you like to use Ali initially rely on the phone you don't rely. Kind of know what I ain't ever gonna great for no legs or did you got zapped there is a wind down here we go how many toes does academy. Have on each of his time balls for Big Three or 53. 203 OK 95. Save five and net Mick what say you. Does that sum count only on the telephone. I'll not a value quality because they raid our idea is. It's actually it's actually four. For Macs don't have always yelling what okay. That's great baggage I've done last. Good timing and now I'm Diaz uneasy embrace your safe. I don't show. And what other country border Deaton met the landlocked sovereign state them mundane Amendola. Mongolia my own goalie other radio Russia South Korea North Korea Afghanistan. Oh whoa. North Korea yeah North Korea ER BC North Korea would say you neck. Our imperiled. I'll go in Russia distanced. Okay you're Russia's Russia. I not at all well everybody Sudan where Shockey at a time Nagin CN. Rags and with the Mickey and yell new game and and also you need to know this deeds that the the shock collar is on level ten NASA. Selling it giving birth which is. All the actors OK I I have never watched Lord of the Rings I don't feel as though that I never have so I can screw this up what actor played the hot make Sam wise and is again he. And MG okay in lower the ratings and was a star child in the film the new lease okay. But doing it now joins us do you well yes in New Jersey is. I know that's the only chance there's John Austin yes yes a storm yet yeah you know you're going to let. You. We don't press the X. I think. If you really have served it doesn't in any big what do you tell what you colors were mixed together. Or the orange the color orange. It is a yellow and green red and white blue and red red and yellow perennial now. Hello and Ellis and I'm. I can do anything that they had over here. It all what are Johnny dad's early this film roles and was a pride they'd eight Peter Lerner lender I guess it may get any award winning. War film which won born on the fourth of July platoon full metal Jackie Apocalypse Now. Although Jacqui it's normal Jack all moments I. I'm a former knows Agassi or radio as a person yeah. Diseases we are yeah I've messed me up there are which what is it almost every platoon. OK let's say you make. Well the first option born on the fourth of July. I don't know that I'll go down. And Mike and campaign. Sure a lot of these are all the all that much better than yesterday I really here in America. If he picks. Hey Ari I only a few more of these these 2004 covers album paroled. Throwback volume wind was released by the which rhythm and blues band. For jobs the drifters the temptations of boys the man. Who'll almost a voice command drifters. All right which could CO. Then. Yeah. Maybe one of the that was a good head is so Whiting Allen is our. Are there there's one more Ed naked on the today indicate a fantastic her neck king must keep our gave final one nick are you a sports fan. Yes OK let's just give Dario baseball fans. A little bit they'll just skip that final question the Major League Baseball team the Yankees are located at which US city all of our. Hey I got no it's to be your partner. Time let us do it naked I can Boston. The home run New York's. Big Grand Slam at fort time. I'm gonna buy you'll. We have received he'd never seen me I'll do tell me Mikey I make ourselves feel I'll buy you a mere hour. They did Kenya and Uganda. Nick pace from playing or not they all somebody. Had damn thing that there is often talk about golf is growing. No matter what they Grand Slam but it's no wonder.